Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 27 End of the Newcomer Exam
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The silence outside the arena continued for quite some time till it was eventually broken by thunderous cheers. The eyes of numerous boys and girls were filled with fire as they gazed at the thin figure on the stage. No one would have dreamt that this prince of theirs, who was rumoured to be incapable of opening his channels, would give such a miraculous performance today...

By now, all of them clearly believed that the past Zhou Yuan had merely been concealing his strength.

Zhou Yuan merely smiled when he heard the cheers resounding below the stage. He cupped his hands together towards the audience before leaving the stage and walking towards Su Youwei.

Upon seeing that Su Youwei had been unblinkingly staring at him all along, he could not help but chuckle and say, "Oh? Have you been subdued by my charm?"

Su Youwei’s face turned slightly red. She made a soft ’pshaw’ sound before snorting. "Your hiding skills are top tier."

She had previously been all kinds of worried when she found out that Zhou Yuan and Lin Feng had been matched. Who could have expected that Zhou Yuan would have so many astonishing cards up his sleeve, and that even Lin Feng would fall at his hands.

"It turns out that even Lin Feng is not your match. Looks like the number one position amongst the new students belongs to you."

Zhou Yuan gave a nonchalant smile in response. He did not have much interest in being number one amongst the new batch of students. The reason for fighting this time was completely for the sake of entering the A class and helping headmaster Chu stabilize his position.

After all, the Great Zhou Institute was of paramount importance to the Great Zhou royal clan.

His original goal had been to enter the top ten nad now that it had been achieved, he did not have much interest in the following matches. Moreover, even Lin Feng had been defeated by him. Hence, there was naturally nothing to worry about for the next few matches.

These thoughts were swirling in Zhou Yuan’s mind when he suddenly raised his head and looked towards the nearby tall platform. He was just in time to see Qi Yue’s black to the maximum face, and immediately showed a small smile to the latter.

Upon seeing Zhou Yuan’s smile, Qi Yue’s face grew even uglier. Power surged in his hands as the railing was once again crushed. He had utilised all kinds of methods to make sure that Zhou Yuan’s face was to be thoroughly smeared into the ground. Yet, who could have expected that everything he had done would instead end up growing Zhou Yuan’s reputation. This undoubtedly made Qi Yue extremely furious.

By the side, Liu Xi hatefully said through gnashed teeth, "Truly someone who loses control due to joy. Does he really believe that defeating Lin Feng gives him the right to do as he please in the Great Zhou Institute?!"

Both she and her Liu clan belonged to the Qi Manor camp. Hence seeing Qi Yue thwarted naturally made her angry at Zhou Yuan.

"It is just a newcomer exam. Even if he takes the number one position, he will only be considered average amongst the various classes. Does he not know that even Lin Feng does not have the guts to make any moves in front of you?" Liu Xi disdainfully glanced at Zhou Yuan as she consoled Qi Yue.

Qi Yue took in a deep breath, suppressing the rage in his heart. His face regained its cold and detached look as he said, "Don’t worry. It will be useless even if he enters the A class. Once the end-of-year class ranking exam comes, I will personally beat him into the mud once again. When that happens, the Great Zhou Institute will also end up in Qi Manor’s hands."

Upon seeing Qi Yue recover, Liu Xi also nodded. She did not doubt Qi Yue’s words. Even though the strength Zhou Yuan had displayed today was astonishing, one must know that the current Qi Yue had already opened six meridian channels, and would grow even stronger by the end of the year.

Thus, compared to Qi Yue, Zhou Yuan still substantially lacking.

Although she did not know why Zhou Yuan would suddenly spring up, from what Liu Xi could see, Qi Yue was the true pride of the heavens. The crippled prince and the Great Zhou royal clan would ultimately be trampled under Qi Yue’s and Qi Manor’s feet.

With such thoughts in mind, she rather looked forward to their future confrontation. Would Zhou Yuan still be able to smile in such a pleased manner when he was crushed under Qi Yue’s feet?

On the field, the exam continued. However, after Zhou Yuan’s and Lin Feng’s intense battle, the other fights seemed rather lacklustre.

Fortunately, the exam finally came to an end after one last big battle.

