Dungeon Predator

Chapter 464. Avenger Set
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Chapter 464. Avenger Set

Translator: Boko

Man Bok was the bearer of good news.

- Mr. Kang Oh, Mr. Hoffman wants you to pick up your order. He's finished with it.


Kang Oh had asked Hoffman to make him some leather armor.

It was created using dragon materials, as well as other invaluable materials, with the collective skill of a Master Blacksmith and a Master Tailor!

- Thank you for telling me!

Kang Oh immediately headed for the Black Hammer Dwarves' Hideout.

What good timing. The way it was going, the final battle with the Evil God Worshippers would be in a few days. He was lucky; he'd get a chance to replace his equipment before the final battle!


Kang Oh appeared via the transfer magic circle.

"You've come, Brother?" The Dwarven Warrior happily greeted him.

He remembered fighting alongside him against the Great Lava Spirit. He probably saved him personally, though he didn't remember what his name was.

"Nothing much going on?"

"Not really. Besides the fact that Phamas Beer tastes as good as ever."

"Please don't drink too much."

"Phamas Beer isn't alcohol. It's life itself. So the more you drink, the better!"

Kang Oh passed the Dwarven Warrior, and headed for Hoffman's personal workspace. The closer he got, the more his heart throbbed.

'I wonder what it'll be.'

Apparently, they had used a large quantity of dragon materials in order to create the armor, so...

'It should be SS-rank, right?'

Please be SS-rank!

He walked down the stairs, and saw a door at the end of it. Light peeked out from the opening, and the clanging of a hammer could be heard from within.

Kang Oh went inside, and saw Hoffman and Dink.

"You're here," Dink said.

"I heard the armor was done."

Dink nodded his head.

"Did it turn out well?" Kang Oh asked, his voice trembling.

"Look for yourself," Hoffman put down his hammer and said. "It's over there." Hoffman pointed at the armor set.

The leather armor hung from a clothes rack. It was an armor set that consisted of a hat, gloves, boots, a top, and bottoms.

The top was a long leather jacket, while the bottoms were narrow-legged, classy pants. Kang Oh liked the color. It was pitch-black like the night sky!

The gloves were made of metal, not leather. It wasn't made of glittering silver, but heavy silver that glowed with faint light! They were more like greaves, as they went all the way up his forearms.

Upon closer inspection, it was lined with leather inside. He suddenly wanted to put his hand inside, as it seemed like it'd feel incredibly soft.

The boots were made of metal too. They were simple, without any flashy ornaments or decorations. That just made him like them even more. Like the gloves, they were lined with leather inside.

The hat was a hood that was attached to the jacket. Of course, it couldn't be removed. It was also adorned with ornaments that resembled a dragon's wings. If the hood was worn inside out, then these metal wings would be revealed at the ears.

Overall, Kang Oh really liked the design. It was simple, yet classy.


Kang Oh swallowed, and then reverently stretched out his hand. He examined the leather jacket first.

[Avenger's Night Sky Jacket]

An armor set created by the Master Blacksmith, Hoffman, and the Master Tailor, Dink.

The set name is Avenger.

To think that dragon leather could be handled so perfectly. The dragon leather is flawless, and retains all of its original properties.

Hoffman, the master of alloys, combined dragon bone, dragon scales, and rare metals together to create a mysterious alloy. The leather armor was made out of thread extracted from this mysterious alloy.

It is a perfect collaboration between two Masters! There is no doubt; it is a masterpiece.

+ 3 Set Effect: Dragon Armor. Reduces all damage by 30%. There is a fixed chance that magic or curses is reflected. There is also a fixed chance that your opponent's physical attacks miss.

+ 4 Set Effect: Dragon's Fury. Unleashes a destructive beam of energy that crushes everything in its path like a rampaging dragon. Physical attribute attack. User's attack power increases the power of this attack. Cooldown: 10 minutes. MP Cost: 10,000.

+ 5 Set Effect: Summons the Incarnation of Vengeance, Shumir, for 1 minute. Shumir imbues you with great power, and also fights by your side. Cooldown: 1 hour. MP Cost: 0.

Rank: SS.

Abilities: Defense +880, Main Stats +60.

Minimum Requirements: Avenger title.


Kang Oh instinctively swallowed. This was a bad habit of his when he came across an amazing item. The more his Adam's apple moved, the better the item was.

His Adam's apple had never moved more. Which meant that the Avenger set was the best item set he'd ever seen.

Look no further than the 3 piece set effect.

Dragon Armor.

Not only did it reduce all damage by 30%, but it had a chance of reflecting magic and curses. It could also make his opponent's attacks miss. This effect already made it a masterpiece, but it had two more excellent effects!

Dragon's Fury was, like Lightning Breath, an extremely powerful finishing move. No, it was much stronger than Lightning Breath. It cost 10,000 MP to use, while Lightning Breath cost 3,000 MP.

Finally, the Avenger set allowed him to summon the Incarnation of Vengeance, Shumir. Kang Oh knew only a little bit about it.

Shumir was almost on par with a Great Spirit. In terms of levels, it was over level 500.

The Avenger set's defense was much higher than the Draka's set defense. Plus, it would increase his main stats by 60.

"Jackpot!" Kang Oh yelled. He couldn't hold back his excitement.

