Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 991 Supreme Sovereign
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Chapter 991 Supreme Sovereign

When Wu Yao collapsed and Zhou Yuan caught her by the shoulders, the Sacred Dragon Blessing rose from her body, turned into a wisp of azure-colored smoke and spiraled into the mouth of the giant dragon silhouette.

Seeing the last wisp of the Sacred Dragon Blessing approaching, Zhou Yuan unhesitantly controlled the giant dragon silhouette to prepare to swallow it.

It was something that belonged to him, and he was simply getting it back.

Even if Wu Yao paid for it with her life, Zhou Yuan didn’t pity her. As she had said, this was perhaps their fate.

Let me put an end to this now.

The dragon silhouette unleashed a deafening roar and attempted to swallow the last wisp of the Sacred Dragon Blessing in one mouthful. But just as the last bit of the Sacred Dragon Blessing was about to be eaten, Zhou Yuan felt the entire world freeze. Even the world’s Genesis Qi had stilled.

The dragon silhouette kept its mouth wide open, but regardless of how it tried, it couldn’t swallow the last wisp. It was as though an indescribable force was obstructing it.

It should be said that the giant dragon silhouette wasn’t formed from Genesis Qi, but was the embodiment of a type of Blessing. It was only faintly discernible, which meant ordinary forces couldn’t injure it. However, at that moment, it was like a mosquito in amber and was under control.

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed dramatically. There was clearly a very terrifying external force intervening. Even Law Domain experts couldn’t intervene in what happens within the Fallen Abyss, which meant that the intervening person’s strength exceeded the Law Domain stage.

A Saint expert!

A supreme sovereign!

Wushen Region’s supreme sovereign!

Zhou Yuan’s face darkened because the supreme sovereign’s action had undoubtedly broken the rules of the nine regions tournament. But facing an existence at the Saint level, he couldn’t explode with anger because he knew it would be meaningless.

He looked up at the solidified dragon silhouette and saw the last wisp of the Sacred Dragon Blessing that Wu Yao forced out slowly descend and return to Wu Yao’s body as though some kind of force controlled it.

Zhou Yuan expressionlessly watched the scene and didn’t try to take it back. He knew that under the watchful eyes of a supreme sovereign, he was as weak as an ant, and there was no way he could withstand the consequences that might result from provoking the supreme sovereign.

“Zhou Yuan, you have already won. Do you need to completely take away the Sacred Dragon Blessing?”

An indescribable majestic voice rang in Zhou Yuan’s mind. Zhou Yuan was silent for a moment, then said, “Supreme sovereign Wu Shen?”

The voice didn’t respond.

“I believe supreme sovereign Wu Shen also knows about the origin of the Sacred Dragon Blessing,” Zhou Yuan said. “When Wu Yao’s father took the Sacred Dragon Blessing from me, he also didn’t care whether I died or not.”

Supreme Wu Shen’s voice sounded again, “Now isn’t the best time to take away the Sacred Dragon Blessing in Wu Yao’s body. I indeed broke the rules by intervening, but I won’t take advantage of you. If you listen and not take away the last bit of the Sacred Dragon Blessing in Wu Yao, I will help you with one thing.”

Zhou Yuan wrinkled his brows. Help me with one thing? What can he do for me?

“I will stop supreme sovereign Wan Zu from capturing you,” supreme sovereign Wu Shen said.

Zhou Yuan’s pupils rapidly shrank. “Why is supreme sovereign Wu Shen scaring me? I am just a little Divine Dwelling expert, so why would supreme sovereign Wan Zu need to deal with me personally?”

“Haha, little guy, do you really think you can hide from supreme sovereign Wan Zu? Does Cang Yuan really think that a little ant he sent into Hunyuan Heaven could escape Wan Zu’s eyes?”

Zhou Yuan’s face changed drastically. Supreme sovereign Wan Zu was indeed aware of his true identity. Although he had guessed this from the fact that supreme sovereign Wan Zu commanded Zhao Mushen to capture him, supreme sovereign Wu Shen finally confirmed his speculation.

Zhou Yuan felt his scalp numb. After all, it wasn’t a good thing to be watched by one of the supreme sovereigns. Moreover, his master wasn’t in Hunyuan Heaven and most likely couldn’t save him in time.

“In any case, he is a supreme sovereign with transcendent status. How could he lower himself to deal with a little Divine Dwelling expert?” Zhou Yuan said bitterly.

“Indeed, no one really cares about a little Divine Dwelling expert, but there’s something big that involves you, and that’s enough for Wan Zu to take action.” Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s indifferent voice echoed in Zhou Yuan’s mind. “What do you say? Are you interested in my proposal? It isn’t a small matter for a supreme sovereign to help you out.”

Zhou Yuan’s expression changed again, and he finally asked after pondering for a moment, “Are you ever going to let me get back the last of the Sacred Dragon Blessing that belongs to me?”

“When the time is right, you’ll get it back.” Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s voice sounded ethereal.

Zhou Yuan narrowed his eyes. If he was alone, he wouldn’t fear supreme sovereign Wan Zu because, at worst, he would die. But he couldn’t die or be captured because he had more important things to do, and that was to awaken Yaoyao.

To achieve his goal, he could abandon the Sacred Dragon Blessing for the time being, even though the Blessing was important.

Supreme sovereign Wu Shen was only taking advantage of the fact that Zhou Yuan’s supporter, Cang Yuan, wasn’t around to do anything. But Zhou Yuan believed that Cang Yuan would return to Hunyuan Heaven sooner or later, and at that time, he wouldn’t have to worry about supreme sovereign Wu Shen intervening again.

He no longer hesitated and nodded. “I agree.”

Supreme sovereign Wu Shen smiled faintly. He didn’t need to make a solemn promise because his identity as one of the supreme sovereigns was already enough.

The force that froze the world suddenly disappeared, and the stilled Genesis Qi flowed once again.

“Your Highness!” Su Youwei immediately came to Zhou Yuan’s side, her expression serious. She was evidently aware of the situation.

Zhou Yuan shook his head, signaling that there was nothing to worry about. Then, with the wave of his sleeve, the giant dragon silhouette circling in the air turned to nothing and vanished completely.

Wu Yao, who was resting her cheeks on Zhou Yuan’s shoulder, suddenly opened her eyes slowly.

She straightened her body immediately and hurriedly drew back two steps.

The expression on her beautiful face changed drastically, especially when she felt the Sacred Dragon Blessing in her body. She bit her red lips and lifted her head to look at the void above, saying in her heart, “Why did supreme sovereign Wu Shen have to intervene? If you win, you are the king; if you lose, you are nothing, and I clearly lost. There was no need for the supreme sovereign to interfere.”

Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s voice again rang in her mind, sounding a little helpless, “Wu Yao, don’t be too concerned about a momentary success or failure. The Divine Dwelling stage is just an insignificant hurdle on your cultivation path. The real battle is in the future.”

Wu Yao bit her red lips stubbornly. She didn’t like the result because wouldn’t that make Zhou Yuan think she was a sore loser?

“Wu Yao, you are not inferior to Zhou Yuan in any way. Don’t doubt yourself because of a loss. Remember what I said to you before, you have possessed the Sacred Dragon Blessing for so many years, but it doesn’t belong to you, nor is it suitable for you. You should look for what belongs to you.”

Supreme sovereign Wu Shen’s voice was faint and soon dissipated.

“The python and sparrow swallowed the dragon. But how can an ordinary sparrow swallow a dragon? Is it really inferior to the dragon?”

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