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Chapter 222: Book of Wumu
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Chapter 222: Book of Wumu


On a mahogany bed that had floral patterns as well as a thick quilt and a fur blanket that didn’t have any variegations...

After the glow that represented the Healing talent dispersed, a woman who was middle-aged but still beautiful and elegant was revealed.

[Huang Rong (Alignment: Friend)]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-6]

[Rarity: Quasi Boss]

[Description: She is the daughter of Huang Yaoshi, who is the master of Peach Blossom Island. She’s adept at martial arts, the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams, and the technique of escape. She’s skilled in many aspects and knows history well. She has been defending Xiangyang City together with Guo Jing. The Book of Wumu she possesses has amazing abilities!]

She was the third Quasi Boss that Ji Ye had seen.

The first one was Yang Guo, and the second one was the North King that was just killed.

After all, Huang Rong was a smart advisor who had helped her husband defend Xiangyang City for decades and resist the Mongolian army.

If she hadn’t been weakened by the Battlefield of Providence, she might have been rated as a Boss!

However, Ji Ye was more interested in her description than her rarity.

Exactly as Ji Ye speculated, Huang Rong, as a central person who could decide the outcome of this battlefield, was in control of the Book of Wumu.

This book on military strategies was also rated as “Special”.

Firstly, the book recorded Yue Fei’s way of training soldiers. Theoretically speaking, one could train the Yue Army, a special unit that had a Perfect rating, with this book.

Secondly, the Book of Wumu was itself a Transcendent item. When it was activated, it could accelerate the soldiers’ training and improve their combat abilities on the battlefield.

Furthermore, Huang Rong had learned the Five Elements and Eight Trigrams, and the technique of escape from her father. Her skills were even more important to the defenses of Xiangyang City than Guo Jing was.

It was also the reason why Yuan failed to conquer Xiangyang City even though Xiangyang City had fewer experts and soldiers.

It was also the reason why Yuan sent the South King, who had the greatest personal strength, to risk his own life by assassinating Huang Rong!


Huang Rong’s eyelids shivered, and she slowly opened her eyes.

“Mother, you’re finally awake! Wu, wu!”

Guo Xiang jumped into Huang Rong’s arms with tears and excitement.

“Don’t cry, don’t cry, or you won’t be pretty...”

Huang Rong extended her hand and stroked her daughter’s head, wiping her tears for her.

“Mrs. Guo is fine for now.

“However, the South King of Yuan has intimidating True Qi. It will require some time to completely eliminate it.”

Pretending that he was exhausted, Ji Ye said to Guo Jing who was holding Huang Rong’s hand.

“Thank you very much, Master Ji. I really can’t thank you enough!”

Guo Jing had been absolutely calm when faced with tens of thousands of soldiers of Yuan, but his anxiety was obvious when Ji Ye was treating Huang Rong.

He was finally relaxed at this moment.

[Guo Jing (Alignment: Friend)]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-7]

[Rarity: Boss]

[Description: He is from a notable family. He has combined the Nine Yin Sutra, the Dragon-Subduing Strike, and the Left and Right Inter-fighting. His Dragon-Subduing Strike has surpassed its limitations. He’s adept at military tactics and commanding. He leads many heroes and defends Xiangyang City for decades. He’s well respected as a man who is fully devoted to the country and the people!]

Huang Rong was already a Quasi Boss, so it wasn’t weird at all that Guo Jing was rated as a Boss.

Just like Ji Ye had speculated, Guo Jing’s martial arts had partly surpassed the limitations. It was the Dragon-Subduing Strike, which was the main technique for battles.

It was no wonder he could cause environmental changes with his fist force on the battlefield and kill hundreds of Yuan soldiers unstoppably on the battlefield.

“Yeah, Brother Ji... Thank you. If you hadn’t come to Xiangyang City, my mother would probably be gone forever...”

After hearing that from Guo Jing, Guo Xiang, Guo Fu, and Guo Polu, who were all in the room, all looked at Ji Ye full of gratitude.

Of course, there was also the tall and slim Huang Yaoshi, who had come the moment he was informed of his daughter’s injuries, only to find that the medical skills that he had always been proud of couldn’t help.

[Huang Yaoshi]

[Level: Extraordinary Rank-7]

[Rarity: Commander]

[Description: He is the master of Peach Blossom Island and nicknamed “Eastern Heretic”. He is a great martial artist. He’s familiar with astrology, geography, music, painting, agriculture, economy, and military strategies. He’s very good at disguising himself too.]

The family all had remarkable stats. Not only did they have higher levels and ratings, but they also had much longer descriptions.

One of the purposes of the Battlefield of Providence was to make the civilizations of the same species know each other better. The battle participants on Yuan’s side were bound to be amazed by such stats!

“Mrs. Guo, I have a suggestion.”

However, having already known their information, Ji Ye wasn’t too surprised. He opened his mouth after Huang Rong talked with her children.

“It will be best if we keep it a secret that you’ve already woken up... We may be able to set up a trap to collapse the Yuan people and resolve Xiangyang City’s crisis once and for all!”

“It’s not a bad plan. The Yuan people are afraid of Rong’er’s wisdom. They may try to kill her again through other ruses. Rong’er, you should make plans in your room and don’t leave the house so that I wouldn’t be worried...”

