Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 15: Loyalty? Spear of the Frosty Moon
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Chapter 15: Loyalty? Spear of the Frosty Moon

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

His name was Duan Xueming, the president of Dragon City No.1 Middle School’s Student Union. His studies were good, his character impeccable, and his family was wealthy. He was quite popular in school, especially so with girls.

But everything changed today. Too many terrifying things had happened. He was scared to the point that he wet his pants. It was embarrassing... Luckily, no one noticed.

It just so happened that Link had descended upon them like God and defeated the monsters, gaining much admiration and respect. This filled Duan Xueming with jealousy and dislike for Link.

In particular, goddesses like Xue Linglong and Qiao Ruowei were riveted by Link, which made him particularly unhappy.

“What’s so great about him? So what if he can fight... Ah!” He walked out the door with disdain. However, once out, he instantly went pale with fright. His body went weak, and he crumpled onto the ground.

There were already 300 to 400 corpses in the conference room.

Duan Xueming thought that his heart was strong enough. However, when he walked out of the door and saw the scene on Dragon City No.1 Middle School’s campus, he realized that he had greatly overestimated his psychological endurance!

There were dead bodies everywhere he looked!

They all died differently; barely any two were the same. There were ruptured internal organs everywhere; pools of congealed blood were all over the ground. The entire campus had been painted red and black.

Of course, this was not the worst part of what he saw. The scariest part was what was in the distance. They were on the fifth floor and were relatively high up, so they could see the scene outside the campus.

Wandering dark creatures were everywhere as far as the eyes could see. The prosperity and tranquility of the past were no more. The numerous high-rise buildings were in ruins at the moment. There were even dismembered corpses hanging on the wires of the shorter telephone poles. They seemed to have been thrown off a tall building.

The whole city looked like a scene from purgatory. None of it looked like a place where humans lived.

“What’s the matter? What’s the fuss?!” The few people behind him mumbled as they walked out.

Like him, they were immediately stunned, and their lips trembled violently.

This strange scene immediately aroused the curiosity of other people. At the same time, a strong sense of foreboding grew in their hearts.

Almost everyone rushed to the door, then they all froze as if petrified.

“No... it’s impossible...”

“Grandpa, my grandpa lives in that building. I’m going to look for him...”

“Calm down. There are monsters everywhere outside. How are you going to get out?”

“Father, Mother, where are you?”

“Dragon City... is gone!”

“Where are the police? What are the police doing? Why is no one doing anything about these monsters?”

Some people were disheartened, some were upset, some were fearful, and some were crying in grief...

Fear and confusion once again ran rampant among the people!

“The times have changed, everyone—” At this moment, Link’s voice slowly sounded behind them.

Everyone turned around reflexively and focused their attention on Link again.

“The end has come. Everything that was will no longer exist! Social order has collapsed. There are no longer doctors in the hospital. Shopping malls are also occupied by dark creatures. The judicial buildings have been abandoned, and the troops have been overwhelmed... No one will save you without compensation! To live, there must be sacrifices!”

As soon as he said this, everyone looked at each other, their eyes full of confusion.

“I agree!” Xue Linglong was the first to stand out. With a serious expression, she said, “I’m willing to pledge loyalty to you. I will do whatever you ask me to do in the future!”

“Linglong, do you know what you are saying?”

“Are you crazy?”

There were unbelievable expressions all around. They were unable to understand why Xue Linglong made such a decision, especially some of the boys. Their jealousy peaked when they heard their goddess say ‘I will do whatever you ask me to do’ to a man.

Faced with all the comments directed at her, Xue Linglong remained unfazed. She stared at Link intently, as if awaiting his response.

Link looked at her for a moment before suddenly asking, “Do you know how to use a spear?”


“This!” Link took out the Undead Spear.

“Yes!” Xue Linglong nodded. “I’ve been learning martial arts since a young age, and I specialize in the spear!” She suddenly thought of something, and her breathing quickened. She asked, “You want to give it to me?”

Earlier, she clearly saw that this spear was the one Link got from killing the mighty Undead Knight Commander.

Just by looking at the Undead Knight Commander’s might, it was obvious that the spear was exceptionally powerful. It was far more powerful than ordinary weapons made of iron.

“Give you?” Link shook his head with a smile.

When Xue Linglong saw this, a ray of disappointment flashed in her eyes. Yes, why would he give me such a powerful weapon? How long have we known each other?

In the next instant, Link said, “I can’t give away rubbish like this!”

The cooldown period for his Supreme Blessing talent was over!

The pitch-black Undead Spear in his hand was immediately enveloped by a layer of golden light, and it began to shine.


Not long afterward, wisps of coldness emerged.

The golden light faded and became an icy cold aura.

[Ding! Blessing is complete!]

[Ding! Congratulations on obtaining Spear of the Frosty Moon (Diamond)]

[Spear of the Frosty Moon]

Grade: Diamond

Strength: 60

Intelligence: 50

Constitution: 35

Agility: 29

Additional skills:

[Frost Force] (Passive): When attacking, there is a 20% chance for a frost effect to be applied to the enemy; frost effect slows the target’s actions by 30% for 4 seconds.

[Frost Spike] (Active): Release 12 sharp frost spikes to attack the enemy, and comes with large amounts of ice attribute damage. There is a 25% chance for the enemy to be frozen for 2 seconds. Cooldown time: 3 minutes.

“Um... it’s average, but it will do!” Link held it in his hand and looked it over. Then, he threw it to Xue Linglong.

Xue Linglong quickly caught it. Immediately, the Spear of the Frosty Moon’s attributes appeared in her mind. “This... this is?” Xue Linglong was in a daze. “For me?”

She was not blind. She naturally noticed that this weapon was totally different from the Undead Spear.

Magical Weapon!

The eyes of the people around her were riveted on the spear. If nothing else, they could tell that it was extraordinary just by looking at its design.

She got something like this from just a simple declaration of allegiance?

Many people in the crowd were moved!


Link calmly said, “Since you will work for me, I will naturally not treat you badly. This weapon is just average, so you can make do with it first. If you make contributions in the future, there will be rewards!”

“Is it really for me?” Xue Linglong was still filled with disbelief.

“Okay, stop making a fuss. You’ve always looked cool and collected. What happened?” Link arched his brows and said, “There’s an Undead Knight over there. Go try out the spear!”

Xue Linglong’s pupils constricted slightly, and her gaze followed Link’s finger.

Sure enough, an Undead Knight was slowly coming toward them.

She had fought Undead Knights more than once before and almost always failed miserably. It had left a psychological scar.

She hesitated.

Link looked at her and said softly, “Are you telling me I have misjudged you?”

Hearing that, Xue Linglong’s head snapped up. Misjudged me? The words cut into her heart like a knife!

A pair of pale hands gripped the Spear of the Frosty Moon tightly. She bit her lip lightly and strode towards the Undead Knight.

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