Dragon-Marked War God

Chapter 2982: A Great Conspiracy
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Chapter 2982: A Great Conspiracy

Yan Qingcheng did not add any more consolation by uttering a few words of comfort as she knew that her man would never be knocked down easily. He had his own choice and concern, she had no right to interfere in his life after all. He would be the only one who could choose his path.

He was filled with loneliness and helplessness at the moment. Not only that, he felt guilty and remorseful for his brother.

Jiang Chen entered the Heavenly Dragon Prison, concentrating on spiritual cultivation for five years. In these five years, in fact, he actually spent more than five hundred years in the Ancestral Dragon Pagoda. During this time, his one hundred and eight Origin Divine Tools had been refined completely. Each of them turned into a Middle Grade Origin Divine Tool, which indicated how much effort Jiang Chen had put into refining them. To accomplish this feat, the dead body of the Fire Jade Beast was used.

If all the one hundred and eight Origin Divine Tools formed the Azure Sword Formation and with the help of the Dou Formation Technique, Jiang Chen was confident that he could defeat those Hierarch experts. Even Master Lin Youkang might not survive his attack. However, Jiang Chen was not sure if he was capable of controlling such a large sword formation as summoning one hundred and eight Origin Divine Tools required a very powerful Soul. Nevertheless, the moment that the formation was formed, he knew that the Ghost Prison Ashura Sword Formation was worthy of its name.

During this period, Jiang Chen’s strength reached the peak of the Divine King Realm. After immersing in spiritual cultivation for five hundred years, Jiang Chen still did not manage to reach the threshold of the Hierarch Realm but there had been a remarkable advancement in his strength.

Surprisingly, the Fire Qilin had broken through the Hierarch Realm. When Qilin was going to break through the Hierarch Realm, Jiang Chen just brought him to the Thunder Cloud Zone on the Lightning-Gathering Peak to try to hide from outsiders. It was definitely good news to Jiang Chen. The Hierarch Fire Qilin seemed to be born anew; those ordinary experts dared not simply fight against him as the dignity of the Divine Beast must not be looked down upon.

In the Thunder Cloud Zone, Jiang Chen raised his head and fixed his eyes at the sky. He could feel a strange but extraordinarily powerful aura. In these three years, he had gained millions of Heavenly Lightning Crystals without an effort. Besides that, he sent out a great deal of Heavenly Lightning Crystals to help Donghuang TaiA, Lu Dong and the others in their cultivation. Since the period of time they stayed in the Profound Connection Divine Palace was relatively short, compared with Jiang Chen. As time went on, the progress of the cultivation would be affected as well. But their strength would have improved by leaps and bounds after thousands of years. With Jiang Chen’s help, those who were from the Lone Dragon County had grown tremendously in strength.

“It seems like……the Thunder Cloud Zone is closed too.”

Jiang Chen wore a worried frown. He intended to find out about the Thunder Cloud Zone but his Strength of Soul was constrained. Even though he was giving his all to break through the barriers, it was brutally hard to do so.

“The Heavenly Lightning Crystal and Heavenly Flame Crystal, I wonder what their uses are.”

Jiang Chen kept a close watch on the Heavenly Lightning Crystal and Heavenly Flame Crystal on both hands repeatedly, he was still unable to figure out their special use. But apparently, these two essence crystals were special as they were considered as the hard currency for the spiritual cultivation in the Profound Connection Divine Palace. Not only that, he realized that the Second Palace Lord had a big plot in the Thunder Cloud Zone.

However, he could do nothing about it but use the Heavenly Lightning Crystals. Jiang Chen fixed his eyes at the essence crystal, an awful thought crossed his mind instantly.

“Two essence crystals seems so little to do anything. Many a little makes a mickle. If I could gather all the essence crystals together, its Strength of Essence will grow stronger relatively. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step……”

Jiang Chen murmured under his breath and raised his head once again. On the top of the Lightning-Gathering Peak, there was a Heavenly Lightning roaring furiously.

It reminded Jiang Chen of the Second Palace Lord’s words and it gave Jiang Chen a shock. Perhaps there was a terrifying Heavenly Lightning in the Thunder Cloud Zone. The essence crystal of the Heavenly Lightning explained why the Second City Lord failed to hold the Heavenly Lightning and took it for refining tools. Therefore, he intended to refine the essence crystal of the Heavenly Lightning with the strength of countless disciples and gather the true Strength of Essence. Once the Strength of Essence was greatly extracted, the Heavenly Lightning would become weaker and weaker while the refining of the Strength of Essence would be doubly effective.

“So……does that mean the Heavenly Flame Crystal is the Essence to refine the Heavenly Fire?”

It seemed like Jiang Chen just figured out an overwhelming secret and it proved that he was correct when he recalled the conversation between the Second City Lord and Third City Lord. And undoubtedly, there was a Heavenly Fire and Heavenly Lightning hiding in the Heavenly Dragon Prison and the Thunder Cloud Zone. It also indicated that the Heavenly Lightning in the Thunder Cloud Zone and the Heavenly Fire in the Heavenly Dragon Prison were incredibly terrifying; even Divine Emperor experts might not be able to refine the Strength of Essence easily.

Jiang Chen felt astonished. Even though everything was just his assumption, he was sure that his guess was not too far off the mark. It must be true. What kind of lightning was strong enough to hold the Thunder Cloud Zone and what kind of fire could support the 18 Floors of Earthly Fire Hell of the Heavenly Dragon Prison?

“Those should be Heavenly Lightning and Heavenly Fire!”

There was a kind of glitter in Jiang Chen’s eyes. He just realized an unbelievable plot. He did not expect to meet the Heavenly Lightning that he had been struggling hard to look for. Jiang Chen was trying to remain calm. Even as a Half-step Divine Emperor expert, the Second City Lord was unable to refine the Strength of Essence, so Jiang Chen was undoubtedly not capable of doing so. Over the years, Second City Lord had been plotting to make the talented disciples to refine the essence crystals for him and Jiang Chen finally found out the truth of it.

Although the Rushing Thunder Chart was gathered, there was a layer of powerful seal applied on it. Jiang Chen would not be able to break it unless he became a Hierarch. If he could attain the unknown Heavenly Lightning in the Profound Connection Divine Palace, it would make a great difference. Most importantly, the Second City Lord had been keeping the secret and stayed here for over a million years in order to attain the Heavenly Lightning. Jiang Chen could not help but feel excited and interested.

Jiang Chen took a glance at the Thunder Cloud Zone and made up his mind to fight for the Heavenly Lightning! However, according to what the Second City Lord said, they did not manage to gain benefit from the Heavenly Dragon Prison and Thunder Cloud Zone. Thus, Jiang Chen could only boost his strength and wait for a great opportunity. He could only fight them by enhancing his strength and reached the Hierarch Realm as soon as possible. But even then it would be extremely difficult if he was confronting a Half-step Divine Emperor or even the real Divine Emperor.

Time flew like an arrow, ten years have passed. Jiang Chen had completed his spiritual cultivation and reached the peak of the Divine King Realm. Everything was in order. Jiang Chen wished that he could make a breakthrough to the next level during this expedition of secrets. That would qualify him to fight against the strong experts.

“Monkey, please wait for me!”

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