Guo Jing’s eyes glittered, and he nodded in agreement promptly.

The Yuan people lost two kings as well as almost ten thousand soldiers in the battle. They wouldn’t give up so easily.

Since they couldn’t take advantage on the battlefield, it wasn’t hard to imagine that their assassinations would definitely be much more vehement than before!

Having just experienced the pain when Huang Rong “almost died”, Guo Jing didn’t want any accident to happen to her again.

Of course, other than to protect Huang Rong, a central person, Ji Ye had another reason in mind when he made such a suggestion.

It was also meant to let Elder Meng keep working as the First Advisor of Xiangyang City.

In that post, every word that Elder Meng said could influence most residents of Xiangyang City. It was definitely critically important.

Ji Ye felt that when the battlefield was closed, the Twin Dragon Mount fort would probably gain more power of providence because of Elder Meng than it would from the generals such as Lu Junyi and Wu Song.

Of course, it could also restrain the people of other settlements who were interested in the Book of Wumu from approaching Huang Rong.

The Twin Dragon Mount fort was absolutely determined to get the book, which had an even higher priority than the Dragon-Subduing Strike.

It was because, according to the Confederation Office, the famous heroes such as Yue Fei[1] were likely “Legendary” on the Land of Inheritance. If Ji Ye missed this chance, he probably would have to wait for a Transcendent Battlefield of Providence to acquire the Book of Wumu!

The Dragon-Subduing Strike and the Book of Wumu had clearly been set to be the strongest martial art and military book on this Battlefield of Providence.

Ji Ye wouldn’t expect Huang Rong to teach him those just because he treated her.

By estimation, this Battlefield of Providence wouldn’t be closed until another two months later, so the Twin Dragon Mount fort could operate based on their advantages and acquire them step by step.

For that reason, Ji Ye didn’t fully cure Huang Rong right at the start but treated her “by installments”, which was like what he did to Shi the Third.

However, Ji Ye sensed that Huang Rong, as the smartest person in The Return of the Condor Heroes, had already guessed a thing or two after she learned about the current news on Xiangyang City from Guo Jing and her children.

She was as shrewd as when she was still a young girl. Furthermore, thanks to her life experience and her years of work on the defenses of Xiangyang City, she was even more observant than before.

Besides, the situation in Xiangyang City was much more complicated than that in Hundred Flowers Valley. Theoretically speaking, Huang Rong must’ve met a lot of battle participants before she passed out.

After failing to trick Yan Chixia last time, Ji Ye wouldn’t underestimate those hero projections anymore.

However, Ji Ye had used an open strategy, and he was not speaking to Guo Jing but suggesting to Huang Rong directly, so there wasn’t any problem at all.

“Okay, since the Yuan army has retreated, I can take care of my wounds first.

“Jing, it’s been a long time since I had such a long rest. When I was unconscious, I dreamed of how we met in Zhangjiakou at the beginning, and the little red horse...”

As Ji Ye speculated, Huang Rong was too smart to refuse his proposal.

As a matter of fact, Huang Rong was quite annoyed by all the battle participants who attempted to approach her and Guo Jing.

In particular, several settlements had sent girls who were as beautiful as herself when she was young to Guo Jing.

Naturally, Guo Jing was too frank and loyal to be tempted by them.

However, Huang Rong, who had witnessed all their efforts, was inevitably jealous!

“Right, Mrs. Guo, this is the Rejuvenation Fluid, a specialty of the Twin Dragon Mount fort. It can make you look younger and will help treat your wounds.”

After Huang Rong agreed with the plan, Ji Ye rose and said goodbye. But he somehow remembered something and took out a vial, which grabbed Huang Rong’s attention even though she was still more or less wary of Ji Ye.

“Professional ways must be used to deal with women...”

Ji Ye recalled what Wu Qiao said when she proposed the suggestion to him.

It was true that women understood the best. Even the smartest woman couldn’t refuse the temptation of being more beautiful.

“According to what I observed earlier, Master Ji, it seems that your martial arts are related to rivers and seas like my young friend Yang Guo, right?

“My Peach Blossom Island is in the middle of a sea, and I know a thing or two about the power of rivers and seas too. I’m of a mind to discuss with you. I wonder if you’re interested, Master Ji.”

After the vial was passed over to Huang Rong and Huang Yaoshi confirmed that his daughter’s life was no longer in danger, he suddenly opened his mouth as he escorted Ji Ye to his residence.

“I’ve long heard about your Melody of the Rising Tide too, Master Huang!”

Ji Ye was rather shocked.

It would be more like a teaching session than a discussion!

As the most multi-talented person in The Return of the Condor Heroes, Huang Yaoshi was absolutely a human-shaped treasury.

Although he didn’t really need regular martial arts after grasping the Nine Yin Sutra as well as a bunch of Superior techniques, Flicking Fingers and Melody of the Rising Tide, which were Huang Yaoshi’s ultimate techniques, were still highly attractive.

The latter, in particular, could control water currents.

After he mastered that, it would undoubtedly further increase the power of the Flood Dragon Bloodline!

[1] Wumu is his posthumous title

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