Divine Hack System

Chapter 34 34 - Sophia Parker
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Chapter 34 34 - Sophia Parker

Because of the Inventory Hack, Leo didn't have to carry a bunch of bags like other people arriving at MU, so despite the girl looking at him for more than three seconds for some reason, she soon looked away from him for deduce that he was someone who already lived in the city and continued to search among the other passengers who could be a student at MU.

Leo was just carrying a few pieces of clothing in his backpack and his bow in his briefcase, as it would be too weird for the bow to just show up in the apartment he was going to live in. But still, with only a backpack on his back and a briefcase in hand, Leo had far fewer bags than the students who came to MU.

Looking at the girl, Leo was surprised to find that her strength appeared to be that of an Awaken Bronze 5 Stars!

This girl who looked his age actually had that much talent? Really, the Military University is the place where only the Elite of the Elite gather. While at second-rate universities Bronze 5 Stars are the students who are already graduating, at MU such a young student is already Bronze 5 Stars, virtually guaranteeing that she will become Rank Pure Silver before graduating!

Seeing that Leo was walking towards her, the girl looked at this handsome boy again with a confused expression.

The girl had a very honest face, looking like a girl who was taught from a young age to be polite and kind to others. She had long blonde hair and wore very light makeup that only enhanced her natural beauty.

Leo heard that MU classes weren't allowed to wear makeup, so the girl must have taken advantage of the fact that she wouldn't have class today to do her makeup.

Normally Leo doesn't really like girls who wear several pounds of makeup on their face, but a girl who was only wearing makeup to enhance her beauty was something he really liked.

Leo showed a polite smile and asked. "Are you the person responsible for the MU students?"

The young woman looked at Leo in surprise and answered. "It's me yes, are you a new student?"

"Yes I am, I just graduated from school." Leo explained with a smile.

The girl was confused as she looked around Leo but didn't see any other bags around him and asked. "And your other bags, did you just bring this?"

Leo finally understood why she was so confused since she saw him and responded. "The other bags will arrive later, I only brought the essentials with me."

The girl finally understood and cracked a smile. "Hello, I'm Sophia Parker, a sophomore at MU. Today I'm responsible for welcoming new students and introducing them to the University."

Leo also introduced himself. "Hello Sophia, I'm Leonardo Lentz, but you can call me Leo. This year will be my first year at MU." Leo responded with a smile.

Sophia felt the power leaking from Leo's body and broke into a small smile. "An Awaken Bronze 4 Stars right after graduating, good talent."

Leo looked at her with a smile and replied. "An Awaken Bronze 5 Stars in MU's second year? Good talent."

Sophia was surprised that Leo saw her Rank, since as she was a Rank higher than him, he wouldn't be able to see her power. But soon she imagined that he deduced that she was Bronze 5 Stars precisely because he couldn't see her power, and as she was only in the second year of MU, it was very difficult for her to already be Pure Silver Rank.

"Good deduction." She replied with a cute smile.

This exchange of the two made the two feel a little more favorable towards each other.

p??d? n?ve? While Sophia liked Leo's reasoning ability, which showed that he wasn't an idiot who only knew how to fight, and also quite polite, Leo liked Sophia's reasoning ability, who just with a few words already deduced that he deduced the power her.

Sophia was standing propped up against a wall as she watched the passengers looking for other students. Please visit fπ‘Ÿπžπ™šπ˜Έπžπ‘π™£π‘œv𝑒Ɩ. c𝐨𝙒

Leo leaned against the wall beside her and asked. "What time are we going to wait here?"

Sophia kept looking at the train passengers as she answered. "Actually this is the last train I should look at. My colleagues have already taken other students who came on other trains to MU, while I stayed here to see if anyone else showed up. After this train leaves we can go to the MU."

Leo soon understood and waited patiently beside her.

Time passed quickly and soon the train was empty, just as Leo imagined, no other passengers appeared.

Blue Pearl City was one of the many small towns where the weaker Awaken lived, and one of the many places where families decided to let their children grow up, as when they got older it would be easier for them to awaken, as well as safer. , as the monsters were weaker.

Most of the talented people in town would go to one of the Big 4 Universities, while only a tiny minority would come to MU, Leo figured there would be at most two more townspeople coming to MU at best, and as it was still the On the first day of student registration, a lot of people were still busy, as was Chris, and would need a few more days to settle in.

Seeing that no one else would come, Leo and Sophia left the train station and headed for MU.

Along the way Leo and Sophia talked a lot. Mainly Sophia, who was explaining a lot of important things, and a lot of "must know" for Leo that could help a lot in his academic life after moving.

But in addition to these tips, the two also talked about their personal lives after Sophia explained about the places they spent at MU.

The University was really big, and many things were different from what Leo was used to, but he knew he would adapt quickly.

Soon they passed in front of a very busy place with many students coming and going.

He was curious and asked Sophia what was that place that so many students were going to even though they didn't have class. From what Leo could see, this wasn't a library, as no one was leaving with a book in hand.

Much less a canteen, as people were leaving very excited for someone that had just eaten.


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