Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 16 Digging at a Corner of the Wall
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Early morning the second day.

After Zhou Yuan drank a bowl of Nine Beast Soup and ate a bowl of Mysterious Crystal Rice, he continued his practice of the ninety eight forms of the frolicking dragon, absorbing Genesis Qi to attack and unblock his meridian channels.

A good part of the afternoon was spent on another four waves of attacks on the meridian channels. Although Zhou Yuan’s channels ached and he dripped with sweat, he could feel his first meridian channel loosening more and more, causing unconcealable excitement and anticipation to fill his heart.

A servant girl offered a towel from the side and waited till Zhou Yuan wiped clean his sweat before respectfully saying, "Your highness, the items you wanted have already arrived."


Zhou Yuan was overjoyed when he heard this and swiftly walked into the room. Sure enough, he saw a jade plate on the table where a dozen crystals of varying colors and lusters were neatly arranged.

On closer inspection, one would discover faint silhouettes within the crystals. These silhouettes were shaped like various beasts and emitted a strange light.

These were Beast Spirit Crystals. After the death of a Genesis Beast, its beast spirit would be condensed into a crystal form as a form of protection.

Evidently, Zhou Yuan wanted these Beast Spirit Crystals to nourish the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

"All grade 1 Beast Spirit Crystals." With a glance, Zhou Yuan saw that these Beast Spirit Crystals came from grade 1 Genesis Beasts. This was rather appropriate. It was likely that given the current state of the Heavenly Yuan Brush, it would not be able to deal with too highly ranked Beast Spirit Crystals.

Zhou Yuan retrieved the Heavenly Yuan Brush at his waist and stroked it with his hand. The mottled body of the brush felt rather rough while the hairs at its tip appeared slightly dull. The mysterious and ancient runes were the only evidence that this Heavenly Yuan Brush was once extraordinary.

Zhou Yuan fetched a small metal hammer and used it to strike one of the Beast Spirit Crystals, creating a small hole. Subsequently, he placed the head of the Heavenly Yuan Brush into the hole.

The Heavenly Yuan Brush vibrated the moment it touched the beast spirit within the Beast Spirit Crystal. Subsequently, the hairs at the tip of the brush reached out and swept up the beast spirit. With a sucking sound, the beast spirit disappeared into the Heavenly Yuan Brush.

As the beast spirit disappeared, a faint glow emerged from the Heavenly Yuan Brush. The first ancient rune on its body seemed to have become a little brighter.

"It is indeed effective."

Zhou Yuan was pleased. Using the same method, he broke each Beast Spirit Crystal before using the Heavenly Yuan Brush to suck out the beast spirit inside.

One by one, the beast spirits were absorbed by the Heavenly Yuan Brush and its glow grew

increasingly bright. In addition, the first ancient rune also began to give off a faint radiance.

However, the Heavenly Yuan Brush suddenly stopped after it absorbed the eighth beast spirit. It no longer emitted a suction force no matter how Zhou Yuan fiddled with it, while its light also gradually receded.

"It’s... full?" Zhou Yuan was stunned. He finally understood and let out a laugh due to annoyance. This blasted Heavenly Yuan Brush. He had allowed it to absorb beast spirits to regain its spirituality and yet it wilfully decided against overeating?!

However, the Heavenly Yuan Brush was stubborn and refused to eat after it was full. There was nothing Zhou Yuan could do. He did not know whether to laugh or to cry as he kept the brush and prepared to continue nourishing it the next day.

If this was the situation, some time would be needed to light up the first rune.

However, Zhou Yuan was not too anxious. After placing the Heavenly Yuan Brush back on his hip, he walked out of the room. He planned to visit the Great Zhou Institute today. Although he believed that Su Youwei would not be enticed to Qi Yue’s side, Zhou Yuan needed to to be vigilant so as to ensure that Qi Yue would not secretly cause trouble for her.


The Great Zhou Institute.

Zhou Yuan did not see Su Youwei after a stroll around the campus. Only after asking did he find out that she was working in the library.

The library of the Great Zhou Institute used to be considerably deserted. However, ever since Su Youwei started to work part-time there, it had become one of the popular spots in the institute. People would slip over from time to time and feign borrowing books with the hopes of getting closer to Su Youwei.

Zhou Yuan did not see Su Youwei at the front desk when he walked into the library. Hence, he took a trip around the place and paused before a large bookshelf.

A slim girl was standing on a tall stool, tidying the bookshelf as she very carefully wiped away the dust.

At this moment, a ray of sunlight shot in from outside the window. Dust danced within the light, while the girl’s pretty face seemed to sparkle. Her long lashes gently fluttered as her small raised mouth softy hummed a little tune, a scene filled with youthful vigour.


Zhou Yuan’s soft cough heartlessly broke the beautiful scene.

Su Youwei seemed come back to reality as she hastily lowered her head. Joy immediately surged onto her pretty face when she saw Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan walked under the tall stool and lifted his head, only to be stunned. It was because the bottom half of the uniform Su Youwei wore was a skirt, resulting in two long and slender white legs being imprinted in his eyes. They were as glossy as jade and made one have the urge to cop a feel.

"Your highness!"

