Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 36: Stage Four, Necromancy!
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Chapter 36: Stage Four, Necromancy!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

The moon in the sky was bright, and the night was dark!

The dark, gloomy night sky was eerie and chilly.

Shrouded by the dark of night, Mingshi Hospital seemed even more mysterious. Black mist swirled endlessly, occasionally sending out tendrils of cold.

“Lord, are we really going in?” Luo Xinghe felt wary. He could feel that this hospital was filled with bad luck and mystery!

The appearance of an Undead Tide, together with the ghost hand, was enough to obliterate everything!

In the early days of [Doomsday Online], who could have stopped if it weren’t for Link?

Right now, they were going to enter this mysterious area. It was really terrifying!

“Of course!” Link wore an indifferent expression. He had already planned to look for high-level Undead to gain EXP and treasures from killing them. From there, he would be able to become more powerful!

Nothing was more reliable than one’s own strength if they wanted to survive in Doomsday!

Moreover, a Stage Four Undead creature was likely hidden in the hospital! This was what excited Link the most!

The reward for killing a Stage Four Undead creature was far more than the reward for killing a Stage Three Undead creature!

If Link was still Stage One, he might have reconsidered and not taken the risk since Stage Four Undead creatures were far stronger than Stage Three Undead creatures!

In other words, if a Stage Three Undead creature were a leader, then a Stage Four Undead creature would be comparable to a General!

The gap between the two was vast!

However, Link had already reached Stage Two. The massive increase in his attributes made him more than a match for an ordinary Stage Four Undead creature!

Furthermore, he also had two Super God-grade summons. Both were also Stage Two, but they were much more powerful than their level! Thus, Link wanted to see what secrets were hidden in the hospital!

Taking big steps, Link strode forward toward Mingshi Hospital!

Behind him, Yuna and God Devourer followed close on his heels!

When the others saw this, they followed them in.


Mingshi Hospital’s electrical system had long been destroyed by Undead creatures. The automatic sliding doors did not work as a result and had to be kicked in!

Upon entering Mingshi Hospital, a foul smell greeted them. Inside, corpses were already everywhere, and blood was splattered all over!

Broken limbs were scattered all around, and internal organs were smashed all over the ground. It was a spine-chilling sight!

There was not an empty piece of ground in the entire hall. It was completely covered by corpses!

When Doomsday descended, the Undead appeared and killed all the humans in Mingshi Hospital! Mingshi Hospital was the largest hospital in Dragon City; the usual flow of people here exceeded hundreds of thousands.

Now, hundreds of thousands of people had died tragically in this place. This caused the place to be filled with grievances. The aura of death emanated from everything. It was like purgatory on earth.

“Link...” Yang Xuerou’s face was pale. She had never seen such a terrifying scene before. This catastrophe was far more terrifying than the one in Dragon City No. 1 Middle School, and there was much more misery!

Hundreds of thousands of humans were brutally slaughtered just like that. There were no survivors!

Even [Demon Sealing Arrow] Luo Xingyao and [Silvermoon Sword Emperor] Luo Xinghe trembled as they looked on with shock in their eyes.

Other than Link, everyone must have been affected by this scene!

Link was an Asura Summoner in his previous life. Killing was his forte! The number of deaths that happened here was not even half of what went on in his previous life, so he was naturally unaffected!

But Link noticed that there was another person with a relatively calm expression! It was Qiao Ruowei!

He didn’t expect that Qiao Ruowei—who was still delicate and weak the day before—would have undergone such a big change.

No wonder she was able to switch professions and become [Nightmare Rose]. She was a bit strange, as he should have expected.

“These are just small events. You must know that the outside world has already fallen completely! In just one day, hundreds, thousands—even 10,000-fold more humans have died in Dragon City than here!

“It is because these people have no abilities and no means of resistance. When Doomsday came, they were just lambs waiting to be slaughtered by the Undead’s dancing butcher knives! If you want to survive in this world, you must be strong!” Link spoke in a firm and solemn voice.

Everyone shuddered when they heard this!

Link could feel that some people’s mental state had been affected, and they were spiraling into hopelessness and depression!

This environment was one that could destroy people’s minds!

This was why Link had spoken up, using his voice to dispel the negative effects!

Sure enough, a trace of clarity appeared in everyone’s eyes when they heard Link’s words. The hopelessness had also disappeared! What replaced it was fear!

They, too, could sense that their minds would have been swallowed by darkness if Link had not spoken.

“Hiak hiak! Bold humans, how dare you to break into the territory of the Undead King! You will be punished by the King!”

At this moment, the cold wind howled in rage, and the ghostly mist surged to envelop everything!

In the ghostly mist, a shadowy figure approached. Its sudden appearance brought an extremely sad chill to everyone! It was an Undead creature wearing a black robe. An aura of resentment and death billowed around it, clashing and roaring like an evil spirit.

It held a skull scepter in its hand; it was full of powerful death magic, which could easily harvest human lives!

Just as the figure appeared, its information also appeared in Link’s mind!


Race: Scourge

Profession: Mage

Level: Stage Four, Level 7

It is able to use powerful necromancy and black magic. With the ability to control spirits and summon the Undead, it has necromancy attacks that can devour life. This is an extremely powerful necromancer!

It was a Stage Four Undead creature!

However, what surprised Link was that a Necromancer actually appeared in this place!


Necromancers were not only Stage Four Undead creatures, but they were also an important force in the Scourge!

The Scourge was the top force among Undead creatures.

In Link’s memories of his previous life, the Scourge was extremely terrifying. Once it appeared, even a major city would fall!

The Scourge was the absolute leader who controlled hundreds of millions of Undead creatures; it was a top force that could compete with the Zergs!

Necromancers were a leading force in the Scourge!

Although the Necromancer in front of them was only Stage Four, it was far more terrifying than other Stage Four Undead creatures!

This was an Undead creature that was difficult to deal with!

Link had met a Necromancer in his previous life. Back then, he was a powerful Asura Summoner!

When he encountered the Necromancer, he had to exhaust all his skills before he managed to behead it!

It was going to be a tough battle now that a Necromancer had appeared.

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