Dragon Monarch System

Chapter 261 261:- Meeting An Acquaintance
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What happened at the Autumnming islands quickly reached the ears of the Storm Isle Dynasty's Empress. Within a few hours, the Storm Isle Dynasty's Empress personally wrote a letter to Aditya and sent her Prime minister to personally deliver it to Aditya.

At the same time, Aditya opened the teleportation array. 1,000 Istarin Soldiers were bought from the capital. Under Aditya's orders, all the slaves were freed. Their slave collars were removed. At the same time, he personally told everyone who come to the Lost pearl city to trade that no one was going to harm them unless they did something illegal or committed any crime.

An hour later, things soon calm down. The 1000 guards began to clean up the city.

"Let's see what the Empress wants to say about this." Sitting on top of the wall, Aditya opened the blue envelope and he then took the neatly folded white piece of paper out of it.

[Your Majesty,

A few minutes ago I received the news of what you have done to the Aether Dragons. I really have to thank you for this. I would have dealt with the Aether Dragons but my mother, the previous empress wanted the Aether Dragon clan to become loyal to the Storm Isle Dynasty which would have increased our military powers. Also, from the beginning, my mother has taken a peaceful stance with the Aether Dragons and wanted things to remain peaceful.

Even though my mother is no longer the empress, I couldn't ignore her words. In the end, I decided to ignore this entire matter till I found a solution. Fortunately, you have done what I would have done in a few more months or maybe in a few years. Since you have done it, even if my mother is dissatisfied she won't question you.

I would really like to have a meeting with your majesty to discuss the future of the Autumnming islands. Normally I would have given up the Autumnming islands but the Autumnming islands are very important to the Storm Isle Dynasty. I hope your Majesty can understand this and won't make things difficult for me.]

After reading the letter, Aditya burned it using a tiny bit of his Crimson flame. 'So she kind of used me. It's not like I care. If this were to happen in the Storm Isle dynasty, then I wouldn't have thought twice before waging war against them.' From what Aditya knew, the previous empress still had big political influence over the Storm Isle Dynasty.

'Also if the empress had sent her forces to kill every single Aether Dragon, the military of the Storm Isle Dynasty would have taken a big hit.' Aditya closed his eyes, thinking about what he should do with the Autumnming islands.

Autumnming islands were of no interest to Aditya. If the Istarin Empire was still a small Kingdom, then Aditya definitely would have liked to take the Autumnming islands which could be used as a strategic geographic location. But now, even if the Storm Isle dynasty has the Autumnming islands and builds their military bases here, Aditya sees no threat from the Storm isle Dynasty.

'Though things might become troublesome if one day the Storm Isle Dynasty decides to ally with an enemy of the Istarin Empire and allows their ally to use the military base in Autumnming islands.' Aditya has to make a contract with the empress. A contract that will prevent the Empress from ever backstabbing the Istarin empire in the future.

"Is he still torturing that man?" Aditya could sense that Lincoln was still alive. But every five or ten minutes later, his Aura would weaken and then recover. Aditya did not interrupt Leo. That boy needed to let it out. Suppressing such emotions in his heart is not for good for his future. By doing that he is only killing himself from the inside out.

"What should I do about the other 1,000 Aether dragons who are mostly children and elderly ones?" Aditya knew that for what he and Leo has done, the remaining Aether dragons will hold grudges. Meaning in the future, the young ones will likely try to get revenge. So the cycle of hate will continue. Dragons don't easily let go of their vengeance. So trying to talk to the young ones is pointless. Although he didn't mind killing the elderly ones, the problem came with the young ones. Killing them would mean the end of the Aether Dragon clan. Even if Aditya didn't like what the Aether Dragon did, the extinction of a Dragon race would be quite sad.


"I will leave this to Leo." In the end, if Leo asked Aditya to spare the rest of the Aether dragon clan, Aditya would listen to him and wouldn't hurt others. But the probability of Leo saying that is close to zero.

"Now, I should clean my body." Aditya's whole body was still covered in blood. Standing up he flew towards the sea. After flying 100 meters away from the shore, he dived into the sea. After diving into the sea, he threw away his clothes which were soaked in blood. Then he took out a set of other clothes and wore them while underwater. He didn't care about being naked, as no one be able to see his naked body while underwater.

Just as Aditya finished wearing his clothes, he sensed a certain familiar Aura approaching in his direction. Aditya waited for that person to approach him.

A minute later, Laura was standing in front of Aditya with a smile on her face. Looking closely, Aditya noticed that Laura's cheeks seems to be slightly flushing red. She also avoided looking directly into his eyes.

"Is something wrong?" Aditya asked in confusion.

Laura shook her head. She then looked at Aditya. Her cheeks looked normal again. "Your Majesty, I was very surprised to sense you here. What are you doing here?" Laura asked. When Aditya fought the Aether Dragons, some of the Deep Sea palace guards sensed this and noticed the higher-ups. Laura heard about this and personally came to inspect what was going on.

Earlier, Laura had managed to see Aditya naked with the artifact that allows her to see long distances. Aditya didn't realize that he was seen naked by Laura. She would never admit this. She would rather take this secret to her grave.

"My student has a history with the Aether Dragon race who lives on these islands. I came with him to settle the matter."

Laura could smell blood in the water around Aditya. "You Settled the matter with blood?"

"I wasn't planning on interfering but they did something which also pissed me off." Laura knew that Aditya was not the type of person to easily lose his calm. If the Aether Dragons were able to make him lose his calm, then they must have done something very bad or disrespectful.

"What are you doing here? I thought you were cultivating." Last time Aditya met Laura at the High Harbor Tide City. Laura and her maid came there to find Aditya. That day Aditya and Julia were on a date. After clearing the misunderstanding between them, Laura and Aditya formed an alliance. Aditya had given her a pill that would increase her cultivation speed and would help her to break through beginner 5th-order.

"In a few weeks or two, I should be able to break through. I stopped cultivating to gain some experience fighting wild marine magic animals." Aditya nodded his head.

"I am going back to the Autumnming islands. Do you want to come with me?"


"Alright." Aditya didn't think Laura would actually agree to go with him. He was only asking her out of politeness.

"Alright let's go."

A few minutes later, Aditya was accompanied by a beautiful lady. Aditya managed to dry his wet clothes by rising the temperature of his body. While Laura just used a simple technique to instantly dry her clothes. When both of them walked inside the city, all the people were looking in their direction. By now, every people in the Lost Pearl city knew Aditya. Many people wondered where this beautiful woman had come from.

Even the Peak 3rd-order cultivators couldn't sense Laura's cultivation which made them sure that the woman walking beside Aditya wasn't simple.

"I can't sense any Aether dragons on this island except for one. Did you kill all of them?" Laura asked while looking around. Laura never come to the Lost pearl city even though the city was very close to the sea.

"Yes." Aditya spoke as if what he had done wasn't a big deal at all. This only left Laura more speechless. She knew the population of the Aether dragons. The Deep Sea Palace never bothered the dragons who have been living here for more than one thousand years. She didn't think Aditya would wipe out 2/3 of their population and act as if it is a very small matter.

"What are you going to do with these islands? Are you going to return it to the Storm Isle dynasty?"


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