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Chapter 17 The Visitors and a Dagger 1
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Drops of dew and the chirping from the birds is telling that the morning has comes. It is a quite peaceful morning, but not for TanTan. She wakes up with a horrible nightmare. In the dream, she back as a little HuaMuTan, holding XiaoMei, her doll and keep running and running from the wolves who chase her down...

’It seems my stress has manifested into this nightmare...auch...auch... auch... body" TanTan groans for the cramp feeling from all of her body, ’It feels that my muscles had been tore up...’ She tries to wake up from her bed, then she realizes that XiaoRue is fallen asleep for watching over her all night.

TanTan is very grateful for having a faithful servant like XiaoRue,

’She must be so tired for all night...’ TanTan doesn’t want to wake her up, so she tries move slowly to go down from the bed, but it’s not worked. TanTan’s movement is waking up XiaoRue.

"Sorry XiaoRue...I don’t want to wake..."


In TanTan’s surprise, XiaoRue sudden kneels down and bows down her head as she is guilty for something,

"XiaoCie, please punish XiaoRue..."

"What? Why? What did you do wrong that deserved to be punished?"

’Seriously...what happened while I’m sleeping?’. As she remembered, after she, Prince Li and ManQi arrived at Li Mansion. She ignored everyone and just walked directly to her room and throw herself onto the bed.

"XiaoRue is not a good servant...XiaoRue let herself to be distracted by the lantern and made XiaoCie having a terrible experience and almost be killed!"

’Non sense, if XiaoRue is not a good servant, I don’t know then what can be called as a good servant anymore.’

"Arise, XiaoRue...its not your fault at all. In fact ,it was better that you weren’t with me at that time or you would be hurt too" TanTan tries to ease XiaoRue but it isn’t working at all. XiaoRue is still kneels down and seems very worry...

It makes TanTan thinks, ’Maybe in the past, HuaMuTan always blamed her for any unfortunate moments she had. If that so, what an evil woman she was really...its like how Prince Li calls her...ah thats right! Prince is he?’ Sudden TanTan remembers that Prince Li wounded last night because of her,

"XiaoRue, how is Prince Li? Is he okay?"

"Prince Li, he..." TanTan feels XiaoRue hesitated to answer her. It makes TanTan thinking the worse,

"What is it, XiaoRue??? Is something bad happens to Prince Li? Is he...?"

"No..Prince Li is fine...XiaoCie don’t have to worry. Last night Physician Huang had given Prince Li a medicine to save his life...Prince Li is now resting in his room."

" scares me a lot, XiaoRue...Oh, come on, stand up already...what makes you so worry?"

But XiaoRue still not moving, she still insists actually not for what she has said but she is hoping that by punishing her, can ease her XiaoCie from being burst in anger after knowing who with Prince Li all last night.

"If you insists not telling me, i will really punish you.." TanTan stands and changes her cloth by herself.

Of course TanTan doesn’t mean it. In her mind, she isn’t thinking about punishing XiaoRue but she is busy thinking something else, like if Prince Li has fine, does she need to go and visit him? The one who calls Physician Huang is must be ShuangAi... then did ShuangAi went home safety with her father? And she also want to check FangFang, just to make sure that everyone is okay.

’Yup, first let see the Prince Li’s condition...’

"Stop playing, XiaoRue. I want to see Prince Li right now."

"NOoo, can’t...!!"

Tantan stares puzzled to XiaoRue,

"Why not?"


"Because ShuangAi Cie is with Qi WangGe right now. You can’t disturb them!" A young lady, comes from nowhere, entering the opened door of TanTan’s room, staring at TanTan and smirks to her.

TanTan observes this uninvited guest., a pretty young lady in her purple dress, with so many expensive accessories around her cloth including a golden hairpin on her long curly hair. She is giving a royalty aura and she is also calling Prince Li as ’QiWangGe’ So...could be this young lady is...?

Like confirming what TanTan guesses, XiaoRue bows down her head and greet the young lady in formal.

