Dungeon of Pride, Laplace

Chapter 544 544- Doing Valdris A Favour
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Valdris nodded, he inhaled a deep breath and got to the point "Huff… my first question, who and from where did you learn that technique?".

Although he could somewhat guess the answer, Valdris still wanted to hear it from Simon's mouth.

"Ah! This technique?" Simon deliberated before answering honestly "I got it from a girl who ran from her home. Well it was a coincidence that she ended up giving me this technique".

"A girl who ran from her home? Can you describe how she looked like?" Valdris inquired.

Since they were both from the dragon clan Simon believed that it was no harm in telling him that. He described her appearance to him…

"Well that's how Lucine looked".

"I see…" Valdris caressed his chin and processed the information, there was a frown of confusion on his face.

Just as he was about to shake his head unable to think of any such person like that, the name that Simon spoke at the end shocked Valdris until his entire body trembled.

"W-Wait what name did you just say?" he asked again.

"Hm? Lucine, that was the name of the person that gave me this technique. Do you perhaps know her?" Simon replied unaware of the storm that brewed inside Valdris's mind.

Do you know her? That was a stupid question to ask, no matter which dragon it was or which pavilion they belonged to, as long as they completed their adult ceremony after returning back to their tribe, would have heard about this name at least once in their life.

After all, that name belonged to the young miss of one of the five pavilions of the Ancestral Dragon Lands. One could imagine the shock Valdris was going through when that name was mentioned and that too so casually.

"Ah right, I understand why you are so confused. You see, it's not Lucine who created this technique, but rather her master Adalinda" Simon clarified.

RUMBLE… if emotions could be personified, there would be thunderstorms raging inside Valdris's mind currently.

"@##$ .. ^&**… %&&#" Valdris felt light headed, his emotions were in such a mess right now that he even forgot how to make some coherent words.

THUD… unable to contain his fluctuating emotions, Valdris fell on his butt and looked at Simon with an expression of dread.

"H-How do you know those names?".

Simon was unaware of the position these names held in the hearts of these dragons, although he was a little surprised by the latter's unusual behaviour, he still answered honestly…

"Well, one of them barged inside my dungeon uninvited and dragged me with them to various places. While the other used me as a scapegoat to escape her master. It's complicated... hmm but well we did travel together for some time, so you can call us acquaintances I guess".

Goodness Gracious, Oh Mighty Dragon Lord!! What is this demon saying? Not only does he know their name but he even dares to call them his acquaintances.

For what it was worth, Valdris could tell that the demon was not lying which could only mean that what he said was true. He had indeed travelled with the both of them!!

What kind of ridiculous concept was that? Not only was he acquainted with the young miss of the pavilion he belonged to, but he also knew one of its Venerables, Venerable Red.

He expected the demon to say something ridiculous, given the fact that he carried her dragon aura and wielded the technique she created. But never in his wildest dream could he have guessed that the truth would be far beyond his imagination.

If the demon was their acquaintance then… Valdris' face became purple with fright. 'Good thing I did not try to kill this fellow' he thought internally.

His fate would be very miserable if those two found out that he had killed the acquaintance they had made in the Ghastly winding forest.

Huff.. Huff… after inhaling and exhaling dozens of breaths, finally Valdris managed to calm his emotions a little. Nevertheless, he still did not have the energy to stand back up. He could only look up at the demon from his position.

It was also now that he understood how mysterious this demon was. Aldebaran had seen through it and thus tried to tell him something; however, he was too inflexible in his ways to listen to others.

"It seems like I have become pedantic. It was high time that somebody woke me up" Valdris lamented as he gave a hollow laughed.

"So what's your next question?" Simon asked, his expression was a little better after gulping down numerous elixirs of healing.

"Ugh… there is no need for that now. It looks like I was mistaken to have doubted you. Thanks to you, my perspective has changed. I will not stand in your way if you want to subdue and take this fellow back to your dungeon anymore" Vadlris stated getting up on his feet.