'This is the best. No doubt!'

He quickly looked over the other items too.

[Avenger's Dragon Wing Hood]

[Avenger's Dragon Talon Gloves]

[Avenger's Galaxy Walking Boots]

[Avenger's Night Sky Pants]

The set effects were the same, but the equipment's defense and stat increases were far greater than the Draka set.



Kang Oh was so excited that he'd skimmed over a small little detail: the equip requirements.

The Avenger set didn't require a specific level, stats, class, etc. The wielder only needed the Avenger title.


It was a title he didn't have. He also had no idea how to obtain it.

He was in a pickle. How would he obtain this title? Fortunately, he was worried over nothing.

"Once you take the Avenger set, you'll receive a quest for the Avenger title," Dink said.

Kang Oh's face brightened. "Ah, is that so?"

"However, the quest will be extremely difficult. After all, it will allow you to equip the armor."

Hoffman was definitely warning him. He needed to take the quest seriously.

"I'm going to complete the quest no matter what," Kang Oh said firmly.

'And I'll wear the Avenger set!'

"Take it."

"Thank you so much!" Kang Oh stashed the Avenger set. Then, he heard a beep and quest popped up.

[Revenge by Proxy]

Take revenge for the vengeful spirit, Michael.

If you accept the quest, you will receive more detailed information.

Difficulty: Unknown.

Minimum Requirements: The Avenger Set.

Rewards: Avenger title.

Failure: Unknown.

[Would you like to accept the quest?]

[If you accept the quest, then canceling it is impossible.]

Kang Oh scowled. "Hmm."

He wouldn't be able to find out more before he accepted the quest. But if he did accept the quest, he would have to complete it.

Was it a tacit warning? Was it telling him not to accept it without any prior thought?

What if Michael wanted revenge on a dragon? To make matters worse, what if he had a limited amount of time to complete the quest? He couldn't even cancel the quest either.

The quest probably wouldn't ask him to kill a dragon, but there was a chance that he could fail the quest based on the difficulty and its contents.

At the same time, he couldn't investigate who Michael was. After all, Michael was such a common name. It was like looking for a man with the name 'Kim' in Seoul.

'What do I do?' Kang Oh grabbed his chin and began to tap his fingers. No matter how he thought about it, there was only one option here. 'I can't do it right now.'

He would participate in a huge battle with the Evil God Worshippers in a few days. Plus, he hadn't finished Valan's quest yet. He still had a long way to go.

Kang Oh didn't have the time to complete the Avenger set's quest. Considering how great the armor was, the quest would be extremely difficult. It may take him a long time to complete too.

Postponing the quest until he had time to complete it was definitely the right move. However, it felt like such a waste. He had such great armor at his fingertips, but he wouldn't be able to use it!

Plus, the quest may be easier than expected. Not to mention how much the Avenger set would help him during the final battle with the Evil God Worshippers.

'Should I ask Valan for his help?' he suddenly thought.

If Valan helped him, then no quest would be too difficult! If there was a secret to be found, then his Hyper Intuition would help him find it quickly, and if there was something that needed killing, then Valan could help him take care of it.

Considering how arrogant Valan was, there was little chance of him helping him.

'I suppose it wouldn't hurt to ask.'

It would truly be a waste to let the Avenger set rot in his inventory.

"Then, if you'll excuse me."

Kang Oh bid them farewell and left the Black Hammer Dwarves' Hideout.

* * *

"Master Valan!" Kang Oh said.

"What?" Valan was as prickly as always.

"Please take a look at this." Kang Oh passed him the Avenger set.

"It's good armor," Valan took a quick look and said.

"It's not just 'good'. It's the best. But if I don't complete the quest, then I can't equip it. Aah, if only I could equip this armor set. I'd be able to fight the Evil God Worshippers much more effectively..." Kang Oh laid out the bait.

"You're too wordy. Just get to the point," Valan said.

"Please help me."

If Valan agreed to help him, then the quest wouldn't be a problem. However, Kang Oh was ready for him to refuse. Taking into account Valan's normal attitude, there was no way he would accept his request. However...


"Ah, c'mon. Don't be like that... Wait, what?" Kang Oh's eyes widened. 'Did I hear wrong?'

"I said I'd help you."

He wasn't hearing things.


Kang Oh had prepared a few lines for when Valan refused him. Something like 'You haven't done anything for me, your successor, so why don't you help me with this?'.

However, he didn't need to use any of his ten or so excuses. Surprisingly!

"Why? You don't want my help?"

"No, please help me!"

"Hurry up and accept that quest. Tell me what it's about."

Valan wasn't doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He wanted Kang Oh at his best in their final battle with the Evil God Worshippers.

"Yes, sir."

Kang Oh's face brightened. 'Oh, how unexpected!'

[You have accepted the quest, Revenge by Proxy.]

[You can no longer cancel the quest.]

Then, a gray spirit appeared. He was a middle-aged, bald man, who had a bushy beard and a pudgy stomach.

This must be Michael.

"Are you the one who'll get my revenge?" Michael said hoarsely. His voice was filled with rage.

"That's right. What do you need me to do?" Kang Oh asked.

The spirit's face grimaced. "Let me show you."

At that moment...

A memory played before his eyes.

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