Divine Hack System

Chapter 32 32 - Psychological Shadow
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Chapter 32 32 - Psychological Shadow

Chris came to the front of the machine and prepared to throw a punch. Hanna wasn't even bothered to write down the result.

Despite the Military University being very organized and rigorous, they had already abandoned much of the useless bureaucracy.

Before the Awaken came along, the national army was extremely bureaucratized. As long as a person wanted to request a simple thing, he would have to deliver several documents to a person in charge, who would separate these documents for another person in charge, who would probably have to deliver this to one more person, making a simple request that could be approved in some minutes would take several days to be approved.

Of course, for important things documentation was still required, but for something like the physical strength test, the only thing needed was the examiner's verbal confirmation that the conscript had passed.

"Haha, I bet it won't even reach 300kg punch force." Frederick chuckled at Chris' thin arms as he prepared to punch the machine. Please visit f𝗿𝗲𝒆we𝚋n૦𝘃𝚎𝒍. 𝒄o𝚖

While Frederick thought people would agree with him and admire how strong he was, everyone around just kept silent.

Confused, Frederick looked around and saw that everyone was looking away and pretending they weren't listening, while only two people looked at him.

One of them was Leo who looked at him like a clown, and the other person was the pretty woman wearing an olive green outfit with a cold expression.

With the woman's vibrant gaze, Frederick soon realized that he was mocking someone who was likely to study at MU! So what he said can be considered as a slap in the face to MU people.

Frederick quickly looked away and pretended nothing had happened.

Meanwhile Leo thought. 'You always miss the chance to be quiet.'

Chris had adjusted his mental state and soon punched the machine.


[521 kg]

Just when this figure came up people had to control not to laugh out loud, not only was Chris not mocked as Frederick was talking, but he also managed to punch harder than Frederick! Even if it's just 1 kg of difference.

Of course, Leo had to agree that Frederick's punch wasn't delivered with all his strength, both for lack of technique and because he still didn't know how to exert 100% of his own strength because he had recently become an Awaken Bronze 2 Stars. But he wouldn't explain that to anyone.

Chris returned to Leo's side with an excited expression. The last time he measured his own punch at the gym the result was 515kg, but because of the sudden confidence he received from Leo and Hanna's attention, Chris was confident he could do better, who knew he could increase the punch. him at 6 kg just with a good mental state?

Then it was Leo's turn.

The punch power test was different from the weightlifting test he normally did at home.

After all, a person who throws a 500 kg punch may not even be able to lift a 200 kg barbell. Punch involves both technique and explosive power.

Then there was another thing, in the same way that Speed-Hack didn't affect weightlifting, using Speed-Hack in the punch test would help a lot as it could use the kinetic force of a faster speed to greatly increase power. from his punch.

'I don't want to attract so much attention…' Leo thought as he looked at Hanna.

Attracting attention would be a good choice for normal students, but for Leo it could have the opposite effect, so he didn't activate the Speed-Hack.

p??d? n?ve? Boom

Leo's punch sounded, and then the numbers appeared on the machine's screen.

[1,790 kg]

Shock appeared on the faces of the other students. No one could understand why Leo was able to exert such force?

Mainly Frederick, he wanted to challenge Leo for many days, only to find that Leo had a punch more than 3 times stronger than his?

At this point Frederick's anger rose and he forgot about Hanna as he screamed. "That's wrong, the machine must have broken, how does he have the punch so powerful?"

Some students also agreed with Frederick, but no one would be stupid enough to say it out loud.

But to the students' surprise, none of the examiners agreed with them and they just treated it as if it was a natural thing.

Frederick saw that no one said anything to agree with him and was going to be quiet again, but when he saw Leo looking at him with a mocking expression, Frederick couldn't take it anymore and yelled at Leo.

"Why are you laughing?!"

Leo didn't yell either, he just responded calmly. "Of you acting like a clown."

"You who are a clown!" Frederick was furious and ran to punch Leo.

No one around was bothered to intervene, not even Hanna, as she wanted to know how Leo would handle this situation. If he hit Frederick it would tarnish MU's reputation for being 2 Ranks higher than Frederick, if he let Frederick hit him it would also tarnish MU's reputation for him being beaten by someone from another university.

But Leo didn't do anything, or rather, he just opened his hand and grabbed Frederick's wrist.

"Is that all? I don't think you've noticed the difference between the two of us yet." Leo said with disdain as he released the Bronze 4 Stars' coercion force.

Feeling this powerful aura leaving Leo and his hand trapped between Leo's fingers, Frederick finally felt despair.

He was worried so much about revenge the last few days, but now he found out that the target of his revenge was already an Awaken Bronze 4 Stars! He would need at least another year of hunting to reach that Rank, but Leo was already there.

At that moment Frederick's confidence disappeared. In his mind the figure of Leo looking at him with contempt will never disappear and will forever become a psychological shadow.

Seeing this Leo just smirked and let go of Frederick's hand. Leo will never take the initiative to cause someone trouble, but if someone causes him trouble, he'll have no problem hitting back with a heavier hand.

If it weren't for college entrance exams now, Leo wouldn't even hold back Frederick's punch, he'd just throw another punch to his stomach and make him pass out breathless.

With Frederick despondent, Leo let go of his hand and returned to Hanna's side.

She gave a simple thank-you to the examiner who made room for her to use a faster machine and left with the two boys.

"Enough of these boring tests, just this punch test is enough. Let's test your Quirks, if you pass we can go to MU." Hanna said impatiently, she never liked taking these tests, let alone scrutinizing other people's results.

As they went elsewhere to test their Quirk, Leo was thinking about how he was going to explain the Quirk itself.


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