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Chapter 308: New Ritual
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Chapter 308: New Ritual

Twin Dragon Mount.

Inside the Temple of Providence that had been newly renovated by professional builders and could accommodate hundreds of people...


On the top of the golden palace that was twelve meters tall, the two dragons of providence whose bodies had almost turned concrete spewed out golden brilliance on the Sonic Bow on the new altar!

Yes, the Sonic Bow!

Two of the Perfect Special offerings that were acquired from the Battlefield of Providence had been used to summon Zhao Yun and Li Yuanba. The three left were the South King’s Thunder Halberd, the North King’s Water Stopping Stone, and the Yuan Emperor’s Sonic Bow!

While the power of thunder was intimidating and destructive, it wasn’t damaging to the Magma Monsters that were made of magma. Although the Water Stopping Stone had “water” in its name, it couldn’t control seawater to extinguish the fire.

Neither of them was the best choice!

The Sonic Bow, as the only weapon whose Transcendent power involved the sound, should be surprisingly effective against the Magma Monsters.


The Sonic Bow, after being activated by the power of providence, changed the Temple of Providence into a test scene.

However, unlike the previous two times, the whole battlefield for the test was empty except for a man wearing purple armor and a crown and who was standing magnificently with the Sonic Bow!

He was exactly the Yuan emperor!

An old player who was responsible for logistics exclaimed in surprise, “Huh? He’s not protected by a lot of soldiers like before?

“So to speak, won’t it be a lot easier to pass this ritual test than before?”

Because the Magma Monsters’ settlement hadn’t been completely destroyed, most of the Twin Dragon Island’s personnel were still on the battlefield.

Even the battle players among the newcomers had been sent to the battlefield to broaden their eyes!

Therefore, the number of participants in the ritual was the smallest in history. There were no more than twenty players in the Temple of Providence.

Elder Zhou, who had been helping Su Nongying with the human resources management, shook his head. “The Soul of Civilization this time is Extraordinary Rank-8. It’s of a higher level than the previous times. Naturally, the odds to pass the test are higher.

“However, it’s not necessarily easier than before.

“That’s because the test mostly depends on the nature of the offering and the suppression of the settlement’s power of providence. It doesn’t have a lot to do with the Soul of Civilization’s level.”

Then, Elder Zhou turned around and asked Ji Ye, “Or rather, technically speaking, it was actually not a bad thing that the offering presented a lot of soldiers in previous tests.

“In those cases, the power of the offering was split, and the East King and the West King were only capable of fighting in one or two rounds.

“However, this Sonic Bow had chosen to only condense the Yuan emperor, which means that the arriving hero has to defeat him fair and square to pass the test!

“Well, I wonder if you have decided to only summon the heroes who have the same background as our settlement this time, Master?”

Ji Ye nodded. “Yes. Since it’s an Extraordinary Rank-8 Soul of Civilization, I didn’t choose to expand the range of summoning!”

In the Twin Dragon Mount fort’s Water Margin and Han Dynasty settings, Zhao Yun was probably the only one who could’ve passed the test in Extraordinary Rank-7 with his special talent!

However, since the offering was Extraordinary Rank-8, a lot of heroes could pass the test.

Exactly as Ji Ye had speculated, soon after the Sonic Bow was activated, the Soul of Civilization that the Magma Monster leader dropped started changing on the empty battlefield. It turned into a man who was wearing a white scholar’s long robe and a red general’s robe on his back, with a vague face and a tall body!

[“The great river runs eastwards. All the renowned figures in history are washed away by the tides!”]

At the same time, a loud poetic announcement echoed in the Temple of Providence!

However, it wasn’t just the dull recitation like before.

It was sung out in a certain rhythm, with a piece of powerful background music played by exciting instruments.

“Huh. That poem is... ‘Su Shi’?”

Su Nongying’s eyes glittered.

Although it was only one sentence, the poem was very familiar to most natives of Chidragon.

Not only were they familiar with the poem, but they were familiar with the poet too.

In particular, Su Shi was special to Su Nongying, the butler of the Twin Dragon Island, because they had the same surname!

Su Shi was from the Song Dynasty, which was also the setting of Water Margin. It was possible that he could be summoned!

However, how was Su Shi related to the Sonic Bow?

An Quan, who was getting bald again, asked in confusion, “I have the same question. While Su Shi was a multi-talented genius, and he was one of the best writers, poets, calligraphers, and gourmets, I don’t think he has any expertise in sound or bows, does he?”

He didn’t participate in the battle against the Magma Monsters because he had been named as the manager of the SkyNet construction by Ji Ye.

He had come back to the fort to apply for certain items in the treasury when the third ritual for Transcendent heroes was held.

“How can they not be related?

“Su Shi is the Poem Master, and poems were sung in ancient times as lyrics and had many different aliases back then. Even to this day, the lyrics of a song can still be changed while the melody is kept the same.

“From that point of view, Su Shi was deeply related to music. He should be the most famous songwriter in the five thousand years of history of Chidragon.”

Elder Zhou, however, opened his mouth and pointed out Su Shi’s relationship with music.

“However, Su Shi must be a Legendary hero in terms of literature. I don’t think he’ll arrive yet.”

After that, Elder Zhou denied the possibility that the hero wearing a white scholar’s robe was Su Shi.

“Who can it be if not Su Shi?”

The players in the temple were slightly stunned.

“Why do you think it has to be the author of this poem that’s arriving here?”

Ji Ye stared at the hero who was wearing a scholar’s robe and a general’s cloak on the painting, his eyes glowing like torches.

“Has it never occurred to you that it may be the person whom this poem is referring to?”

Hardly had Ji Ye finished when the poem in the temple had moved on to the next sentence.

[“People say that to the west of this ancient fortress was Chibi where Mr. Zhou directed the battle in Three Kingdoms!”]


“Wait a second, Master, are you saying that Zhou Yu from the Three Kingdoms will arrive this time?”

One of the core players was rather delighted.

It was truly a pleasant surprise.

Although Zhou Yu couldn’t compare to Su Shi in terms of the variety of achievements, he was no less popular and famous than Su Shi on Earth thanks to the influence of the Three Kingdoms.

More importantly, Zhou Yu wasn’t just a regular general. He had proposed a lot of strategies back in the Three Kingdoms.

If he could successfully arrive, it would mean that the Twin Dragon Island fort would have a top advisor!

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