Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 208: There’s News
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Chapter 208: There’s News

Since there were no problems in all aspects, everything began according to plan.

Jiang Tingxu sat behind the desk in the suite. In front of her was the surveillance footage of the guest room where Xiao Jiu was currently staying.

“Is everything really ready?” She asked worriedly.

“Yes!” Leng Zheng replied.

Jiang Tingxu did not speak again. Her eyes were fixed on the surveillance footage.

Leng Zheng touched his earpiece:

“Get ready.”




At this moment, on the other side.

In a room full of infrared surveillance cameras, Xiao Huahua paced around anxiously.

“Damn, How’s Big Leng doing?”

She wanted to contact him, but after sending that message, the surrounding signals were blocked again.

She was really anxious to death.

“God, Sister Jiang isn’t really going to risk her life for me, is she?

“Oh no, oh no, if anything happens, her man will definitely not let me off easily.

“That man is too scary!”

Although Sister Jiang’s man’s name was not on the international rankings, Xiao Huahua had long realized that he was not simple.

However, no matter how anxious she was, it was useless. There was no way she could break out of this room.

However, after Xiao Huahua sent that message, the person who received it was startled and ran into the room in a hurry:

“Devil, we’ve got Poppy’s whereabouts.”

The man stood in front of the French window and stared at everything outside. There was only a little bit of red wine left in his glass.

When he heard his subordinate’s voice, his eyes instantly narrowed. He turned his head sideways and said,

“Song, what did you say?”

If Jiang Tingxu had seen him, she would have been able to recognize with one glance that this foreigner was one half of the couple that she had met in the elevator earlier.

“Poppy’s location is very accurate. We just received it.”

“Where is she?”

Devil and the others had been chasing Poppy for more than half a year but she always managed to escape. This time, the commander had already given them an order that could not be defied.

“In this hotel. Devil, Poppy is too cunning. It’s very likely that she’s been following behind us and watching us search.”

Speaking up to this point, the foreign man was very angry.

Being played around by a woman, he naturally wouldn’t feel very good.

“Devil, this time, we must catch that detestable Poppy. Let me go!”

Just as the foreign man finished speaking, a crisp female voice sounded:

“I’ll go!”

Following that, the female half of the couple who had been in the elevator came in through the door.

Devil, on the other hand, was frowning at this moment. No one knew what he was thinking about in his eyes. After a long while, he finally spoke out:

“There’s no rush. Poppy isn’t that easy to catch. Since we’ve already found her whereabouts, then we need to make a long-term plan. Haven’t you guys learned your lesson from the previous few arrests?”

Indeed, if Poppy were that easy to catch, then Devil and the others wouldn’t have had to suffer for more than half a year.

It wasn’t like they hadn’t gotten her exact whereabouts in the previous few arrests, but in the end?

“What about Kala and the others?”

“They’ll probably arrive tomorrow.”

“Mm, we’ll talk about it when they’re all here. Go get some rest.”

Song nodded and retreated, dragging the foreign woman away at the same time.

Outside the door.

“Song, can you wait?”

“So what if I can’t wait? We have to listen to Devil.”

The woman chuckled:

“She’s in that room?” She asked coldly.

“Add, what are you trying to do?”

“I can’t just watch Poppy slip away from my sight. Song, tell me the room number!”

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