Divine Rune Awakening: Starting With Various Divine Runes and Dominating the World

Chapter 25: Interstellar Portal?; A Call from Y Country (2)
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Chapter 25: Interstellar Portal?; A Call from Y Country (2)

"Mr. Gu, this is the thing I was telling you about. Do you know what it is?" James Kohler asked solemnly in the video conference call.

Zhao Yuting sat cross-legged next to Gu Changqing on the couch. She was wearing a set of loungewear that exposed her fair skin. At this moment, she stared at the screen with a frown and asked, "Boss Gu, don't you think it looks like the outline of a gateway?"

"They do…"

Gu Changqing furrowed his brows slightly. In his previous life, he remembered there was no unusual movement in the Bermuda Triangle. So what was this? Did things change because of him? Or did this thing under the Bermuda Triangle not appear during the three years he was alive?

At this time, Wang Rong returned. Seeing that Gu Changqing was on the phone with someone, she did not disturb him and went upstairs to wash up.

"I think so too. Yesterday, I sent a nuclear submarine down to take a closer look at the thing. However, it was destroyed by a mysterious magnetic field after it went down for about 300 to 400 meters. Also, there wasn't any sea beast in the vicinity at all. This giant thing isn't simple at all…" James Kohler said solemnly.

"When I have time, I'll come and take a look myself," Gu Changqing said. He was very interested in this matter. He decided to cultivate all his divine runes to the sixth level before going over to see what it was.

"It won't reach the surface so soon," James Kohler said in a low voice, "Just in case, you should try to raise your strength as much as possible during this time. If this is really a portal, I highly suspect that it's an interstellar portal. Perhaps, an alien civilization plans to invade Earth…"

Gu Changqing said lightly, "Don't panic yet. We have at least three years. We'll deal with it as it comes…"

"I hope it's as you said and that it won't come so soon. By the way, Athena should be there soon. I still have some things to deal with so I'll hang up first."

Gu Changqing nodded and ended the video call.

"Boss, is there really an alien civilization?," Zhao Yuting asked curiously as she gently massaged Gu Changqing's shoulders.

Gu Changqing lit a cigarette before he replied, "We can't rule out this possibility. By the way, check our Demon Net to see if there are any complaints. Get Lin Feng to bring people over to deal with it. Make an example out of them. After meeting Athena, I plan to go into seclusion for four months."

In his previous life, four months after the Cataclysm, an ancient ruin appeared in the Blood Triangle. As an ordinary person, he naturally did not know what was in the ancient ruin. He only knew that many Divine Runemasters from various countries died there and that they managed to obtain many weapons and equipment whose technology was many years ahead of this planet.

Three months later, a meteorite would fall into the Pacific Ocean. After that, the sea beasts underwent another rapid transformation. At that time, there were many tier-six and tier-seven sea beasts turned into half-beasts and half-humans, and they could walk on land.

"Boss!" Zhang Hu called out in a deep voice from outside. In just a moment, he entered with a sexy and enchanting woman.

"Hello, Mr. Gu," Athena said with a bright and charming smile, quickly stepping forward to greet him.

"Boss, while the two of you talk, I'm going to see how to arrange those supplies," Zhang Hhu said before he left.

Gu Changqing was just about to respond when the phone started ringing. It showed that it was a satellite call. It was impossible for a satellite call to be from an ordinary person. He gestured to Athena to take a seat first before he answered the call.

"Who are you?"

"Is this Mr. Gu? Today, three powerful Divine Runemasters from your Nine Region Empire came to exchange three nuclear weapons from us with a large number of resources. I have a feeling that their target is you."

The other party had watched the live broadcast yesterday and knew that Gu Changqing had offended the majority of Divine Runemasters in the Nine Region Empire. Not long after the live broadcast, a few people suddenly showed up to buy nuclear weapons. Even a fool would know who the nuclear weapons were for.

The reason the President of Y Country called Gu Changqing was due to Gu Changqing's strength. If he could use this opportunity to befriend Gu Changqing, it would be easier for him to ask for help from Gu Changqing in the future if he encountered any trouble.

The situation in Y Country was much worse than that of the Nine Region Empire. From one billion people, there were only three to four million people left.

Meanwhile, when Gu Changqing heard those words, his eyes glinted coldly. However, his voice was still nonchalant as he said, "You're probably right. Those weapons are meant for me. What are the names of those three people?"

"Su Ge, Chu Lin, and Situ Hao. They're the three giants of your Nine Region Empire."

"Sell them the weapons," Gu Changqing said.

"Very well. I'll pass down the order now."

The other party did not ask for the reason at all.

"I'll return this favor to you in the future," Gu Changqing said,

"Thank you, Mr. Gu," the other party said, ending the call with a smile. This was exactly what he wanted.

"Boss, why did you ask the President of Y Country to sell them the weapons?" Zhao Yuting was puzzled.

Before Gu Changqing replied, Athena smiled and said in perfect Chinese, "If I'm not mistaken, Mr. Gu plans to use this opportunity to take over the businesses of those three people…"

Gu Changqing looked at Athena appreciatively when he heard her words. He said, "That's right. Since they took the initiative to knock on my door, how can I not seize the opportunity?"

Gu Changqing had long planned to open a few large meat processing plants in various cities in the country. However, he knew it would take a long time to implement his plan. Unexpectedly, an opportunity would deliver itself to his doorstep.

Gu Changqing dialed Wu Rui's number and called him over.

In less than ten minutes, Wu Rui rushed over. "Boss, do you have any orders?"

"Are Taotie and Vermillion Bird in the base?" Gu Changqing asked.

These two were very powerful people in the base. Both of them were called Taotie and Vermillion Bird, which were powerful mythical creatures, simply because they had a tattoo of Taotie and Vermillion Bird respectively. In Gu Changqing's previous life, they were among the strongest people on the planet. However, in this life, they all came to him.

Wu Rui nodded. "Yes, Boss!"

"You should know about three giants of the Nine Region Empire, right?"

"Yes. They now have several large meat processing plants in various cities, and they have no fewer than 500 Divine Runemasters under them."

"It's good that you know this," Gu Changqing said, "You, Taotie, and Vermillion Bird will each take ten men from the Demon Alliance to the headquarters of these three magnates. I want their properties and assets, understand?"

Wu Rui chuckled. "Yes, Boss!" 𝙛𝙧𝙚𝙚𝔀𝙚𝓫𝒏𝓸𝓿𝙚𝒍.𝓬𝓸𝓶

"Alright, you may go…"

"Yes, Boss. Just wait for the good news," Wu Rui said.

After that, Gu Changqing rose to his feet and led Athena to the dining room as he said, "It's lunchtime, Miss Athena. Let's chat while we eat."

Athena smiled. "Alright."

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