Doomsday Online: Supreme Blessing

Chapter 13: Death of Lin Jian
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Chapter 13: Death of Lin Jian

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Lin Jian sensed the coldness in Link’s eyes. His face couldn’t help but go stiff, and he subconsciously took two steps back. He then said, “Then what do you want? Go ahead and tell me. I will satisfy you as long as it is within my power!”

“Really? Then I shall thank you first, principal. Actually, I don’t want much. It’s something very simple!”

“I just want your life, that’s all!” Link smiled very, very happily.

The words Link said caused Lin Jian’s limbs to go cold. His face turned very ugly, and he laughed dryly before saying, “Student, this joke isn’t funny...”

“You think I am joking with you?”

Lin Jian looked at Link’s insipid eyes and instantly panicked. “Student, is there a misunderstanding between us...”

“Don’t worry! There definitely isn’t any misunderstanding. You are the person I want to kill, the principal of Dragon City No. 1 Middle School, Mr. Lin Jian...” Link’s mouth curled upwards, and his right hand slightly moved, drawing out [Red Sky] by a bit.

The sword intent built up and had yet to be released, but it was enough to cause Lin Jian’s scalp to go numb.

With eyes full of fear, Lin Jian said, “Student, don’t be impulsive! We can talk things over. Here, how about this? There are many female students here. Quite a lot of them are quite good-looking too. You can take whoever you take a liking to. I promise I won’t tell anyone! I can even help you cover this up and ensure they won’t dare to sue you...”

“If you want money, I will go to the bank and withdraw money immediately after we leave here. Both cash or online transfer is fine!”

Once he said these words, an uproar broke out among the crowd, especially the female students. All of them had a good impression of Link in their hearts. Under normal circumstances, they definitely wouldn’t refuse to develop a closer relationship with him. However, when Lin Jian treated them as commodities in exchange for his own life, it was impossible not to get angry!

“Principal, what are you saying?”

“I never thought that you are actually this kind of person!”

“You are an animal! How can a person like you be worthy of being a principal?”


Lin Jian didn’t have the energy to care about what they were saying now. His eyes were fixed on Link; he could sense that Link really wanted to kill him. However, he had done too many wicked things in his life. Even if he racked his brain, he couldn’t figure out when he had offended such a terrifying guy, so he could only try to appease him.

Men... especially, young and hot-blooded men, seek either power or women. Which man wasn’t young before! This was what he thought.

Link looked at him in disgust and shook his head. “Killing a thing like you will make my sword dirty!”

Lin Jian’s face first went black when he heard this before it filled with delight. He actually knelt down and said, “Yes yes yes, you are right. I am just a piece of trash. I am not worthy for you to use your sword on me. Just treat me like fart and let me go...”

Link didn’t look at him any longer. The sword, [Red Sky], was sheathed again. He turned his head and insipidly instructed, “Yuna, purify this rotten maggot’s heart! Remember, don’t let him die too fast!”

“Yes, Master!” Yuna walked in from outside; her beautiful appearance and holy presence made the hearts of everyone present tremble.

“An angel... Is this a real angel?”

“My God, what is wrong with this world? Even an angel has appeared!”

“Even skeletons climbed out to kill people. What is so surprising about an angel appearing as well... Shouldn’t the focus now be on the angel’s way of addressing Link? She actually called Link master?”

Xue Linglong stared at Yuna dazedly, then fixed her eyes on Link. He has such powerful strength. He holds a godly weapon that I’ve never seen before, and now even the legendary angel obeys his orders... What kind of person is he?

Xue Linglong only felt like she was looking at a flower in the mist, not able to see anything clearly. But for some reason, she felt like she was being demonized. The more unclear it was, the more she wanted to get closer to him.

Beside her, Qiao Ruowei subconsciously hid in the crowd slightly when Yuna appeared.

The angel was too gorgeous and majestic... while the current her was in a pathetic state.

Most of the other women who were better looking also behaved like Qiao Ruowei.

Whether it was out of vanity or concern, those who cared about their beauty were always afraid of such cruel contrasts, especially when in front of a man who seemed to descend from heaven and had just saved their lives.

Instinct drove them into wishing that they only displayed their best.


Link didn’t know that Yuna’s appearance would cause such a commotion in the crowd.

Yuna herself wouldn’t care about such things even more; she only listened to Link’s orders. She raised her scepter high, and holy light gathered towards it.

The entire dilapidated conference room was suddenly flooded with warm currents, and everyone felt a warmth that came from the heart. It was as if the injuries on their bodies were being healed quickly and getting better.

Except for Lin Jian!

For him, the golden holy light was like a flame that burned his skin. Every bit of it brought him almost endless pain.

“Ah—” His face distorted, and his body curled into a ball as he frantically rolled on the ground. He wanted to roll into the crowd as if that would bring him some sense of security.


At this moment, a foot suddenly kicked his lumbar spine with lots of strength, directly making him stumble and fall to the ground.

“Ah! W-who kicked me!” Lin Jian yelled in pain and looked back, meeting a pair of blue eyes.

A pair of cold and ruthless eyes!

Xue Linglong!

“You...” Lin Jian’s face became even more ugly. The physical pain and the despair in his heart left him in agony. “Y-you bunch of sluts. If I die, you guys will suffer too. All of you are... accomplices!” Lin Jian shouted with all his might, “The people on top won’t let any of you escape!”

Hearing this, everyone panicked. This group of students, who had yet to enter the adult world, had received civilized education since childhood and had respect and fear for the judiciary.

Being the principal of Dragon City No. 1 Middle School, Lin Jian had indeed built quite a wide net of connections in his years at Dragon City.

His words indeed scared quite a lot of people.

“Humph! If the people on top really came to arrest people, you will be the first one they arrest!” Xue Linglong stood out, looked at Lin Jian with disdain, and said, “You pushed the security supervisor, who protected you, toward his death in order to live. Did you really think no one saw that?”

“What? Such a thing happened?” The students were all shocked. The scene was very chaotic just now. They were trying their hardest just to stay alive and didn’t have time to notice such a thing.

“I can testify! I saw it with my own eyes too. He really did such a thing!” Qiao Ruowei stood out, secretly glancing at Link. Her face was slightly red, but it was uncertain whether it came from anger or because she held her breath.


“He really deserves to die!”

“Kill him!”

The crowd didn’t hesitate anymore.

“A bunch of naive children...” Link shook his head and laughed. It looked like they still hadn’t realized the reality that the apocalyptic world had descended.

If he wanted to kill Lin Jian, he would do it even if there wasn’t any proof that Lin Jian deserved to die, let alone seek their approval.

Times have changed; the only truth now was their own strength. Unfortunately, it was uncertain what price these students needed to pay to see this fact clearly.

Lin Jian knew that all hope was lost, and his heart instantly went dead.

The scorching holy light landed on his body, and flames gradually appeared. The flames caused him so much pain that he would rather be dead.

But Yuna had received Link’s instruction not to let him die quickly. She controlled the strength of the holy light so that Lin Jian wouldn’t die anytime soon.

Under the endless pain, Lin Jian could only feel his body slowly becoming charred bit by bit; it then turned into ashes.

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