Dragon Prince Yuan

Chapter 1148 Disaster for Guan Qinglong
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Chapter 1148 Disaster for Guan Qinglong

Countless gazes on the vast battlefield stared in horror at the sky. Everyone could feel Guan Qinglong’s rapidly weakening Genesis Qi undulations.

The scene caused chills to run up the spines of the three Heavens alliance members. Guan Qinglong was one of their main pillars. If an accident happened to him, the entire situation would soon fall apart.

Under countless horrified gazes, Guan Qinglong’s expression darkened. He could feel a peculiar power sealing away his Genesis Qi, causing his power to fall.

Damnit! Even Guan Qinglong could not help but curse inwardly.

“Hahaha.” In front of him, Mi Shi roared with laughter despite nearly being cut into two by Guan Qinglong’s slash. An amused look emerged on his face as he stared at Guan Qinglong and said, “Mi Shan’s Sacred Pupil and mine have a unique connection. Mi Shan’s Sacred Pupil can suck away any powerful attacks and send them out through mine.

“What do you humans call this? Retribution!

“Haha, it seems that my Shengyuan Heaven will triumph in today’s battle!” Mi Shi completely ignored the sinister wound on his chest. Although it was a terrible injury, it did not drastically affect his combat capabilities, making his situation much better than Guan Qinglong’s. Hence, Mi Shi turned into a blur as he dashed towards Guan Qinglong. This was the best chance to kill him.

Guan Qinglong’s expression darkened even more. He was not foolhardy enough to clash with Mi Shi now, and hurriedly began to retreat.

He was desperately thinking of a way to break the seal. Otherwise, his life would be in danger today.

However, the Genesis Qi seal had greatly diminished his abilities, making his speed a far cry from before. Hence, it only took a second for Mi Shi to appear in front of Guan Qinglong and punch. Genesis Qi surged forth like a dragon, smashing through the air and slamming into Guan Qinglong’s chest.


Guan Qinglong grunted as blood appeared from the corner of his mouth. His figure plummeted to the ground, raising a cloud of dust when he smashed into the battlefield below.

A cruel smile appeared on Mi Shi’s face as he gave chase once more.

Far away, Jiang Jinlin quickly reacted with a roar, “Protect Guan Qinglong!”

He understood that once Guan Qinglong was killed by Mi Shi, he was next on their list.

“Ai Qing, quickly help him undo the seal!” At the same time, he sent a transmission in Ai Qing’s direction.

The sealing art was the handiwork of him and Ai Qing, and only the two of them could swiftly undo it.

At a certain spot on the battlefield below, Ai Qing’s beautiful face had turned exceptionally ugly. She too had not expected the big present they had prepared for Mi Shan to be used on Guan Qinglong instead. If Guan Qinglong was killed and everything fell apart, they would be the main culprits to blame.

Hence, she rushed towards Guan Qinglong’s location at full speed without a single word.

“Where are you going?”

However, the scene of her helping Jiang Jinlin had already caught the attention of the other Sacred Race experts. She was quickly spotted when she appeared again, eliciting an icy chuckle as a Sacred Race expert, who also had a Genesis Qi foundation of 2.7 billion, shot towards her. A barrage of attacks soon enveloped Ai Qing.

Ai Qing had no choice but to stop, grinding her teeth as she moved to face him in battle.

While Ai Qing was being delayed, Guan Qinglong was facing life-threatening danger, Mi Shi clearly hell-bent on murdering him.

Fortunately for him, the nearby experts from the three Heavens understood Guan Qinglong’s importance. A dozen practitioners immediately dashed over, throwing out their strongest Genesis Arts at Mi Shi in an attempt to stop him.

“Scram, you annoying flies!” Mi Shi merely sneered in the face of these attacks. Genesis Qi erupted from his body, destroying all of the incoming attacks. In spite of their interference, his speed did not drop in the slightest.

In the span of a few breaths, he appeared above Guan Qinglong.

“Tch tch, Hunyuan Heaven’s strongest Heavenly Sun ultimately dying because of his teammates. How humiliating!” Mi Shi emitted a piercing laugh. However, he was not going to show any mercy. His two fingers pointed at Guan Qinglong as boundless light roared out. “Sacred Burial Finger!”


A beam of light pierced through the air, causing space to disintegrate wherever it passed. It gave off an aura of pure annihilation.

