Divine Hack System

Chapter 29 29 - Leo Enjoyed Being Ignored
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Chapter 29 29 - Leo Enjoyed Being Ignored

When Leo saw Chris he was pleasantly surprised, in those days of hunting Chris' strength had risen from Bronze 1 Star to Bronze 2 Stars! And according to what Chris told Leo, if he had a few more days he could probably move up to Bronze 3 Stars too, since when he reached Bronze 2 Stars he had started hunting alone, which made Chris start to feel that his strength was rising much faster.

Leo knew the reason for this, as Chris was hunting alone, all the Exp that came from the monster's death went to Chris alone.

As Chris only had one skill, which was Teleportation, this Exp was split between his skill and his Rank, which was probably starting to get the total needed to reach Bronze 3 Stars.

At this point Leo could feel that if Chris had the same hunting speed as him, Chris would probably already be at Pure Silver Rank and maybe close to Royal Gold Rank. Especially when Leo thought he had spent almost 1 million Exp points between his skills, if he had put all that into Ranking he would probably already be close to Royal Gold.

But Leo would never do that, he knew it was much more profitable to put Exp points into skills to get stronger while hunting more and more powerful monsters, as this would make him get more and more Exp and a snowball would go. to emerge.

So much so that this was the reason why Leo chose to only move up to Pure Silver Rank after the Speed-Hack was at its maximum level.

Liza had skipped class on Friday and used the three days to hunt with Anna, which made Liza feel much more confident. If the two kept hunting together for another two weeks, Liza even believed she could move up to Bronze 3 Stars considering she had already been in Bronze 2 Stars for a few months.

It was at this point that Leo remembered the talent difference, while he needed 2,000 Exp points to move up from Bronze 2 Stars to Bronze 3 Stars, other people needed 10,000 Exp points, or even more points.

And considering that these people normally hunted with 4 or 5 other people, that meant that if the person hunted the same amount of monsters that Leo hunted in one day, the person would need 4 or 5 more days to get the Exp that Leo could. .

Leo's 10 days of hunting experience was equivalent to nearly 2 months of hunting other people, and that difference was only increasing with the speed that Leo was improving and hunting faster.

Considering that other people hunted in groups and perhaps needed more Exp points to rank up, Leo had absolute dominance compared to other people.

Leo, Liza and Chris were talking together as they waited for the teacher for class to start.

After seeing Leo's attitude the last few days Chris was sure the entrance exam would be today, while Liza was 80% sure too.

As she didn't know Leo's contacts, she couldn't be 100% sure on this matter, but considering the way Leo was acting the last few days, it was pretty clear he knew something other people didn't.

In a few minutes the teacher came. To the students' surprise, the teacher they saw was not the teacher scheduled to teach this class now, but Professor Edward.

Seeing Professor Edward arriving further confirmed Chris and Liza's thoughts, as for something as important as the entrance exam, only Professor Edward would be in charge.

But even if they knew, the other students didn't and Professor Edward had to patiently explain everything.

"Good morning everyone, for the joy of many and the sadness of few, today is the entrance exam day." Edward said with a big smile.

Hearing this, the students in the room were shocked. They knew the entrance exam would happen any moment now, but they were still shocked when the time came.

In this last week some students had managed to reach Bronze 2 Stars, but the vast majority were still Bronze 1 Star.

If everything was as it normally is, these Bronze 1 Star students could only go to a second rate University, only if they had a special Quirk would they have a chance to go to one of the Great 4 Universities or even the Military University.

The total number of students in the elite class was 50. There were 41 Bronze 1 Star students, 8 Bronze 2 Stars students and Leo, Bronze 4 Stars, but of course, so far only Professor Edward knew of Leo's strength, not even Chris and Liza knew that Leo was already so strong.

The person who was most shocked that the entrance exam was today was Liza, not because she didn't believe in Leo, but because she started to speculate about Leo's relationship with the military so that he would know the exact day of the entrance exam?

Even regret arose in her heart, as she knew that if she listened to Leo's advice, she would have a few more days to hunt and if she put in even more dedication during all those days, maybe she could even reach Bronze Rank 3. Stars to this day.

But unfortunately there was no remedy for regret. The only thing she could do was look at Leo and Chris with envy.

For Chris because she knew he achieved Bronze 2 Stars just like she did, and since he had a space Quirk, a place at the Military University was guaranteed, and for Leo because she knew he was the person who must have enjoyed the most these days. to hunt, since he was the one who knew the date of the entrance exam, if Leo says he reached the Bronze 3 Stars she would believe him.

Mainly because Leo had told her that he would enter the Military University, the probability that Leo has already achieved Bronze 3 Stars is very high.

Professor Edward waited for the students to calm down and took everyone to the school's training ground.

The field was very big, but unlike when the students had practical classes where the field was normally empty, this time there were some older men and women waiting for them there.

p??d? n?ve? As soon as they arrived at the training ground, Leo saw that most of these people were looking at him with bright eyes.

Leo knew these people were at least Awaken Pure Silver Bronze 3 Stars, and he knew they must have felt the strength of his Bronze 4 Stars.

In addition to the competition result in the practical test they took the week before, where Leo came in first place, Chris came in second and Liza came in third, most likely these people already have the result of that test in their hands, and seeing Leo's face with his strength they have already discovered that he is the most powerful student in this school.

But Leo became interested that among these people, there was only one person who didn't pay much attention to him, and was actually paying more attention to Chris.

That person was a woman in a green camouflage military uniform.

Leo soon deduced that this woman was the representative of the Military University.

From a previous test report, she must have already discovered that Chris has a special Quirk, which is much rarer than a young Bronze 4 Stars.

While the Military University accepted at least 50 students every Bronze 4 Stars year, many years there weren't even students with special Quirks, so Chris' preciousness to her was much greater than Leo's.

Professor Edward also noticed this and was even worried that Leo's pride would be hurt, but when he looked at Leo, he saw something that left him confused.

Unlike what he'd imagined, where Leo would be frowning and maybe even angry, Leo's face actually had a small smile.

'Maybe he's so excited about joining the Military University that he doesn't even care about it.' Edward thought as he sighed in relief.

Edward was a graduate of one of the Big 4 Universities, not even able to study at the Military University, so having a student there was already a huge source of pride for him, and seeing Chris and Leo he felt even more proud, as he would have two students entering the Military University.


Even the Director of the school was present today, especially after knowing that there would be two possible students who would enter the Military University today, the Director came in advance to see this in person, after all, having two students who entered the Military University from his school it was a great source of pride and great publicity for the school, which would open enrollment for the next school year in a few months.

If the school that graduated 2 students from the Military University will make his school the most famous school in town for the next year!

And while Professor Edward thought Leo was happy to enter the Military University, in fact Leo was smiling because he saw that Chris would probably do exactly what he imagined.

With his Quirk he would be a great attention magnet, giving Leo much more freedom to grow without being restricted by the prying eyes of other people, both teachers and students.

'This entrance exam will be even better, with Chris here I can rest assured that everyone's attention will be focused on him.' Leo thought as he smiled.


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