Divine Hack System

Chapter 41 -Hunting The Frost Monkeys
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Chapter 41 -Hunting The Frost Monkeys

This will be the first time Leo goes hunting Bronze 4 Stars monsters while he is a Bronze 4 Stars Awaken, he had only hunted these monsters when he was still an Awaken Bronze 2 Stars, so now he could finally see the difference in strength between him and the monsters.

Not to mention that with this hunt he could take the opportunity to see if he could also hunt Bronze 5 Stars monsters, which would probably be much more profitable in terms of Exp and money for him to level up.

The strategy they would use has already been decided. And as a volunteer, Leo decided to be the bait, as he could use Speed-Hack to run away from the monsters at any time, making him much safer than the other boys.

Their idea of ??strategy was that Leo would go to the group of monkeys and attack them with a fire arrow from afar. As they are Frost Monkeys, it is normal for them to feel anger towards fire things, which normally makes them weaker, so seeing this arrow, the probability of a group of Frost Monkeys chasing Leo is very high.

Following the experiences of their veterans, Dave said that the probability of a group of 10 monkeys chasing him was very high, so they would only need to do it twice to catch the 20 monkeys the mission called for.

The place where Leo needed to take the monkeys had already been prepared and was full of traps.

So at that moment Leo was already approaching the group of monkeys to attract their attention.

From the Wall-Hack he could see that with each step he took forward, more and more red silhouettes appeared in his vision, indicating that the number of monsters he was seeing was far from the total number of monsters in that location.

Of course, Leo had to attack the group of monkeys with the fire arrow, but preferably it would be better if he shot in the periphery where there were less monsters, since if he shot the arrow in the middle of the group, probably a hundred monkeys would see it running. towards him.

p??d? n?ve? So when Leo was within 30 meters of the group of Monkeys, he ignited a fire arrow and used the Aim-Bot to aim at the foot of the monkey that was closest to him.


The arrow looked like magic as it passed through the trees and finally hit the monkey's foot.

When the monkey felt the fire arrow cutting and burning his foot, he couldn't resist and started screaming in rage as he ran in the direction the arrow came from.

This monkey was with a small group of 14 monkeys, but in this group there were two monkeys taking care of two young ones, so only the 10 monkeys that were alone went with the monkey hit.

There were other monkeys around who saw that unfortunate monkey getting hit by something that set his foot on fire, but they just looked at it and started laughing as they pointed at the monkey running in rage.

As much as they were very smart, they were also very arrogant, to the point that when some monster came to attack them, they would let a small group go first and if that group couldn't hunt the monster other groups would too, but the group that failed, he would be mocked by the rest of the group.

This was a very primitive but effective way to determine the most important groups in a tribe, thus keeping the strongest apes safe so that the most powerful ones would not fall into a trap and the tribe would not be left without a leader.

Leo saw all of this through his Wall-Hack, so he knew that there really were 10 monkeys running towards him.

Although their distance was short, only 30 meters, but there were many trees in the forest, which blocked the monkeys' view to where Leo was, so they could only run in the direction without knowing what had attacked them.

Among the 10 monkeys that ran, the monkey that got hit in the foot was the slowest, so the other monkeys slowed down to not let this injured monkey be left alone and get caught in an enemy trap.

Leo was fascinated by the intelligence of these monsters, indeed they were much smarter than other common monsters he had hunted before.

The trap that the group had set was 60 meters from where Leo was, he would have to run the equivalent of half a professional football field while dodging the trees to reach the trap's place.

While this could be dangerous, Leo saw it as an opportunity.

When he was hunting with the other boys, he wasn't shooting the monsters in the eyes so as not to shock the other boys so much with how powerful his skill was, but since he was alone, he could try shooting one of these monkeys in the eyes and see how many Experience points he would receive.

Having made up his mind, Leo who was running with the Speed-Hack activated so that the monkeys wouldn't catch up to him suddenly turned around with an arrow already fitted to his bow and aimed at the monkey who was next to the monkey with the injured foot, as if he killed the monkey with his injured foot the chance of them reaching him was greater.


The arrow flew from Leo's bow, this time without fire, so the monkeys didn't even notice the arrow before it was too late.


The arrow perfectly penetrated a monkey's right eye, causing the monster's brain to also be hit.

An instant death.

[Congratulations, you killed a Frost Monkey Bronze 4 Stars, you received 250 Experience Points.]

Looking at the amount of experience he received, even though he was alone and didn't need to share it with the other boys, Leo felt a pang in his heart, he received the equivalent of what he previously received for Bronze 3 Stars monsters!

On the other hand, Leo compared the difference between hunting these Frost Monkeys with the difficulty he had to hunt the other Bronze 4 Stars monsters in the forest of his city and saw that it was much easier now!

'Maybe I could even exterminate this large group of monkeys in one afternoon…' Leo thought as he calculated how many arrows he could shoot per second.