"Servant greets Princess Xixi"


’So this is Princess Xixi, the sister of third Prince? Isn’t that mean she is HuaMuTan’s royal cousin?’

Princess Xixi makes herself comfort by sitting ln the chair in the middle table, she takes an empty glass and gesturing XiaoRue to pour tea for her. XiaoRue instantly obeys and does the order. Then Princess Xixi drinks the tea calmly.

’Wow...she acts like she is the master of this arrogant! But maybe she can act that because she is a princess?’

So TanTan doesn’t bother it at all. She thinks about the information she got just now. ’ShuangAi accompany Prince Li right now? Oh that’s why XiaoRue looks so worry. She thought that I will be jealous and throw an anger when I hear about ShuangAi. Well, HuaMuTan might do that....poor XiaoRue...’

Meanwhile Princess Xixi feels confuse to see a plain reaction from HuaMuTan. She is expecting an anger comes out from HuaMuTan, so she repeats,

"Hey, don’t you hear what I said. I said that Prince Li is..."

" accompanied by ShuangAiMei, yes I heard it clearly. Thanks for the information, Princess." Answer TanTan calmly, which is surprising not only Princess Xixi but also XiaoRue who becomes relieves for what she afraid to happen just now is not exist.

Princess Xixi widens her eyes and let her mouth open to express her confusion. It looks quite funny and cute, seeing it makes TanTan smiles to her.

" are not angry to know about it?"

"Why should I? I am glad that ShuangAiMei can accompany Prince Li. He is wounded and need someone to take care of him..." TanTan is truly glad can giving a change for Prince Li can be accompanied by ShuangAi. At least it can pay her regret for making Prince Li wounded to protect her. So TanTan doesn’t care for Princess Xixi’s words.

But Princess Xixi doesn’t satisfy with the answer. She want so badly to make TanTan angry so she makes a lie,

"Oyeah? But I heard that QiWangGe asks her to accompany her all night. He even didn’t want to let her go..."

TanTan can see clearly the purpose of Princess Xixi, she tried to trigger her anger, ’Its obviously that this princess hates HuaMuTan too. But is it because of Prince Li or they have another personal grudge? Oh HuaMuTan, how many people actually who hate you in this life? It seems almost everyone I met here is HuaMuTan’s enemies.’

TanTan sighed, she isn’t in mood to argue with this princess furthermore. She is remembering something more important, the dagger!

Last time in her tiredness, she put the dagger on the table just before she went to sleep and now she realizes that the dagger is gone!

"Sure ShuangAi Cie can take care of QiWangGe much much better than you!"

Princess Xixi still keep talking while TanTan approaches XiaoRue and asks her about the dagger,

"XiaoRue, do you see the dagger on the table last night? the one that covered with cloth?!"

"A dagger? Sure, it is still on the table when I come to watch over XiaoCie, over there!" XiaoRue points to the table where she saw the dagger, but it is no more dagger, "Its gone? XiaoCie...I didn’t know..." A worry look comes back again on XiaoRue’s face.

’Where is that dagger? was someone take it while they asleep last night? or in this morning?’

Princess Xixi becomes upset for being ignored completely by TanTan and XiaoRue,

"Hey, stop ignoring me...what’s wrong with you all this morning, even FangFang ignored me and run away just like that... Listen, HuaMuTan..."

’FangFang!...’ TanTan and XiaoRue look to each other, it seems they are thinking the same thing, "It can’t be...?!"

TanTan then stares Princess Xixi and asks her in a very high serious tone.

"When did you see FangFang?"

"What should I?" Princess Xixi seems upset to be asked in that way,

"TELL ME QUICKLY!" TanTan scolds ,and it makes Princess Xixi sudden feels scare,

"Just now, when I want to come here. I bumped her on the way. She seemed hiding something on her back and then she just run away without saying any apology to rude that child!"

’Its FangFang...she was the one who take the dagger...Oh My God, that dagger is still poisonous!! FangFang...!’

TanTan rushes out from the room,and be followed by XiaoRue who seems knowing what inside TanTan’s mind.

