Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 48 - 48: This Idiot Is Seeking His Own Destruction?
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Chapter 48: This Idiot Is Seeking His Own Destruction?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

In less than ten minutes, Liu Zhang, who was released by Lin Chen and the others, flew from afar like a long rainbow straight into the fallout shelter, shouting, “Our team has been attacked and Captain Zhao Feng has been captured!”

He landed on the square and roared. His Divine Runes had completely burned away and his entire body went limp on the ground, completely turning him into an ordinary person.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh–

After hearing his shout, many figures rushed over one after another.

‘Who did this?!”

The first to arrive was Taotie. He had reached peak-stage tier-7 yesterday and came out of seclusion.

His armor also underwent an evolution. Looking at his brother who had come back to report and had even burned his Divine Rune, his eyes were filled with boundless killing intent. “Who dared to attack us?”

The masked Vermilion Bird also appeared. Her hoarse voice was filled with killing intent.

“Damn it! Do you know who did it? Is Zhao Feng still alive?”

Wu Rui followed closely behind. His expression was very gloomy, and killing intent was revealed on his face.

At the same time, many Demon Alliance members who were in the base came over one after another. They were all furious.

“I don’t know who they are. However, our other brothers in Luojiang City are all dead. Quickly go and save Captain Zhao Feng. He was captured by that group of people and might still be there. Hurry and save the captain!” “We must tear them into pieces and kill their entire family!” As he spoke, Liu Zhang burst into tears.

They were all his brothers who had gone through life and death! 𝓯𝙧𝒆𝒆𝔀𝒆𝓫𝓷𝓸𝓿𝒆𝓵.𝙘𝓸𝓶

He could no longer hold it in after seeing them get killed one by one with his own eyes.

In a dark place outside the square, a black-robed man appeared there.

“Motherf*cker, why would we need Boss to make a move? I’ll kill them myself!”


After Taotie finished speaking, he flew into the sky in a fit of rage.

“I’ll go too!”

Vermilion Bird followed closely behind Taotie.

In the blink of an eye, she rushed out and disappeared into the horizon.

The black-robed man in the dark also gave chase.

Before Gu Changqing went into seclusion, he had told her that if there was an accident, she must take action.

“Who dares to attack our Demon Alliance?”

“They must really have the guts of a bear or a leopard.”

“They are courting death.”

The Demon Alliance members in the square were all filled with killing intent.

“Steward Wu, what happened?”

Zhang Li walked over and asked in confusion. (Originally called Li Li, but she had the same name as a reader’s mother, so I decided to change it.)

“A piece of trash who doesn’t know death has attacked a member of our Demon Alliance!”

Wu Rui helped Liu Zhang up from the ground with a gloomy face and said, “Get Menglan ready. There might be a bloody battle coming up. Since the other party dared to attack us so brazenly, their strength mustn’t be underestimated. ”

He knew that Gu Changqing was currently evolving his Divine Runes while in seclusion, so he couldn’t come out.


Zhang Li nodded solemnly and turned to leave.

“Everyone, disperse. Those rats that can’t see what’s good for them won’t be jumping around for long.”

Wu Rui said to the people outside, then helped Liu Zhang, who was still crying, and left.

Tuan Tuan left the square and went to Gu Changqing’s seclusion room door within the villa.

“Gahhh! ! ! ”

He could vaguely hear the painful screams coming from inside.

“The door already has such good soundproofing, but Boss Gut s painful shouts are still audible. What exactly is he experiencing?”

Tuan Tuan and Zhang Yuting were a little worried. They spoke through a voice transmission device, “Boss, a few mysterious Divine Runemasters attacked Captain Zhao Feng’s team. The captain has been captured, and only one of our

Demon Warriors managed to escape.”

“Aghh! Did Taotie and the others go over?”

Gu Changqing yelled in great pain. His entire body was red and his eyes were bloodshot.

“Tao Tie and Vermilion Bird have gone to assist them.”

“After they’re done, find those people. I want to kill their entire family.”

Gu Changqing, who was already in deep pain, heard that someone dared to kill a member of his Demon Alliance. His emotions surged violently. “Good! Boss, you… Are you alright?” Tuan Tuan asked with concern.

“I won’t die. Leave.”

Gu Changqing didn’t want anyone to hear his miserable screams.

After this, he would become even more invincible.

The gray imprint on the palm of his hand was also filled with strands of Divine Runes that developed from strange abilities. After reaching Nirvana, he would be reborn. “Alright, I’m leaving.”

Tuan Tuan quickly turned around and left.


Gu Changqing suddenly stopped her.

“What’s wrong?”


The moment she turned around, the door to the seclusion room opened.

When Tuan Tuan saw her current boss, his naked body was completely red, and his eyes were filled with cracks. She was so scared that her heart tightened up.

Gu Changqing didn’t say anything. He endured the pain in his body and mind and directly drew out the tier-8 Monster Divine Rune from his sea of consciousness. With a swoosh, it entered between Tuan Tuan’s eyebrows.


Instantly, Tuan Tuan’s entire body shook. Her sea of consciousness opened up, and a gentle yet violent mental power wreaked havoc within. An incomparably powerful force entered her body, cleansing all of her bones, cells, blood, and organs. A monster mark soon appeared on her collarbone.

This was a Divine Rune that Gu Changqing had refined. She didn’t feel any pain when she fused with it. Instead, she felt very comfortable and calm.

“Just in case, go over and take a look!”

After he finished speaking, he yelled and closed the door.

The strange imprint on his palm could not only absorb other people’s Divine Runes, but it could also fuse the ones it absorbed with others.

It was practically heaven-defying.

The tier-8 Monster Divine Rune was completely useless to him.

Rather than keeping it as decoration, he might as well give it to Tuan Tuan.

It would add a powerful fighting force to the Demon Alliance.

“What powerful strength! !! ”

Tuan Tuan felt the power circulating and wreaking havoc in her body. Shock and excitement filled her delicate oval face. With a thought, the Divine Rune’s armor covered her voluptuous body, outlining her perfect curves.

“Is this the Divine Rune’s power?”

“Boss, thank you so much!”

She was so touched that she bowed deeply to the closed seclusion room’s door three times.

“Hurry up and go!”

Gu Changqing’s hoarse voice rang out.

“Okay, Boss. I’ll catch up with them now.”

Tuan Tuan replied and went downstairs in her Monster armor.

ren minutes ago.

“That… Lin Chen, and who are the rest? Damn bastards, how dare they attack the Demon Alliance?”

In the capital’s highest hall, Xuanyuan Wangrui was the first to arrive when he sensed strange movement from the satellite. When he saw the image projected by it, his eyes widened. It was the scene of Lin Chen destroying Zhao Feng’s armor and the two of them conversing.

“Damned Lin Chen, are you courting death?”

Xuanyuan Wangrui was furious. “The entire Lin family will be destroyed because of you.”

“What’s wrong?”

At this moment, Huang Mengguo and Long Zhanguo came in, asking in confusion when they heard Xuanyuan Wangrui’s angry shout.

“Come and see for yourself.” Xuanyuan Wangrui gritted his teeth. ‘Hmm?’

They went forward to take a look in surprise.

“Damn it!”

When they saw the scene in the projection, they shouted at the same time, “Is this idiot asking for death?”

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