"Elder what are you saying? You want me to bow to this guy?" the earth shattering lower dragon who was listening to their conversation from the sides, spoke out at his moment. Although he respected the demon for defeating him, it did not come to the point where he would bow his head to someone else.

Simon wasn't fazed by the Earth Shattering Lower Dragon's attitude, it has only been a while since the technique was established, and it would take some time to show its effect.

"You will understand in the future. You don't have to worry, he is someone that even I have to recognise, there is no shame in becoming his subordinate" Valdris comforted the earth shattering lower dragon with a bitter smile.

The latter clearly had great respect for Valdris, thus it couldn't say anything further. After placating the earth shattering lower dragon, Valdris turned his attention back to Simon once again.

After deliberating something in his head for a second or two, he bowed his head in apology to him.

"I was blind to have attacked you. I hope that this young mister can forgive me. My actions were only to protect a member of my pavilion".

Seeing the yellow robed man suddenly bow his head in apology, Simon was surprised a little. But it quickly made sense to him when he connected the dots to Adalinda and Lucine.

"Mister only did what he thought was right, you cannot be blamed for that. I can tell that the dragon clan cares greatly for its members and the technique that I used must be greatly abhorred by you all. However, my circumstances are so that I have no choice but to resort to it. I hope that both of you would understand".

Simon was not overbearing, he understood that if that yellow robed person who the earth shattering lower dragon called elder was to attack him, he would have no way of protecting himself in his current condition. Thus he accepted the other party's apology without making a racket.

"Hahaha… it's a good thing that this young mister understands" Valdris face warmed up a little knowing that this person had some history with the pavilion he belonged to.

Now that Valdris was looking at Simon carefully, he found the fellow much more pleasing to the eye. Not only was he very talented to have defeated a member of his tribe, but from the energy signature of this fellow, he could also tell that the demon was quite young.

He very much liked people like Simon who were brave and fearless.

"Hahaha… What is this? Valdris, it looks like you finally understand how amazing this young man is. If you only just accepted this old man's words, you wouldn't have to lose face like this today".

At this moment, a deep voice carrying the vicissitude of time, rang out from seemingly nowhere.

Whoosh… wind started blowing all of a sudden and an incredible phenomenon occurred in front of three pairs of stunned eyes.

The devastated land that was devoid of any life for dozens of miles, suddenly had plants and trees sprouting out of it. A vast emerald green energy spread out from the land and covered it with greeneries in the blink of an eye.

Although some area was taking some time to recover, the place returned to what it was after a while.

"Tch… this old ghost's power is as ridiculous as ever" Valdris muttered under his breath.


Simon who heard it, did not know who this 'Old ghost' referred to, thus he could only look at his surrounding with stunned eyes.

Just a few seconds ago, the place looked like a barren land with deep pits and craters everywhere. Forget about a life nothing would flourish in such conditions yet that power suddenly made something as absurd as that a reality. This part of the forest was brimming with life once again.

'That voice sounded familiar' this thought just appeared in his mind when suddenly the tree closest to them started moving and morphed into a familiar figure.

"Alder?" Simon couldn't help but utter out.

"Hahaha.. Young fellow it looks like you are doing fine. The worries of this old man were unnecessary".

The figure was none other than Aldebaran he had met back at Ancient treant's territory when he went to get the rest of the forest spring spirit tribe.

"Old fellow... so you didn't really go back and were watching the show all along?" Valdris had a sour face as he glanced at this humanoid figure made out of wood.

"Haha… Brat, I told you I had high expectations for this young fellow. I wouldn't just wait and watch while you destroy such a good seed. Though it didn't look like I had to intervene".

Aldebaran spoke smilingly, he looked at Simon and praised—

"Young fellow you have become quite strong. Not only were you able to defeat that lower dragon but you also managed to exchange a few blows against that brat and remain standing. It is quite praiseworthy, the results of your efforts are showing themselves in battle".

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