Divine Hack System

Chapter 33 33 - Arriving At Military University
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Chapter 33 33 - Arriving At Military University

First Hanna started with Chris' Quirk demonstration, which was the one she was most curious about.

For Chris, demonstrating his own power was simple, the only thing he had to do was teleport from one place to another.

"The greater the distance, the more tired I get. Even though I'm very tired I can still teleport, but from the tests I've done, there comes a limit that my subconscious says it's dangerous to continue, and I stop." Chris explained.

Hanna nodded, quite satisfied. This Quirk for an assassin would be very useful, he could teleport to the target's side without him noticing and complete the assassination quickly.

The only downside is that he can't teleport to places he doesn't know.

"And you, Lentz?" Hanna asked as she looked at Leo.

This Quirk test had two purposes. One of them was to see if the person's Quirk had any limitations and understand from the user's own mouth the best uses for his Quirk, while the other reason is to see if the person's Quirk is really useful and if he has risen to the current Rank by merit own or if it was a powerful relative that made him rise in rank.

"I have perfect aim." Leo said with a smile before explaining further. "When I awakened my Quirk I had perfect aim within 10 meters of my surroundings, and the higher the level I reached, the greater the range of my aim."

Hanna was surprised to hear this, this really was a very powerful Quirk. Without a weapon in hand it probably made it one of the most useless Quirks, but with weapons in hand it was definitely among the most powerful Quirks she'd ever seen.

"What types of weapons does this work with?" Hanna asked curiously.

"This works with anything. Rocks, bows, firearms, as long as I can throw something the Quirk is already working." Leo said smiling.

He had already planned this. With this revelation, he could already be more valued in MU without having to say that he still had 3 more skills unlocked.

To demonstrate what he said, Leo took a rock on the ground and made a small cut in the bark of a tree.

Then Leo returned to Chris and Hanna's side and threw the rock at the tree.

Hanna guessed they were at least 30 meters from the tree, and the cut Leo made in the tree was so small that only she and Awaken Royal Gold could see it clearly, Chris had to squint to see it a little blurry.

But to Hanna's surprise, the rock Leo threw perfectly hit the small cut he made in the tree!

At this point Hanna had already started to imagine using Leo's Quirk in wars, and while his Quirk was extremely powerful for dealing with monsters, this Quirk's lethality was several times higher when dealing with other humans!

"Very well, you two have been approved for MU, I will send you an invitation letter tomorrow, and as soon as possible you can move to Olive Green City." Hanna said with a serious expression but showing approval before turning and leaving.

She was very pleased with these two boys. While one of the boys has a Special Quirk for locomotion in space, the other has an unusual Quirk that turns him into a sniper!

Leo and Chris looked at each other and smiled proudly. They agreed that after class they would go out to celebrate a lot, and while Leo intended to go to Olive Green City tomorrow, Chris would still be in town for a few more days to hunt some monsters to leave money for his family.

After a few minutes Leo received a message from Liza saying that she was also approved, and that she would go out with Anna to buy the things she would need at the University she passed.

So the day passed quickly.

The next day, Leo boarded a train bound for Olive Green City.

Olive Green City was regarded as the National Military Capital. Most of the city's population is made up of military personnel or relatives of military personnel, making crime in this city practically non-existent.

Leo had already seen reports on the internet of people going out and even leaving their house unlocked without worrying about being robbed, something that was impossible to do anywhere else in the country without having a guilty conscience afterwards.

Being an MU student, in the email Leo received from Hanna yesterday he explained how the housing issue worked.

p??d? n?ve? The housing quotas were divided by series.

90% of the students would stay in shared dormitories with 3 other students, the 9% of the most talented students would be entitled to a comfortable apartment to live alone, or with other people if they wanted to invite someone, while the remaining 1% of the most talented students would have right to a luxurious house with a butler and a maid to tend to him.

This was one of MU's ways of motivating students to become more diligent and train harder, as every 6 months there would be an evaluation where student housing would be reallocated based on his results.

Leo was already used to living in an apartment by himself, for him it was more advantageous to live alone in a simpler apartment than being forced to live in a big house with two employees all the time with him, and he couldn't even fire these two employees, since without them the big house would be all dirty.

Leo knew that a person in charge of MU would be available every day at the train station to greet students arriving in town, and that this person could be recognized by their olive green military uniform.

Just as Leo got off the train he saw a very pretty girl about the same age as him wearing an olive green camouflage uniform as she looked this way and that at the passengers getting off the train.

'It must be her.' Leo thought as he walked towards the girl.


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