Dragon Who Controls Time

Chapter 937 The Innocent Young Female Warlock And Her Little Silver Dragon
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The God of tyranny responded to the prayers of the dark Paladins.

The chances of a God's response were slim for ordinary believers, but the dark Paladins were special and could easily get a response from the God of tyranny.

After the divine power descended, it directly entered Angele's body.

The dark paladin's severely injured body recovered in the blink of an eye under the effect of extraordinary divine power.

"My Lord Bann! Your arrival is our greatest honor!"

When the believers of the God of tyranny saw the will of their God responding to their arrival, they all knelt down on the ground with tears in their eyes, and their faces were even more pious.

The avatar of the God of tyranny's will stood up slowly.

A pair of brutal eyes looked at the giant dragon in front of him.

He was about to directly question the giant Dragons that were enemies with his dark Paladins and make them feel pain, but when he felt the eternal immortality and the unique temperament of the giant Dragons, his eyes immediately narrowed.

Even though garen had already restrained his Dragon might.

However, the special aura of the time Dragon was like a torch in the darkness. It was so dazzling and bright that it couldn't escape the senses of the will avatar of the God of tyranny.

He glanced at the ring of black scales on the White Dragon's neck.

the Saint of the Dragon of eternity and time, the Lord of the Dragon Court.

"I didn't expect to communicate with you directly in this way."

They looked at each other, and the spiritual fluctuations of the will incarnation of the God of tyranny conveyed his meaning to garen.

"I've heard that true dragon offerings please you the most, is that true?"

so, powerful God of tyranny, how do you think we should resolve this situation? "

After a pause, garen's tone was calm and indifferent as he asked.

"Using the strong as a sacrifice can make me happy."

The God of tyranny's will incarnation looked at garen and said calmly.

At the same time, he said, " they pretended to be weak with the body of a Saint. They incurred the attack of my dark Paladins. They didn't mean to offend the power of God.

"How about we end this matter here?"

When it came to their own faithful believers, their own beliefs and divine power, no God would simply allow their own believers to die. What the will incarnation of the God of tyranny meant was for garen to give him face and let his believers go.

In response, garen chuckled and said, " Bann, your doctrine clearly states that the strong have unlimited dominance and duty over the weak, and can do whatever they want to the weak. Am I right? "

Tacitly allowing his own believers to use true dragons as sacrifices already represented the attitude of this God of tyranny.

As a member of the Dragon God system, how could garen give face to such a guy?

since that's the case, as a strong person, it's only right for me to kill the weak who offended me.

"And why did you descend to protect these weak people?"

The avatar of the God of tyranny's will fell into silence and didn't answer.

After a short silence, he looked at garen again, the violence in his eyes much more intense.

However, the incarnation of the God of tyranny's will suppressed his impulse. Without saying anything more, he withdrew his extraordinary divine power and left the dark paladin's body.

It was just an incarnation of will. Even if he fought with garen, he would only be asking for humiliation.

The God of tyranny wasn't stupid. He wouldn't do something that would disgrace his divine might.

During this period, his communication with garen was on the spiritual level, and the surrounding believers were completely unaware.

At the same time, the believers who were still kneeling on the ground noticed that the will of the God of tyranny had left. Their devout expressions stiffened, and they looked at each other.

my Lord Bann, why did you leave immediately after you arrived? "

why? why did you abandon your believers? "

The dark paladin, who had just received God's grace but was recalled in the blink of an eye, had a sorrowful expression on his face. He did not know what had happened.

At this moment.

The White Dragon that exuded a legendary presence and seemed to be an ancient dragon grinned. "Because your God is afraid of me!"

Garen was right.

If it wasn't for the fact that he didn't have the confidence to win, with the personality of a God like the God of tyranny, he would have directly fought garen to the death after losing face and dignity.


Hearing that garen was disgracing his own faith, the dark paladin resisted the legend's might and shouted loudly.

With regards to this, garen had no interest in toying with them anymore.

The power of time burst forth and enveloped the area.

A few believers of the God of tyranny experienced an endless amount of time in an instant. Their faces were filled with fear as they watched their bodies age at an irreversible rate.

"You ..."


The dark paladin's turbid eyes moved slightly, as if he had thought of something.

However, before they could say anything, their bodies turned into bones and dust by the passing of time.

"I've given you guys a chance, but it's a pity that you guys didn't take it."

Garen blew on it, and the dust was blown away by the wind.

If these people could associate the ring of black scales on his neck with the Dragon of eternity and time, and leave out of fear, garen and Yuna would not have chased after him.

In this game of entrapment, this was the only chance for the prey to survive.

Unfortunately ...

So far, not a single dragon hunter would be wise enough to leave.

This was a matter of course.

Putting aside whether or not the other party would be able to associate a young white Dragon with a Dragon God just because of a similar characteristic, even if they did, they would not think that they would be able to encounter the Dragon God's incarnation. With the huge benefits that could be brought about by slaying dragons, they would forget about it even if they thought of the power of the dragon clan.

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