Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 18: Subduing Luo Xingyao
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Chapter 18: Subduing Luo Xingyao

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Link was once a lone ranger. Although his survival was guaranteed, his quality of life was almost the same as that of a savage. He always worried about food, slept in the open, and ate in the wind most of the time.

Those feudal lords who established political power and wielded absolute power enjoyed life like a celestial being. They had tens of thousands of [Doomsday Online] players under them, and it was easy for them to do anything.

Now that he had the chance to relive his life, he would be able to form the most powerful force in the world and emerge on top with his talent and abilities. Right now, this was just the first step.

Although Dragon City No. 1 Middle School was just a school, there were quite a few players with high potential hidden within. Even those who were unknown in his previous life might not be weak.

Just like Yang Xuerou, who became a legendary awakened Holy Priest this life. But in her previous life, she died tragically at the hands of a traitor before she could succeed.

The assessment he set was not easy for ordinary people.

It was important to know that even the weakest Skeleton Soldiers were stronger than ordinary people in all aspects of physical abilities, let alone Skeleton Swordsmen! But Link had no intention of letting them fight with dark creatures head-on.

It took brains to fight. In other words, talent. Those who could pass the assessment were not mediocre. There was value in training them. As for those who didn’t pass, they could do whatever they want.

Their life and death had nothing to do with them.


Link sat on top of a rock, lying on his side quite leisurely.

As time passed, Dragon City No. 1 Middle School began to get lively. It seemed that the students had spread the word to the others. Some were skeptical, but most of them were willing to try.

Dark creatures were everywhere. It was a matter of time before they had to face them anyway. Thus, they might as well try to fight them on their own accord. It was just that their combat skills were rather pathetic.

Some people held mops, which the Skeleton Swordsmen chopped into pieces with one slash. They almost had their entire hands chopped off.

Some that were stronger wildly swung tall door panels. They exhausted themselves but didn’t even touch the Skeleton Swordsmen. In the end, their heads were cut off by the Skeleton Swordsmen.

When the others saw that these people had lost their lives, they became frightened and began clamoring a slogan that they would rather stay alive.

Link got disinterested and turned around so that he didn’t have to look at them. Suddenly, he heard a loud noise.

Link looked up but only saw two figures walking on the edge of the field.

One of them was strong and tall. He held a mountain knife in his hand; his attacks were widely-ranged. When he swung it around, one could faintly see the sword energy surrounding the blade, which could easily cut the Skeleton Swordsmen’s bones.

The surrounding Skeleton Swordsmen were attracted and surrounded him, but they could do nothing to him.

About five meters behind him stood a tall, glamorous woman holding a traditional compound bow that was as tall as half a person. She aimed and shot at the Skeleton Swordsmen surrounding the strong man.

Her actions of bending the bow and pulling its string were smooth. One could easily tell that she was skilled at archery.

Her technique was accurate, and light lingered on the arrow. Her arrows could easily pierce into the Skeleton Swordsmen’s [Soul Fire]s and kill them.

Their teamwork was orderly, and they soon killed more than 20 Skeleton Swordsmen. Of course, they were exhausted after this.

Link’s eyes lit up. As the two people got closer, the corners of his mouth curved up slightly. “It’s them!”

Luo Xinghe, [Silvermoon Sword Emperor], Gold-grade [Fighter] Hidden Profession.

Luo Xingyao, [Demon Sealing Arrow], Epic-grade [Archer] Hidden Profession.

These two people were notoriously powerful in his previous life, especially Luo Xingyao. She was known as the King of [Archers]!

She was one of the top ten masters in the Top 100 Human Alliance League.

“They really are siblings!” Link pouted. In his previous life, Link and Luo Xingyao became friends through fighting.

Due to certain reasons, Luo Xingyao hunted down Link for a whole year. Link had no choice but to go on the run. However, Link was, amazingly, caught in a life or death crisis, and Luo Xingyao was the only one who was willing to save him.

Soon, they became rare confidants.

He understood this crazy woman too well. She was determined to pursue greater strength but was very haughty.

In the Doomsday era, when human lives were worthless, she never lost her original morals. Even if she starved to death, she was unwilling to do things that went against her morality. She was indeed an odd character in this dark era.

Link once scolded her, saying that she would be killed by her haughtiness sooner or later.

At that time, she indifferently replied, “I don’t have to follow what other people do. Similarly, others can’t follow what I do!”

Such was indeed the truth. As a female, she broke through and became an existence that many looked up upon.

As for the Silvermoon Sword Emperor, Luo Xinghe, Link had never come in contact with him.

Link only heard of his forthright character. He was Luo Xingyao’s elder brother. The two depended on each other in this apocalyptic world and had a deep relationship.

As he thought that, the two approached Link.

Luo Xinghe wiped the sweat off his forehead and casually said to Link, “Hey brother, we’re here!” He didn’t even conceal the admiration and joy in his eyes.

Earlier, he had used a telescope to see Link’s battles from the dormitory building.

He admired Link’s combat power, which explained why he called Link ‘Brother.’

“I didn’t expect that the first people to pass this assessment would be the two of you, who were watching us from a distance!” Link slowly sat up with a smile on his face.

Luo Xinghe was startled, then suddenly grinned. “Brother, you actually knew!”


Of course, Link knew. He discovered them long ago.

Besides, Luo Xingyao’s profession, [Demon Sealing Arrow], came with a passive enhancement of the five senses. She could sense everything that happened in the conference room, the teaching building, and the laboratory building, which was only a few dozen meters away.

She could hear everything Link said. As such, their meeting was not surprising.

Luo Xingyao didn’t appear too happy. In her opinion, this assessment was not very difficult. It was only natural that she completed it. She looked at Link with a piercing gaze and asked, “If I pledge my loyalty to you, what can you give me?”

Link was stunned. His stiff expression remained, and he chuckled. “I can guarantee your safety through Doomsday. Isn’t that sufficient?”

Luo Xingyao shook her head. “I can stay alive by myself very well!” She said that casually but confidently.

Link had no doubts about that. After all, she was Luo Xingyao.

“This familiar haughtiness...” He sighed softly in his heart, jumped off the rock, walked to her front, and stretched out his hand.

Luo Xingyao frowned, not understanding his actions.

“Give me your bow and arrow!” As Link said that, the corners of his mouth curved up slightly.

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