Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 30: Reward! Three Big Items!
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Chapter 30: Reward! Three Big Items!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Twenty minutes later, the group punctually gathered outside the shopping mall.

Once they met, Link tossed the three items to Luo Xingyao, Yang Xuerou, and Xue Linglong, respectively.

[Bow of Elf]

Grade: Gold

Class: Weapon

Strength: 30

Agility: 35

Additional skills:

[Arrow of Elf] (Active skill): For a period of time, increases Agility, Strength, as well as final damage by 30%. Arrows carry additional penetration effect. Duration: 10 seconds. Cooldown: 15 seconds.

[Saint Cross]

Grade: Diamond

Class: Weapon

Intelligence: 73

Constitution: 46

Agility: 48

Additional skill 1: [Holy Healing Aura] (Passive skill): User’s [Healing] type skill effects boosted by 50%.

Additional skill 2: [Light of Prayer] (Active skill): Increases allies’ attack and defense by 35%. Duration: 30 minutes. Cooldown: 1 minute.

[Universe Cast]

Grade: Gold

Class: Skill book

Effect: Release attack that deals damage 2.5 times one’s Strength attribute. It can be added to weapons, causing additional weapon damage.

These three items came from upgrading two Bronze and one Gold items, respectively. Whether it was their attributes or skill effects, everything was far more inferior than Link’s own items.

Luo Xingyao was an Epic-grade [Demon Sealing Arrow] Archer. She had very high potential and had ranked among the top ten [Doomsday Online] players in the previous life. Yet, she never had a handy weapon.

Up till now, she had been using her own traditional compound bow. Despite using such a weapon, she killed that earlier Tang Ye in a split second all the same. That was enough to prove the value of nurturing her.

It just so happened that the [Skull Bone Bow] had dropped from killing Undead Archers previously. After it had been blessed, it was directly given to her for her use.

[Universe Cast] skill book’s effect was not bad, but it was really average to Link. If it had reached Diamond-grade with the upgrade, he would have kept it for his own use.

Now, he gave it to Xue Linglong as her reward for discovering a Dark Magus previously.

The only Diamond-grade item, also a scepter with a [Healing] effect boost, happened to go to the team’s only Priest, Yang Xuerou. Given her [Holy Priest] profession, being complemented by those two buff skills was virtually adding wings to a tiger.

“Are they really for us?” The three were in slight disbelief, staring at the items before them with a glow glimmering in their eyes.

“Try out their effects!” Link glanced at the three people, who were delighted beyond measure, and said coolly.

Luo Xingyao’s brows shook for a moment as she hesitantly received the [Bow of Elf].


The next moment, her silver amour moved on its own accord without wind, sending her hair flying.

A light and powerful force surged into her body from the longbow in her hands.

Her beautiful eyes opened. In the next moment, her figure vanished like a phantom and shifted into the air.

Upon drawing the bow, a faint green glow gathered and formed an arrow in the blink of an eye.

As her body spun around lightly, the arrow abruptly shot out and struck a shop 200 meters away at the end of the street.


An immense force burst forth, and that shop’s whole wall was blown to pieces, sending thick smoke and dust rolling.

“So swift, so strong!” Everyone was very frightened.

They could clearly sense that Luo Xingyao, who had received this [Bow of Elf], had her abilities boosted by several-fold.

“Explosive arrows...” Meanwhile, Link’s key thought was in another direction. He looked at Luo Xingyao with smiling eyes and asked, “When did you grasp it?”

Luo Xingyao stood still and replied softly, “After fighting Tang Ye earlier, I was inspired by the Storm Spiral Arrow that you taught me!”

Link nodded. She’s indeed an Archer with top potential. Such aptitude!

Yang Xuerou also held the scepter, [Saint Cross]. A gentle radiance streamed from the peak of the scepter, adding a few more hints of a holy and pure aura to her person—which was already as soft as water.

“Light of Prayer!”

A gentle hum gradually rose, and the scepter’s brilliance got increasingly brighter, becoming like a small sun for a moment.

Everyone around who was enveloped in this brilliance felt a warmth that came from the bottom of their hearts as if their entire soul had gained an elevation!

[Ding! You have gained buff, Light of Prayer. Attack and defense are enhanced by 35%. Duration: 30 minutes.]

[Ding! Your buff, Light of Prayer, has gained the Holy Priest’s blessing, triggering a hidden mechanism: Effect multiplied!]

The distinct system notification sounded by everyone’s ears, causing the shock in their hearts to become increasingly stronger.

Such a high enhancement and the effect duration was so long... This was too powerful!

The corners of Link’s lips curved up slightly. She truly is a Legend-grade Holy Priest. Her awesome capabilities are already beginning to show.

Given the height of his basic attributes, this buff was enough to bring him a bonus of more than 1,000 points to his respective attributes.

Practically terrifying!

Finally, it was Xue Linglong. After studying the skill book, her five fingers quietly gripped [Spear of the Frosty Moon] tightly, and a golden stream of energy was injected into the spear.

Then, with a delicate shout, [Spear of the Frosty Moon] was suddenly thrown out.

[Universe Cast]!

The icy blue glow around [Spear of the Frosty Moon] circulated non-stop, indistinctly turning into a vortex. Large amounts of frost power were created in the surroundings, which then turned into a vaguely visible frost dragon that roared past.


A chill filled the air, and a stretch of houses collapsed.

A blue shadow spun and flew back inverted, landing in Xue Linglong’s hand.

Xue Linglong’s pretty eyes were wide as she looked at her own hand in disbelief, then at the [Spear of the Frosty Moon] in her hand. She exclaimed, “I... did this?”

The rest also watched all of this dazedly. Not too long ago, they were clearly still existences at the same level.

Why did they feel as if Xue Linglong’s capabilities had risen to a completely different level after such a short while!?

They realized, then and there, it was all because of the item that Link bestowed her.

Regardless of which item it was, they had enhanced the girls’ combat ability by multiple times.

They could not help but make up their mind inwardly to earn more merits in front of Link. If Link was happy and randomly awarded them something, it would be enough to make them laugh out loud in their dreams.

“Not too bad. Finally, it’s not five lousy fighters!” Link nodded, showing that he was pretty satisfied.

Now that this group of people under him were capable, it would be easier to hand many tasks to them.


“Xue Linglong, you and Yuna will be one team. Head to the west!”

“Luo Xingyao and God Devourer Ant are one team. Go eastwards!”

“Sister Xuerou will be with me. We’ll go north!”

North was where Dragon City No. 1 Middle School was located. It was also the direction they’d been coming from throughout the journey.

“There’s only one thing to be done, and that is to search for high-level dark creatures. I’ll reward anyone who finds them!”

“Yes, Lord!”

Link surveyed everyone. Seeing the glimmering radiance in their eyes, he knew that his trick had worked.

Upon seeing others gain a boost in capabilities after obtaining rewards, their inward yearning for power also grew stronger and stronger. They would grab all chances to work wholeheartedly for him.

“Alright, let’s go!”

Link’s words fell, and everyone immediately split up, disappearing from sight.

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