Dr. Jiang's Daily Adversities

Chapter 1163 - Can Everything Return to the Beginning
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Chapter 1163: Can Everything Return to the Beginning

Being scolded by a little boy to the point where he had nothing to say, this was so refreshing.

Gu Ranzhi was in a very good mood. He hugged the little boy in his arms before looking at his cousin once more. Although he did not say anything, his eyes were full of meaning.

Heh, you can’t even win against a little boy. What is the point of your existence?

And Gu Yichen couldn’t even express his frustration, receiving this look from his cousin.

Is it my fault?

This little boy in your arms, cousin, I can’t scold him or even say anything negative to him. To put it more harshly, you don’t even need to personally appear; my own mother would be able to beat her own son to death!

Forget it, forget it. Let’s not be calculative about it!

The main reason was that it was useless to do so. The odds of winning would never be on his side. So, it was better not to do anything useless.

Let sleeping dogs lie.

After a round of banter, the atmosphere eased up a lot.

It could not be helped. The Gu family could be tough towards outsiders, but they would always lower their heads when facing Gu Ranzhi and his mother.

Wasn’t it the Gu family that let the mother and son down?

Uncle Gu put out his cigarette and came over. Gu Ranzhi’s attitude toward Gu Xiaoming was not as cold and sarcastic as it was towards Gu Yueshu. He treated him as he would an unfamiliar elder.


“You should know about your father’s situation, right?”

“Yes, I think so.”

After all, the surgery was performed by his biological mother and younger sister. It was hard to be ignorant about it.

Gu Xiaoming sighed.

“After this, we all discussed it for a while. Your father has experienced too many dangers over the years. As his family, we really don’t dare to imagine that there will be a next time.”

“When your father wakes up, we’ve decided to speak with him about retiring early. He’s not young anymore. He’s only two or three years away; he can certainly retire early.”

He was already in his fifties. What was there to fight for?

If he was not careful, his life would be over.

It was just as Uncle Gu had said. The Gu family had been really worried and given scares one too many times.

This was especially so when Old Madam Gu had still been alive. However, she would definitely not mention Old Madam Gu in front of her nephew now!

“His matters have nothing to do with me! You guys can do whatever you want.”

Whether he retired or not, whether he was injured or not, weren’t they all his own choices?

Uncle Gu could obviously hear the indifference and aloofness in his nephew’s words. He could not help but sigh internally.

“Ranzhi, your dad has really had a hard time these past few years. Back then, he indeed made mistakes. We won’t deny this. But he knows he’s in the wrong!”

After all, they were blood brothers, so Uncle Gu naturally sided with his own brother.

But Gu Ranzhi sneered again.

“Knowing you did something wrong means that you can pretend that nothing happened? How can there be such a good thing in this world?”

To quote a common saying: If apologies were useful, why do we need the police?

So what if he knew he was wrong?

Can everything return to the beginning?

Could it remedy everyone affected?

Gu Xiaoming frowned. Although he had long expected it, he had never thought that this nephew of his was really hard-hearted!

No matter what, he was still his biological father!

It was Second Madam Gu who silently poked her husband’s waist from behind. Gu Xiaoming swallowed the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

“Let’s not talk about this anymore. Big Brother did go too far back then. If he really feels that he was wrong, then he can make up for it himself. Don’t make matters worse!”

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