Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 38: I’m From Hellstar, Your Planet Is Really Beautiful
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Chapter 38: I'm From Hellstar, Your Planet Is Really Beautiful

Just an energy beam from the monster was more terrifying than a bomb. It destroyed more than half of the coastal city in just a blink of an eye. The mushroom cloud that reached the sky was magnificent.

Alas, Gu Changqing arrived a step too late. Many resources and supplies in the city had been destroyed by the monster.

The Divine Runemasters, who had already escaped the city, looked at the mushroom cloud on the horizon and felt their hearts skip a beat. Their gazes fell on the figure holding a blood spear in the sky before they started discussing among themselves.


"What kind of monster is that?"

"Is that Boss Gu from the Nine Region Empire?"

"That armor he's wearing looks so advanced compared to ours!"

Meanwhile, Gu Changqing glanced at the monster before he turned to James Kohler and asked, "James, have you disrupted the satellite signal?"

Gu Changqing's red and black eyes looked extremely terrifying at this moment.

"I'm sorry. I was so shocked that I forgot about it," James Kohler said sheepishly before he brought a remote control out and pressed it.


In a military base in the coastal city that survived the destruction, a disruption bomb rose into the sky and exploded 20,000 meters above the ground. The extremely dazzling flames spread quickly in the sky in just a moment.

At Keli Palace in the capital of E City.

"Hmm? Disruption bomb?"

Puig, who was in his office, was just about to watch the satellite projection when he discovered that there was no signal, causing him to frown deeply.

Bogdan, the strongest Divine Runemaster in E Country, stood up from the couch and said, "Brother, what's M Country doing? Why is it blocking our view? Are they hiding something? Do you want me to go over to have a look? With my strength, I should be able to arrive in about 40 minutes."

"Alright, go and have a look. Don't expose yourself for the time being," Puig said. He was also puzzled and wanted to know what M Country was trying to hide.

Bogdan nodded and quickly left. His mountain-like figure soon disappeared from sight.

At the same time, the Nine Region Empire, Y Country, D Country, F Country, and W Country sensed the huge energy fluctuations and turned on their satellite projection only to discover that there was no signal.

After the Cataclysm, Country D, Country F, and Country W did not suffer much because they had many Divine Runemasters.

… 𝑓𝑟𝘦𝘦𝓌𝘦𝑏𝓃ℴ𝑣𝘦𝓁.𝒸ℴ𝘮

In the coastal city in M Country.

The mysterious monster raised its head and looked at the explosion in the sky with a hint of disdain in its dark blue eyes. Then, it shifted its gaze to Gu Changqing who was hovering in the sky above the city.

Gu Changqing looked at the monster with his red and black eyes that glinted coldly. At this time, the Five Element Qilin Wheel on his breastplate began to rotate.


The monster suddenly roared. Its spine began to shine again as a ball of dark blue energy condensed in its mouth. A loud boom rang in the air as it spat out an energy beam at Gu Changqing.

The energy beam that was even more terrifying than the one before swept over like the sun. It was so blinding that it was impossible to look at it directly.

James Kohler gulped. His body instinctively wanted to run.

"Mr. Gu, can you stop it?"

The others had the same question as well. If it were not for Gu Changqing standing in front of them, they would have already fled.

Gu Changqing remained silent. With just a thought, the Five Element Qilin Wheel on his chest plate suddenly shone with a five-colored light. A buzzing noise rang out before a huge Five Element Astral Formation appeared. It was even bigger than the incoming energy beam.


When the energy beam struck the Five Element Astral Formation, a strange and miraculous scene appeared. The formation easily absorbed the energy beam!

After the energy beam was absorbed, Gu Changqing struck at lightning speed, vanishing into thin air. In the next moment, he was already standing close to the mysterious monster.

The Hell Domain quickly spread out and shrouded an area of ten miles.

The mysterious monster trembled under the Hell Domain, and it quickly shrank by more than 700 meters.

"Not bad for a human! I just wanted to come up and eat some meat. I didn't expect to meet a monster like you."

Just as Gu Changqing was about to attack, the monster unexpectedly spoke in human language. Following that, its body shone with a black light and transformed into an armored monster. In his eyes, humans were meat.

'Hmm? Monsters also possess armor? Why didn't I hear of this in my previous life?'

Gu Changqing stared at the monster.

"Are you surprised?"

The armored monster chuckled. After it equipped its armor, it was no longer affected by the Hell Domain.

The level-four King of Hell divine rune was invincible among those at the same or one or two levels higher, but its level was still too low.

If Gu Changqing was at the eighth rank, he would be able to kill the monster using only one divine rune.

Gu Changqing was not in a hurry to make a move. He looked at the monster quietly before he asked calmly, "Where do you come from?"

Gu Changqing was not frightened. He could still use the Rahu divine rune and attack once. Although he could only use it once in this state, its power was still shocking. This was his trump card.

Upon hearing this question, the monster said proudly, "I'm from Hellstar. Your planet is really beautiful. In about two years, my race's tier-eleven Star Destroyer will descend on your planet!"

The armored monster did not hide anything from Gu Changqing. In its eyes, Gu Changqing was nothing more than meat on a chopping board.

Gu Changqing smiled playfully. "Is that so? It seems like I need to cultivate to the seventh rank within half a year."

The armored monster laughed. Like a cat teasing a mouse, it said, "You won't have that chance!"


A black light flashed around the monster's hands before two weapons with a beastly aura appeared. They were like knives but not.

"Meat, are you ready to accept death?"


The armored monster chuckled before it charged toward Gu Changqing with its weapons in hand. Its strength was overbearing, and its killing intent was strong. He crossed his weapons like a pair of scissors, aiming for Gu Changqing's neck.


Gu Changqing's eyes flashed. The blood spear in his hand flew out promptly. It was swift and violent as it forcefully blocked the knife-like weapons coming at him with a loud clang.

The armored monster was caught off guard by the impact of the collision and was sent flying hundreds of meters back like a kite with a broken string in the sky.

"Is that all you got? Kill!" Gu Changqing looked at the monster as the flames around his armor surged into the sky.

Then, the two dragons at his back roared and chased after the monster along with the blood spear.

The armored monster stabilized its footing, and a black light shone from its body as it charged toward Gu Changqing again.


The duo fought in the sky like two bolts of lightning chasing each other. The blood spear and the knife-like weapons met as armor collided with armor. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled in the sky, accompanied by deafening explosions.

"What level of battle is this? I can't even see their movements properly!"

"Heavens! If it were any of us, we would've been instantly killed, right?"

"Boss Gu of the Nine Region Empire is really fierce!"

The Divine Runemasters felt chills running up their spines as they watched the two shining figures fight and sensed the shockwaves from their collisions that swept across the city.

"As expected of Mr. Gu. His strength is really beyond my reach."

Even James Kohler could not see Gu Changqing and the monster's movements clearly. Their speed was too fast. One could only see the light from the blood spear and the knife-like weapons that illuminated the sky.

If the duo were to fight on the ground, they would have destroyed everything within a very large area.

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