"Hey, wait, I’m not finish talking with you...heyyy...where are you going...are you going to QiWangGe to disturb them???" Princess Xixi becomes more upset. She chases them and then pulls TanTan’s hand to stop her,

"HuaMuTan, I won’t allow you to go to see QiWangGe...hey.Listen, LISTEN WHAT I SAY!" Princess Xixi shouts very loud till some servants who cleans the house at that time glances to them confusedly.

"XiMei, why do you so loud in other’s house? A princess should not act like that!" A man comes to them and scolds Princess Xixi.

TanTan can see that the princess sudden being aware with her attitude in front of this man. The man is also giving the royal aura and when TanTan sees XiaoRue greets him in formal and how the princess calls him, she can guess that this man is Prince LiFengEr, the third prince, who is also Princess Xixi’s big brother.

"SanWangGe, its HuaMuTan’s fault. She was ignoring me when I talked to her. Isn’t it impolite?!" Princess Xixi tries to get a support from her brother.

TanTan wonders if this brother is also same like his sister, hating HuaMuTan? If that so, she is really don’t have time for this...

"Silly girl, how can you call HuaMuTan by name? You should call her MuTan Cie coz she is older than you and also she is your sister in law." What a surprise for TanTan to see Prince FengEr scolds his sister and even nod his head, smiles politely to her.

"Huh! I will never call her like that. I only admit ShuangAiMei as my sister in law, not her!"

"Xixi!" Prince FengEr scolds her again. He then turns to TanTan, "I am sorry for my sister being impolite to you, MuTan Mei. I hope you don’t be offended with her words." Prince FengEr once again smiles to her. He is really handsome with that smile. In fact, entire his appearance is a very good looking, but for TanTan, its not the right time to enjoy a good looking, she must check FangFang immediately...

"Its fine...I won’t take it seriously. Then if you may excuse us..."TanTan ready to go but Princess Xixi still stubborn and blocks TanTan in the way.

"I won’t let you go to QiWangGe!!"

"Step aside, Princess!!"

Prince FengEr pulls Princess Xixi’s hand and make a way for TanTan but he is also curious coz he sees TanTan is so worry,

"MuTan Mei, why do you so rush? Are you really going to see *Qi WangDi?"

"I am not, I want to check FangFang!!"

’FangFang? Since when HuaMuTan cares about her step daughter?’ This same thought occurs in these brother-sister’s mind ,it confuses them.

"Your purpose to see FangFang must be never good, let me come with you!!"

"Do as your please" TanTan answers as polite as she can be, while her mind answering ’Whatever, I don’t care...’

So four of them rushes to FangFamg’s room. When TanTan near to the place, she notices the cloth which covered dagger is on the floor close to the door. so TanTan rushes into the room and in shock, she finds that FangFang has laid on the floor with a dagger beside her. It seems FangFang in accident cut her own fingers with the dagger,

"FANGFANG!!!" TanTan immediately approaches the body, she tries to pull out the dirty blood from the finger as much as it can be, hoping the poison isn’t too deep yet. FangFang looks unconscious but still breathing,

Prince FengEr who instantly understands the situation, immediately takes out a small bottle, contains a liquid medicine and makes FangFang drinks it.

"What is that?" TanTan looks to the bottle curiously.

"Its okay. Its an antidote. She will be fine" He ensures TanTan, then he carries FangFang onto the bed.

TanTan who has relieved suddenly feel tired and weak that she finally sit down on the chair near to the middle table.

XiaoRue who enters the room next immediately checks FangFang and covers her the blanket.

While Princess Xixi who comes last, seeing the dagger on the floor, and then seeing FangFang on the bed.

"Is that a dagger?" She wants to take the dagger, examines it closely but TanTan stops her,

"Don’t touch..its poisonous!"


TanTan immediately instructs XiaoRue to cover the dagger with cloth again and keep it to her room safely. XiaoRue instantly does the order.

