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Chapter 309: The Navy of the Kingdom of Wu
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Chapter 309: The Navy of the Kingdom of Wu

As for Zhou Yu’s relationship with magic...

Elder Zhou opened his mouth and said, “When the music was wrong, Mr. Zhou will look back!

“According to the Records of the Three Kingdoms games, Zhou Yu was so good at music that he could tell the mistake in a performance even when he was drunk. He would then look at the performer and smile at them to remind them.

“This reference was often used by the poets after him. For example, Li Duan’s ‘Performance of Zheng’, written in the Tang Dynasty, goes like this: The fair hands of the beautiful performer strum the zheng. She intentionally plays wrong because she wants a man to look at her like Mr. Zhou did.”

He was the one smiling this time because the handsome Mr. Zhou had the same surname as he did.

“So, will the test be a sound battle, like the one Chu Yin and Zhong Zhou had yesterday?”

Su Nongying winked.

Although Su Shi, the hero that could’ve been her ancient ancestor, didn’t arrive, she wasn’t really disappointed.

After all, if Zhou Yu could arrive at the Twin Dragon Island, he would definitely be more useful in this phase.

Exactly as Su Nongying had speculated, on the battlefield, Zhou Yu, wearing a white scholar’s robe and a red cloak, took out his weapon, which was a green seven-string guqin. Next to the guqin was a phoenix censer from which smoke was popping up.

Then, instead of playing, Zhou Yu simply sat cross-legged on the ground and laid the green guqin on his knees, before he looked at the Yuan emperor on the other side of the battlefield.

While Zhou Yu prepared himself, the Yuan emperor didn’t do anything but simply observed him in silence. He didn’t extend his hand and seize the Sonic Bow with the gravitas of an emperor until Zhou Yu was prepared.

He pulled the string of the bow to the maximum and then loosened it!


The invisible soundwave didn’t fly to Zhou Yu as an arrow.

Instead, it spread out with the Yuan emperor as the center, and a lot of military camps, Wolf Horses, grasses, and weapons appeared on the battlefield as if a brush had just painted them...

“Huh? What’s going on?”

“There are so many people here. I think their number is above a hundred thousand!”

“Shouldn’t it be a one-on-one battle? Why is it like the previous tests again? The number of enemies has even increased.”

Some people in the Temple of Providence were stunned by the change.

The Yuan army that showed up along with the soundwave was so massive that the battlefield, which wasn’t very large in the first place, was almost filled up. There were definitely more than a hundred thousand soldiers.

“Not just Zhou Yu, I don’t think Zhao Yun and Li Yuanba could pass this test even if they were the challenger!

“It’s indeed a one-on-one battle.”

A slightly feeble female voice came into the Temple of Providence.

“Those soldiers are merely the ‘vibe’ that’s created by his mental power and represented through music. They seem real only because the ritual battlefield is special...”

The pale Cao-surnamed female hero walked into the Temple of Providence with Shang Yan.

“I came here to ask for your permission to go to Lava Island so that I could fight the Magma Monsters and repay your life debt. I couldn’t stop myself from interjecting when I heard the music. Please forgive me...”

She was wounded and passed out in the battle against Zhong Zhou the previous day, so she wasn’t asked to participate in the battle against the Magma Monsters.

However, after she woke up, she learned that the Magma Monsters had suffered a brutal defeat in the hands of Shang Yan, so she asked Shang Yan to take her to Su Nongying, who could give her permission to join the battle.

“A musical instrument that can absorb mental power?”

“Well, this Sonic Bow is indeed also a musical instrument apart from being a weapon!”

Ji Ye thought of something.

Back on the Battlefield of Providence, he had possessed the Yuan emperor’s body and acquired some memories from his soul.

Although they were just pieces of his memories, and he didn’t know much about the emperor’s expertise in music, he did know that the Sonic Bow was one of the Yuan people’s traditional musical instruments that could be played in a similar way to “erhu”.

However, the Yuan emperor wasn’t focusing on the performance of the Sonic Bow, but rather, he was focusing on the vibe that the soundwave demonstrated.

He snapped his fingers, and the hundred thousand soldiers gathered in formation. Only a man who used to be a monarch could possibly control such a magnificent scene!

Then, how would Zhou Yu deal with it?

Zhou Yu, wearing his white robe and red cloak, strummed the seven-string green guqin. While smoke popped up from the phoenix censer, invisible soundwaves burst out and formed a surging endless river between himself and the Yuan army.

[“The reefs protrude in the air, and the shocking tides are slapping the shoreline, raising thousands of blizzards.”]

The poem that was recited in the Temple of Providence happened to be getting to this line.

Zhou Yu might not be a famous general like Zhao Yun or Li Yuanba who could chop off the enemy leader’s head directly in a battle, but since he arrived as an Extraordinary Rank-8 Soul of Civilization, it meant that he had the corresponding extraordinary power.

Judging from the current situation, his power was probably in the category of the mind!

[“The world is such a beautiful place, and so many heroes are emerging!”]

In the Temple of Providence, when the next line of the poem was recited, Zhou Yu played the green guqin on his knees again.

Ting! Ting! Ting!

As the soundwaves spread out, big and small boats appeared on the river where tides were surging. Many flags were fluttering against the wind on those boats, with the names “Zhou”, “Cheng”, “Huang”, “Gan”, “Jiang”, etc. sewed on them.

“They’re Zhou Tai, Cheng Pu, Huang Gai, Gan Ning, Han Dang, and Jiang Qin... Are they the navy of the Kingdom of Wu?”

An Quan’s eyes bulged, and he was the first to realize what those flags represented.

Ji Ye nodded. “Yes, it seems that Zhou Yu has created the Wu navy and the Changjiang River with his performance. Is he going to revisit the Battle of Chibi where the navy of Wu destroyed enemies who were multiple times larger in number?”

A player was slightly confused. “But wasn’t the victory of the Battle of Chibi mostly dependent on Zhuge Liang? Could Zhou Yu win the battle by himself? His opponent is a seasoned general after all!”

Elder Zhou explained, “That’s the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. In real history, Zhou Yu was the commander in the Battle of Chibi who laid the foundation for the coexistence of Wei, Shu, and Wu. Zhou Yu was known for his tolerance and forgiveness. He was not an envious snob as described in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”

“Mr. Zhou can surely win!” The Cao-surnamed pipa woman looked at Zhou Yu who was playing guqin in the mist next to the river with confidence in his eyes!

Exactly as Elder Zhou mentioned earlier, Zhou Yu had been a celebrity since ancient times.

Especially to the women who were from the Musical Houses in ancient times, he was probably as popular as the most well-received stars on Earth.

Of course, since the Land of Inheritance was activated, everybody had changed their idol.

For example, Ji Ye, as the master of Twin Dragon Island, had attracted a lot of people’s attention on the forum on the Land of Inheritance. Some even confessed their love to him!


On the battlefield of the ritual, the navy of the Kingdom of Wu had already engaged the Yuan army who was about three times as large in number.

That was a clash on the mental level. The Yuan troops were much more than the Wu navy in number, but they had a shortcoming as they did on the Battlefield of Providence.

It was their ineptness to battle in water. Although they had special units such as Water Demons, they were soon defeated by the Brocade Sail Thieves, a special unit under Gan Ning’s command that Zhou Yu created.

Then, because of the suppression of Gan Ning, Zhou Tai, Jiang Qin, Ling Tong, and other heroes who were at least Superior, it was impossible for the Yuan army to pass the Changjiang River even though they pressed on!

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