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Chapter 321: Your grandmother has regretted it
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Chapter 321: Your grandmother has regretted it

“Wh-wh-what do you mean? What did you say about Ranzhi?” Aunt Gu frowned. She was puzzled.

Uncle Gu didn’t say a word. He just kept sighing.

“My goodness. So many years had passed, yet I’d never thought that Ranzhi would still be holding a grudge against us,” exclaimed Gu Yichen’s mother, who was also Uncle Gu’s wife.

“Ranzhi hates us?” Aunt Gu couldn’t comprehend the situation.

“Have you forgotten about what happened between Big Brother and the one from the Pei family?” Gu Yichen’s mother had gently reminded.

At this point, there was probably no one in the Gu family who hadn’t known about this. Aunt Gu had understood in an instant.

The Gu family was indeed in the wrong for the incident that had happened years ago. Not only was it because of the affair between Gu Yueshu and the woman from Pei family, but it was also because of the hurt that Old Madam Gu had caused.

Although the adults in the Gu family had a silent agreement on their fault, Old Madam Gu was still their family. Being her sons and daughters, they couldn’t have gone against their elders and disobeyed her. Moreover, didn’t Wen Jie divorce Big Brother and took Ranzhi with her in the end, and left the Gu family for good?

As both women were gossiping, Uncle Gu had interrupted them, “Let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s go inside and see what’s going on.”

The three of them then entered the room.

In the room, Gu Ranzhi was standing behind Gu Yueshu. Old Madam Gu was lying on the bed. She had looked like a world of difference from the image she had before. Now, she was terminally ill in bed. He’s seen a corpse looked better than she did. Her meanness and viciousness from the past seemed to have vanished.

Seeing her like this, Gu Ranzhi could only sigh as he didn’t have many feelings to spare. He was emotionally numb towards anyone in the Gu family—so how could he have felt anything else?

At this moment, Old Madam Gu seemed to have sensed something. Her eyes were suddenly wide open, and she stared in the direction of Gu Ranzhi.

“Ranzhi...Is that you, Ranzhi?” she asked weakly.

Gu Yueshu went forward and whispered into her ear, “Mom, Ranzhi is here.”

As she had heard that, she waved her bony hand. “Come to grandma, Ranzhi.”

Everyone was gazing at Gu Ranzhi, but he wasn’t moving an inch.

“Gu Ranzhi, come forward this instance!” said Gu Yueshu as he raised his voice, and he was starting to lose his cool.


“Commissioner Gu, I believe I’ve kept the end of my bargain by coming here. I’d have a look at her, and that was our agreement. That’s it. Nothing else,” he continued, “Since I’ve already done that, I should be on my way now.”

Gu Ranzhi was indeed himself. Calm, composed, even in situations like this.

Gu Yueshu flew off the handle and yelled for the guards at the door. “Stop him!”

“Yes, Sir!”

It was common for the Gu family to have their own bodyguards. Yet, Gu Ranzhi wasn’t as weak as everyone imagined. His strength was almost on par with the Gu family’s bodyguards, not to mention there were two of them, and Gu Ranzhi was on his own. They were fighting.

When Old Madam Gu started to cough violently, she caught everyone’s attention.

“Khoff! Khack! Khoff!” she wouldn’t stop wheezing. She was puffing and panting in between, and when she coughed out blood, everyone in the room had panicked.


“Mom, take it easy!”

Old Madam Gu was Aunt Gu’s biological parent, and she was deeply concerned about her mother. As she witnessed the bodyguards being taken down by Gu Ranzhi single-handedly, she had stepped forward.

“Ranzhi, I’m begging you. Can’t you let your own grandmother spends her final moments in peace?” she pleaded, “Ever since she was sick, your grandmother has been mumbling about how much she misses you.”

The expression on Gu Ranzhi’s face turned even colder. “She misses me?”

Aunt Gu nodded repeatedly. “Yes, that’s right. If you don’t believe me, you could ask your father, uncle, and aunt. They could prove it.”

“It’s true, Ranzhi. Your aunt isn’t lying.”

“Ever since your grandmother got sick, all she ever talked about was you and no other.”

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