On the viewing platform, Chu Tianyang watched the exam reach its end and nodded his head in satisfaction. Both Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei had made it to the top ten, a fact that made him especially happy.

After all, he had originally only placed his hopes in Su Youwei. Who would have imagined that Zhou Yuan would suddenly become so ferocious that even Lin Feng would be defeated at his hands. Moreover, he knew that Zhou Yuan’s had only been engaging in channel opening training for a month.

Two channels in a month of training and battle power that surpassed even the four channel Lin Feng. Such talent was likely even greater than Su Youwei’s.

How could Chu Tianyang not be overjoyed by an unexpected haul like this. He now had a little confidence in the originally completely hopeless year-end class ranking exam.

"Now that the newcomer exam has concluded, next up will be the class allocation. You may select your class as long as you meet the conditions." Chu Tianyang gazed at the numerous boys and girls on the field as his powerful voice boomed in everyone’s ears.

His gaze first looked towards the top ten new students. "The top ten may enter the A class. Are any of you willing?"

At this moment, Xu Hong walked to Chu Tianyang’s side and added in with a superficial smile, "If any of you desire, you may enter my B class. You should also know that my B class has placed first in the Great Zhou Institute for the past two years."

Anger rose in Chu Tianyang’s eyes, but what Xu Hong said was true and he could only let out a snort.

"I hope to enter the B class."

"I shall also enter the B class."


In the wake of Xu Hong’s words, several voices immediately rang out simultaneously. A total of seven people amongst the top ten indicated that they wished to enter the B class. It was obvious that these people had been bought over by Qi Yue’s generous promises long ago.

Although Chu Tianyang had anticipated this, his face could not help but turn somewhat green. After all, practically every person who ranked amongst the top ten would chose the A class several years ago. Yet, only two or three would make the same decision in the present.

Xu Hong let out two hearty chuckles when he saw Chu Tianyang’s ugly expression. "Alright, since that is that case, all of you will be part of my B class from now on."

"I’m entering the A class." It was at this moment that Zhou Yuan calmly declared, interrupting Xu Hong’s loud laughter.

"I will also enter the A class." Said Su Youwei without any hesitation.

The final person hesitated for a moment before finally choosing the A class.

Upon seeing that the two most outstanding individuals of this newcomer exam had chosen to enter the A class, Xu Hong’s pleased expression receded a little as he brushed his sleeves with an icy snort.

Chu Tianyang’s expression seemed to ease somewhat as he turned towards Zhou Yuan, Su Youwei and the third person. "Since that is so, you three will be part of my A class after today."

"The rest of my fellow class masters may begin to recruit your members."

Chu Tianyang looked towards the other class masters. After the ten best seedlings had been allocated, the remaining students would be divided amongst the other classes.

The martial practice field was a abuzz with activity. Things only quietened down a long while later when all the new students had been split into the various classes.

"Today’s newcomer exam is formally over. After today, everyone will enter their respective classes to train. Do not slack off." Headmaster Chu’s deep voice boomed.

On the field, the many boys and girls respectfully responded.

After all these matters were settled, headmaster Chu glanced in the direction of Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei, giving them a slight nod before turning around to leave.

The field was bustling with noise and excitement. Numerous girls and boys were exceptionally happy. After today, they would finally leave behind their new student status and become true members of the Great Zhou Institute.

After all, the treatment of new students and true students would be as different as black and white.

Zhou Yuan called out to Su Youwei, planning to leave, but suddenly raised his head as if sensing something. On the tall platform nearby, an expressionless Qi Yue glanced at the former, his eyes flickering with spookily cold light, before he turned and left.

Zhou Yuan watched him leave with eyes that were similarly frosty, while his five slender fingers curled and unfurled. He knew that the war with Qi Yue was not over just because the newcomer exam had ended. Instead, the struggle between them would grow even fiercer after he entered the A class.

However, Zhou Yuan did not fear any of this. He knew that Qi Manor intended to take the headmaster position and as the prince of Great Zhou, he naturally would not allow them to succeed.

He could not deal with the likes of king Qi for the time being, but Qi Yue on the other hand would be an opponent Zhou Yuan would properly duel in the following days.

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