When he was Bronze 2 Stars, he could only shoot one arrow at a time from the bow to kill Bronze 4 Stars monster, but now that he was an Awaken Bronze 4 Stars, he could shoot 4 arrows at a time with the bow with enough force to hurt these Bronze 4 Stars monkeys!

'Taking that into consideration, maybe I can even earn more experience points per hour than I did when I was an Awaken Bronze 2 Stars!' Leo thought even more excitedly.

But he pushed those thoughts aside as he picked up his own speed after hearing the annoyed screams of these monkeys and ran towards the trap they had set.

It only took a few seconds for Leo to arrive and the confused monkeys to step onto the center point where they wanted to be.

The trap they chose to set up was very simple, after the monkeys had entered their designated place, a special oil would be set on fire by Harry which would form a ring of fire around them.

Inside the ring would be Dave and Charlie while Leo, Harry and the other boy would stay outside killing the monkeys as quickly as possible.

Dave would be responsible for resisting the monkeys' attacks while Charlie would be responsible for attracting the attention of some monkeys and dodging their attacks while attacking whenever possible.

Harry was prepared all along to always send curses on the monsters that were causing Dave and Charlie the most trouble, so with Harry's situational control, their safety was assured.

Best of all, even if the two of them received some injuries in the circle of fire, after they killed the monkeys the other boy could heal them, negating pretty much all the damage they would take in this battle.

Of course, that also meant they were going to get hurt a lot, and if Leo didn't manage to kill the apes fast enough, Dave and Charlie would be the first to die, as they were the ones dealing with the apes head-on.

But the advantage is that the fire circle was very effective for Frost Monkeys, since as they had the ice attribute, the probability of them leaving the circle was very low, and if they did, they would be very injured by the fire.

So the safety of Leo, Harry and the other boy, who were theoretically the most fragile, was guaranteed.

In fact, Leo was less likely to be hit by a monkey attack than Charlie was, but since Leo attacked from afar and was the highest damage dealer among them, it was better for the team that he just focus on attacking for lessen the burden on Dave.

Swoosh, Swoosh

Leo's arrows were flying very fast, the speed at which Leo was reloading his bow was much higher than when he was Bronze 2 Stars. If he was focusing on shooting the monkeys in the eyes, those monsters would already be dead, but since Leo didn't want to expose himself so much for now, he was just attacking the monkeys' joints and necks, but always in different places.

Sometimes he would even hit a spot like the chest or leg of one of the monkeys so it wouldn't be so clear how powerful his Quirk was, but at other times he would shoot in pretty difficult places to compensate.

In just five minutes they had killed the nine monkeys.

Thinking about it this way it seemed like this was very simple, but looking at the injuries of Dave and Charlie, especially Dave who had low agility, only they knew how hard this battle was.

Fortunately there were no fatal injuries, just a few more shallow scratches.

With their mate's Quirk this was quickly resolved, but they still needed to rest for a few minutes.

"Let's rest for another 10 minutes and hunt 10 more monkeys before we leave, otherwise their tribal chiefs will notice something strange is happening and send more monsters." Dave said while breathing heavily.

He was used to taking this amount of damage while hunting, but it was still very painful and exhausting.

With this experience Leo saw how powerful his Quirk was, which allowed him to hunt monsters much more easily and without having to hurt himself, as he killed the monsters from so far away that the monsters didn't even reach him.

For every monkey that died, Leo received a notification like this.

[Congratulations, you killed a Frost Monkey Bronze 4 Stars, you received 50 Experience Points.]

Just as he imagined, he only received 50 experience points for killing these monkeys, but now he had accepted it well and not worried so much .

After they rested they soon took the valuable parts of the monkeys and each one's right ear to confirm that they had killed 9, then they put out the fire and changed the location to the trap, as the fire of now, despite only having burned the oil, it still left a scent in the air that could alert the monkeys to chase Leo.

With the new trap location ready, Leo left once more, but this time he took a right ear and the valuable part of the ape he killed and kept it in his inventory, just in case it was missing after they killed another round of apes. .

The second time worked perfectly just like the first.

Leo managed to attract 12 monkeys this time, which despite having increased the number a little, because of the experience of Charlie, Harry and Leo who were the main damage dealers, it was not that much more complicated to kill these monsters.

But as they had only rested 10 minutes after the other time, now they were really exhausted.


The group took the right ears and valuable parts of each ape and fled from there before finding a cave to rest, as it would be dangerous to go out into the woods being as tired as they were currently.

Of course, the most tired were Dave, Charlie and the other boy who spent a lot of energy healing them both. Leo and Harry were quite relaxed as they waited for the other three to rest.

The group took advantage of the cave to get their water bottles and drank it like it was the most delicious nectar they had ever had, as well as some energy chocolate bars to replace the energy they lost while running away.

Leo had the Wall-Hack activated the entire time as he looked outside the cave, until when he finally calmed down to see that there were no monsters nearby and turned to face the group, he saw a red outline!

Worse, this red outline was getting closer and closer to them and coming from inside the cave!


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