Dual Cultivator Reborn [System In The Cultivation World]

Chapter 726 I Have A Plan
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"we will settle this in the arena if you win you can take my life and if I win I will take your life," Vanya said and with those words, she placed that sword in her scabbard and turned back to look Yohan as he was standing right behind her with crossed arms, a moment later when she faces him Yohan gave a smile to her and he nodded his head.

"I accept your condition but I am not interested in taking your life, I just want you to leave Elsa alone if you lose to me in a duel," Yohan looked at Elsa in a serious manner while explaining his side of the terms and he continued.

"this time Don't expect me to go easy on you, I am not going to hold back, come at me with everything you got, "Yohan said, hearing those kinds of words which is carrying pride Vanya felt rage in her heart and she cursed Yohan inwardly but deep down she knew that this guy is not joking, earlier he caught her by surprise by evading all those attacks using his sense only, he is the first person who evaded all those attacks without getting hit and the most terrifying part that he hasn't made any move to hurt her, if he wanted to hurt her he could easily take her life as she was completely outmatched by him earlier, Vanya knows very well that he is not bragging about his strength, he is indeed tough one to deal and moreover how could she look down upon an enemy who was behind Asura's disappearance, no one knows what happened inside that hall and where is asura now.

After a few moments later Vanya finally broke her silence and looked at Yohan in calm manner"I understand,follow me" She said to him and with those words she turned back and started walking into the deeper part of the upper floor,Yohan started following her from behind but a moment he closed his eyes and took a deep sigh.

'what should I do now, she is very persistent, I don't think she is going to stop even if I defeat her inside the arena, I am worried that she might do something stupid after losing to me, tell me what you want me to do'yohan asked inwardly for a few moments there were a silence but sometimes later a familiar voice resounded in his head.

'Yohan I think it's high time when I should confront her face to face, I am the sole reason for her misery, if killing me can bring her peace then I am ready to Lay my life for my little sister,'elsa's voice echoed in yohan's head, Yohan facial expressions changed drastically hearing Elsa.

'i think it's not a good idea to meet her at this very moment, don't you see those cold expressions on her face, she is not going to hold back and I am sure she will try to kill you, this is an bad idea, let's leave this place Elsa,that way no one has to put their lives on the line,'yohan said inwardly slightly in a worried manner. πŸπ“‡β„―eπ’˜π˜¦π’ƒπ‘›π’Ρ΅e𝙑. 𝑐𝗼𝓂

'I can't leave her, she is already an outcast inside her own clan, I felt disheartened knowing how those people of the clan treated her back, she has been through worst all those years all because of me, if i leave her behind like this then I am not going to forgive myself, I never done anything for her, even back then I was very ambitious towards my goal and never ever cared for her, on the other hand, she used to look up for me, no matter which way you try to defend me it doesn't change the fact that I hurt her and made her life living hell for my selfish ambition' Elsa's voice echoed in yohan's head, she was sounding very venerable and Yohan could tell that she is in so much of pain while saying all those stuff, Yohan turned silent for a moment and after few moments of silence, he spoke to her using telepathy.

'i have a plan in my head which don't involve any short of violence, you want to confront your sister right then I have a way to do that'yohan said confidently.

'What kind of plan?'The other party spoke in a curious manner,a mysterious smile appeared on yohan's face and he shook his head.

'I'll see you inside the arena, you can meet your sister there,'Yohan responded to her inwardly and with those words he opened his eyes.


Meanwhile, at the same time back inside Her room Elsa opened her eyes which were brimming with curiousness and apart from her eyes she had mixed expressions on her beautiful face.

"What sort of plan Yohan has? he was sounding so confident" she muttered but a moment later she shook her head before leaving the bed.

"This is not the time to think about what kind of plan he has, but i am sure he can do something about the current situation, I am confident in his ability to tackle any kind of situation"elsa mutters to herself and with those words she left the room in hurry with heavy heart, she was looking anxious.


At the same time inside the top floor, Yohan and Vanya were walking side by side but neither of them was saying anything, Vanya was on her guard and Yohan could feel that she was wary of him.

"How far do we have to go, it's been a few minutes since we are walking inside this place and we haven't reached our destination," sometimes later Yohan spoke to her, Vanya tilted her head right side and looked at Yohan who was walking beside her.

"We are almost there," she said to him and with those words she moved her head back to straight while walking in the corridor, Yohan frowned knowing that he could take to her wherever she wants to go in a blink of an eye but alas he knew she is not someone who is going to listen to him and he felt like it was appropriate to ask her as travelling require two individual to get closer to each other.

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