Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 35: M Country Is in Danger! The Attack of a Peak Tier-Seven Sea Beast!
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Chapter 35: M Country Is in Danger! The Attack of a Peak Tier-Seven Sea Beast!

In the living room of Lin Shuiyao's villa in the capital.

Lin Shuiyao was sitting on the couch and typing on her phone, sending a message on Dragon Net to her sister.

[Sister, the world is so chaotic now. Our brother is really amazing now. The family is also under his control. You should really come back. No one will dare to control you anymore.]

Lin Shuiyao had been keeping contact with her sister over the years, and she had also been helping her sister.


Half a minute later, she received a reply.

[It's been six years. Does our little brother still remember me?]

Lin Shuiyao quickly replied.

[You doted on him so much in the past. How could he not remember you? He's been talking about you a few days ago. He's worried that you'll be in danger so he plans to post your photo on Dragon Net to look for you. It's really time for you to come back.]

A few minutes later, another reply came.


Lin Shuiyao replied.

[If you don't believe me, I'll tell him to video call you now.] (f)reeweb(n)ovel.com

The other party was silent for a long time before sending a reply.

[Alright. If our brother really wants me to come back, ask him to send someone to Lin County in Longjiang City. Come to Room 402 in Building #3 in the second-class residential area.]

Lin Shuiyao was surprised by the reply.

[Alright! I'll tell him now! I'll tell him to pick you up personally. No one will dare to say anything!]

Lin Shuiyao was surprised by the reply because she had been trying to persuade her sister to return for many years now, but her sister had always rejected her.

At this moment, Lin Chen came downstairs and saw the smile on Lin Shuiyao's face. He asked curiously, "Sister, why are you so happy?"

"Brother, do you miss our sister?" Lin Shuiyao asked.

"Of course," Lin Chen said without hesitation, "I plan to post her photo and information on Dragon Net before I go into seclusion."

Lin Chen had never forgotten how well his sister had treated him when he was young. However, he had no way to contact her at all and could not find any news about her. It was as though she had vanished into thin air. Little did he know, it was Lin Shuiyao who made it impossible for people to find their sister.

Lin Yueyao had asked Lin Shuiyao to do this. She was worried her brother would find her, and the family would drag her back.

"Brother, there's no need for you to look for her. She's in Lin County in Longjiang City. Room 402, Building #3 in a second-class residential area."

"Really? You're not lying to me?" Lin Chen jumped for joy when he heard his second sister's words.

"Of course, it's real!" Lin Shuiyao said, "Hurry up and bring our sister back home!"

"Alright, I'll go now! I'll make a trip there myself!"

Lin Chen was so happy that he forgot to eat. He left the villa in a hurry, equipped with his Emperor Armor as he made his way to the hangar at the base of the Divine Runemaster Alliance.

After Lin Chen left, Lin Shuiyao sent another message to Lin Yueyao.

[Sister, our brother just left to look for you. Don't go back on your words! Yanyan needs a lively home!]


[Don't worry. I don't plan to hide anymore.]

Indeed, Lin Yueyao no longer planned to hide anything, including her relationship with Gu Changqing.

One could imagine how chaotic it would be if Gu Changqing killed Lin Chen in the future. That day might come very soon.

Lin Yueyao still did not plan to see Gu Changqing. Otherwise, she would not have agreed to come back. She was afraid that Gu Changqing would not acknowledge Gu Yanyan. If that happened, not only would she be humiliated, but Gu Yanyan would be hurt as well.


Meanwhile, Gu Changqing, who was in the Demon Alliance Base, was naturally unaware of these things.

To be honest, he only had a vague impression of what happened back then. He would only think of it occasionally, but even then, he did not put much thought into it. How could he have known that he already had a daughter?

After eating, Vermillion Bird walked out of the dining room. She had already put on her mask at this time.

"Boss, I've eaten. I'm going back to cultivate now."

Gu Changqing looked at her back as he said, "Cultivate well during this time. I'll bring you to a fight in four months."

"Alright! I definitely won't drag you down, and I'll help you charge into the enemy line, Boss!" Vermillion Bird said as she turned around to wink at him playfully before she left.

Vermillion Bird was very young. She had lived a terrible life since she was young. In the end, it was Gu Changqing who helped her overcome the difficulties in her heart.

When he first met her, he had been shocked by the state of her face. Her skin had turned necrotic and her bones could be seen. It was a miracle that she even survived in the first place. She would need a grade-eight crystal core at least to repair the damage on her face.

At this moment, Athena came downstairs in a hurry, equipped with her armor. She said anxiously, "Boss Gu, I need to go back as soon as possible. I need your help."

"What happened?" Gu Changqing asked.

"It's those damned sea beasts! There's a large-scale attack on one of the coastal cities in our country. There's a peak tier-seven sea beast among them. Boss Gu, I'm afraid you're the only one who can kill a peak tier-seven mutant beast now," Athena said with an unsightly expression on her face, "There are many resources in that city that can't be moved in time. If the sea beasts break through, the losses will be huge."

"Is this considered repaying the favor of sending the supplies that your president said is for free?" Gu Changqing asked. He naturally would not help anyone for no reason, but he would definitely return the favor.

Athena said decisively, "If you help us resolve this crisis, we'll send you another batch of supplies!"

Gu Changqing took his phone and rose to his feet as he said, "Alright, let's go."

Apart from returning the favor, Gu Changqing was also interested in the grade-seven crystal core. The higher the grade of the crystal, the faster his cultivation would rise.

After leaving the villa, Gu Changqing and Athena leaped into the sky and made their way to Longjiang International Airport at lightning speed.


When Gu Changqing and Athena arrived, Zhang Hu was still supervising the move of the supplies.

"Boss, Miss Athena, why are you here?" Zhang Hu asked curiously when he saw the duo landing from the sky.

"Brother Zhang, something happened. Our country is facing a peak tier-seven sea beast. It's attacking a coastal city with a horde of sea beasts. We need your boss' help," Athena explained.

"Is that so? Boss, hurry up and set off. Leave the things here to me. I guarantee there won't be any problems," Zhang Hu said solemnly.

"Boss Gu, let's go!" Athena was really anxious. She was worried that if she was a step late, the city would be breached.

"I might stay there for a few days. Don't forget about your cultivation," Gu Changqing said to Zhang Hu before boarding a private jet with Athena. When it came to cultivation, he was very strict with the members of the Demon Alliance. He was particularly strict with Zhang Hu, Taotie, Vermilion Bird, Wu Rui, and a few others.

After the duo boarded the plane, it took off quickly under the guidance of the control tower.

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