Seeing the condition of what happens, Princess Xixi makes her own conclusion,

"What is this?? A poison dagger? FangFang? HuaMuTan, how evil are you? You tried to poison FangFang again, aren’t you!! SanWangGe, we must arrest her right now!"

"What? What are you talking about, I’m come here to save FangFang!!" in her tiredness, she is being pissed off to be accused without a sense base.

"You purposely made FangFang took your dagger from your room so it seems like she harmed herself! How tricky you are!" Princess Xixi continues her accusation.

TanTan stands in her anger,




Princess Xixi shocks for his brother doesn’t defend her but...


"Didn’t you see how worry and rushes MuTan Mei to come here and how hard she was trying to save FangFang!!"

His brother defends HuaMuTan more than his own sister, how humiliating!

"We’ll see. HuaMuTan! Wait until QiWangGe hear about all these!!" Princess Xixi runs out from the room in her upset, leaving TanTan with Prince FengEr alone.

"I am sorry, MuTan Mei. XiMei is not thinking clearly! I’ll explain to her later, don’t worry about her...!"

Prince FengEr sit down and pour a glass of tea for TanTan, he is also gesturing TanTan to sit and relax.

TanTan looks at Prince FengEr, she feels grateful to him, ’This is the first time I have someone defending me, maybe I can trust this person as a friend?’

"Thank you...for defending me.."

"Its nothing. I just said what I saw. I know that you are not intending to poison FangFang. That dagger..."

"Just an accident...but it was truly my fault. I suppose to keep the dagger safety first" TanTan shows deep regretful , she looks to FangFang who is sleeping now.

"But why do you have a poisonous dagger? Do you use it to someone else?"

Prince FengEr asks about it lightly as he is joking.

"Oh even not mine... it belongs to the killers who want to kill me?"

"The killers? Its interesting...can you tell me the full story?" Prince FengEr sudden looks sharply to TanTan, he seriously want to know what is it behind that dagger and maybe the wounds of his seventh brother.

TanTan takes a deep breath before start, "Sure..." and then she retells what happened in her journey to Li Mansion and also the event of last night, in the moon festival.

Prince FengEr listens to her carefully, and it eases TanTan, that she feels finally she can talk her problem to someone friendly.

At the end of her story, Prince FengEr gives his conclusion,

"So...someone is trying to kill you, by sending these assassins and the clue is might be in that dagger?"

"Yeah, at least its all I have. Oh right, just now you gives to FangFang, the antidote of the poison, do you familiar with that poison?"

"Hm...the poison in the dagger is quite deadly but not too special. So yeah, in coincidence, I have the right antidote with me."

"...FangFang is so lucky...Do you still have it? You should give it to Prince Li right now."

"Yeah, you right, I think its time for me to see QiWangDi. And also to stop XiMei for not bothering QiWangDi. Do you want to come with me?"

’I am not sure Prince Li will happy to see me in this moment’ TanTan shakes her head slowly,

"No, maybe later. I want to take care FangFang here for a while"

"Very well, ah...MuTan Mei...perhaps you can trust the dagger to me? I might can help you to find information about the killers for you. Beside won’t it be more safety with me than you put in this house?"

TanTan stares to Prince FengEr, calculates what should she does,

’Can I trust him? He has an antidote, doesn’t it mean he owns the poison also? But he looks sincere helped me before...’ In her study experience as a law student, she knows that in this condition she must be aware to anyone.

TanTan once again shakes her head,

"I can’t give you the dagger, but I can give you the drawing later. Can you help me with that?"

Prince FengEr surprises a little for the answer, he doesn’t expect HuaMuTan to put aware on him, so he smiles to her,

"Very well...give me the drawing of the dagger, I help you to find the owner..."

"Thank you, I’ll sent it immediately later."

Prince FengEr excuse himself politely and goes out from the room. In front of door, he still glances to HuaMuTan and smiles, he talks in his mind.

’This HuaMuTan is very interesting...’

and then he goes away.

*QiWangDi: *Seventh little brother, calling for a royal little brother from a royal big brother.

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