Su Youwei immediately blushed when she felt Zhou Yuan’s gaze and cried out in an embarrassed and angry manner. The thick book in her hand was jolted, causing a layer of dust to fall and obstruct Zhou Yuan’s gaze.

"Waa, I’m blind." Zhou Yuan hurriedly took advantage of this turn of events to cover his eyes.

Su Youwei gracefully hopped off the tall stool and placed the book back on the bookshelf. Her face was red as she rolled her eyes at the acting Zhou Yuan and spit out, "Low-class."

Zhou Yuan opened his eyes and helplessly replied, "It was an accident."

Su Youwei softly snorted. "Why has the care-free and unambitious prince come here?"

"Heh heh, if I did not come, I’m afraid that my little Weiwei would be kidnapped by someone." Zhou Yuan chuckled.

"Eeih, so sickening! Don’t address me in such a way!"

Su Youwei’s pretty face was red as she resentfully glared at Zhou Yuan. Her little mouth stuck out slightly as she said in a somewhat distressed manner, "You also know of this huh? That Qi Yue has approached me quite a few times. So annoying."

"He request that you enter the B class after the newcomer exam?" Zhou Yuan’s eyes narrowed. This Qi Yue was indeed determined, to think that he would dare to dig at the corners of Zhou Yuan’s wall!

Su Youwei nodded. She did not thoroughly understand the struggle for the position of headmaster, but she knew that Zhou Yuan and Qi Yue did not get along. Hence, she made excuses whenever Qi Yue tried to win her over to his side.

"What did he offer?"

Su Youwei rolled her eyes at Zhou Yuan again. His words were unpleasant to the ear, but she knew that that was not what he meant. Hence, she replied, "Let’s not mention the wealth and power he guaranteed, he even promised to give me a tier 3 Genesis Qi technique after I reach the Qi Nourishing stage."

"So generous huh." Zhou Yuan was somewhat amazed. A tier 3 Genesis Qi technique. The highest tier Genesis Qi technique in their royal treasury was only tier 4.

"However, I still rejected his offer." Water glimmered in Su Youwei’s eyes as she continued in a low voice, "He was not too happy and asked what you gave me."

"I told him that his highness did not give me anything. He merely helped me kick open a door."

Her voice became softer and softer towards the end, but it still made Zhou Yuan chuckle bitterly. It had been pure chance that he had passed by and seen a little girl braving the torrential rain as she kneeled and begged before a clinic. He had only kicked open the tightly shut doors of the clinic due to a sudden surge of anger at this injustice.

How could he know that his unintentional actions from back then would be deeply carved by Su Youwei onto her heart.

Zhou Yuan said, "That fellow Qi Yue probably almost died from anger."

"Well that has nothing to do with me." Su Youwei covered her mouth as she softly chuckled.

Zhou Yuan nodded but secretly thought to himself that he should also prepare a decent technique for Su Youwei after she reached the Qi Nourishing stage. Else her talent would really be wasted.

"How has your channel opening been going recently?" Asked Zhou Yuan.

Su Youwei casually replied, "Not bad, unblocking the fourth meridian channel before the newcomer exam should not be difficult."

Zhou Yuan clicked his tongue in praise. Su Youwei’s talent was indeed outstanding. If she was under the same conditions as himself; drinking Nine Beast Soup and eating Mysterious Crystal Rice daily, it was likely that even Qi Yue would not be able to compare to her.

However, Zhou Yuan did not dare to mention giving Nine Beast Soup and Mysterious Crystal Rice to Su Youwei. This lass was not only very sharp but also extremely stubborn. She definitely would not accept such help from Zhou Yuan.

Zhou Yuan looked towards Su Youwei and said, "Headmaster Chu told me earlier that I must make sure that you enter the A class."

Su Youwei thought for a moment before she smiled and said, "You can tell him that I will enter the A class if you are also allowed to enter."

Although she had spoken in an off-handed manner, there was some worry in her eyes. The requirement for entering the A class was placing top ten in the newcomer exam, and Zhou Yuan had not even unblocked a single meridian channel. It was obviously an uphill task for him to achieve such results with just his elementary level Genesis Runes.

According to what she knew, headmaster Chu was a person that felt strongly about the rules. If Zhou Yuan was unable to take any of the top ten spots, headmaster Chu might not give the former face even if he was the prince.

How could Zhou Yuan not know her thoughts. He was a little touched as he looked at her and smiled, "Don’t worry about me. I will surely enter the A class."

When Su Youwei saw how serious Zhou Yuan was, there was really nothing much to say. She could only nod her head.

The two happily chatted as they walked out away from the bookshelf. Just as they reached a turn, a figure suddenly appeared before them.

It was a rather tall young man who was also rather handsome. His expression changed a little when he saw Zhou Yuan and Su Youwei walk out together, but he quickly revealed a polite smile, "Your highness."

Subsequently, his gaze turned towards Su Youwei as his eyes became much gentler. "Youwei, are you finished with your work? Are you free today? May I ask you out for a meal?"

Zhou Yuan’s eyes slightly narrowed as he watched this handsome young man. He had recognized the latter.

Lin Feng, another influential figure amongst the new batch of students. He was rumoured to be the most promising individual in the newcomer exam.

But according to what Zhou Yuan knew, this fellow had already been pulled over to Qi Yue’s side.

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