The eyes of countless watching three Heaven experts nearly burst from their sockets.

However, a split second before the beam could hit its target, a beautiful figure suddenly appeared in front of Guan Qinglong. Dressed in a red dress, it was Wu Yao!

Guan Qinglong’s expression changed drastically as he hurriedly yelled, “Junior sister Wu Yao, careful!”

Wu Yao ignored, her grave eyes focused only on the beam of annihilation. A mysterious aura surged from the depths of her pupils as a dragon silhouette appeared behind her. It was the Sacred Dragon Blessing. However, if one took a closer look, one would discover another unique presence incubating within the dragon.

Wu Yao took a deep breath. She understood the terror of Mi Shi’s attack, but also knew that she could not back down. If she did, Guan Qinglong would most certainly be killed, dealing a fatal blow to their morale.

Her hands swiftly formed a seal. Her body trembled faintly as a pair of wings existing between reality and illusion slowly unfurled from her back.

Wu Yao’s face paled, but the surging Genesis Qi in her body abruptly grew stronger.

She opened her mouth slightly and breathed out a ball of fire. The fire ball had a deep-red hue and looked very mysterious. The flames jumped as if a bird was spreading its wings, intangible yet clearly visible, while also difficult to sense clearly. However, no one could ignore the dangerous sensation pulsing from it.


Deep-red flames rose and collided with the falling beam of annihilation.


Even space itself began to shake violently.

To everyone’s surprise, Wu Yao’s flames were not immediately extinguished and managed to endure for a brief moment. However, the flames did not last for long. The two forces rapidly eroded each other, and though the beam was shrinking, the flames were also rapidly dimming.

“Interesting, an intermediate Heavenly Sun expert can briefly withstand my Sacred Burial Dinger?” Ji Shi was also somewhat surprised. He coldly observed Wu Yao and shook his head. “Unfortunately, you’re ultimately a mere mantis trying to stop a cart!

“Die together!”

The beam suddenly pierced through the flames, diving straight at Wu Yao.

However, a black and white Yin Yang disc suddenly appeared out of nowhere and blocked the substantially weakened beam.

The two forces shuddered violently. In the end, when the black and white disc was shattered, the attack from Mi Shi was finally neutralized.

Wu Yao turned her head in shock and stared at the figure that had appeared beside her. Dressed in purple, it was Su Youwei.

She was currently panting slightly, evidently having poured all of her power into the Yin Yang disc.

In the air, Mi Shi’s expression had darkened somewhat. He had not expected his attack to be stopped by these two fragile-looking girls. Although they looked drained, they were after all two intermediate Heavenly Sun experts.

“What amazing talent. If the two of you were given some time, you will likely become more troublesome than Guan Qinglong.” A chilling light flashed in Mi Shi’s eyes. “That’s why both of you shall also die here!”

His figure moved, pouncing towards the two girls like a phantom. He planned on killing them first before moving on to Guan Qinglong.

All of the five lower Heavens’ top-tier heaven prides had to die!

Wu Yao’s and Su Youwei’s faces turned exceptionally grave, however, they did not show any fear. They understood that it was useless to be afraid.

The only thing to do now was put their lives on the line!

However, just as resolute looks appeared in their eyes, long black hair suddenly shot through the air and wrapped around their waists. Their bodies were flung backwards, along with Guan Qinglong.

While they were being thrown through the air a figure dashed past them from behind.

Long black hair danced like needles. It was Chu Qing.


However, a brief contact with Mi Shi was all it took to send Chu Qing flying. His body was smeared across the ground leaving a long trail of blood.

Mi Shi indifferently glanced at Chu Qing. “Courageous. I did not expect you to survive that.”

Soon after, his gaze turned back to survey his surroundings. After Wu Yao’s, Su Youwei’s and Chu Qing’s interference, there was now an endless stream of three Heaven experts fearlessly charging towards him.

A sinister and cruel smile emerged from the corners of his lips. “Fine, show me how many of you will sacrifice your lives in order to save him.”

Terrifying Genesis Qi began to converge towards his palm. However, just as he was about to unleash the attack, his expression suddenly changed as his head jerked upwards, looking towards a certain direction.

An extremely alarming Genesis Qi undulation had erupted.

He was not the only one. Wu Yao, Su Youwei and the others also looked over in shock. Soon after, joy surged in their eyes.

The pulse had originated from Zhou Yuan’s battlefield!

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