Divine Hack System

Chapter 16 16 - He Looks Like A Shameless Hero!
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Chapter 16 16 - He Looks Like A Shameless Hero!

(Usually the chapters have 1.8k words, but as I had these problems for the past days, today's chapter have 3.2k words. My computer's power supply burned out with a power outage here at home and I had to fix it to get access to my finished chapters. So I put together two chapters and I'm posting them for you. I hope it's a satisfactory apology.)

Leo was aware that his Quirk was much stronger than the Quirks of the other people in the class, mainly because Leo's Quirk was extremely effective against humans. Monsters had much tougher bodies than humans of the same rank, while humans had more powerful attacks than monsters, but while monsters had their battle instincts which allowed them to be able to defeat many humans at once, humans had to train for years to become very proficient with their Quirks. Leo, however, didn't have that problem. With Aim-Bot, Leo could land the shot wherever he wanted within the skill's range if he knew the opponent's location, and with Wall-Hack, that problem had already been solved.

Leo's Aim-Bot had a range of 50 meters around him in all directions, which was greater than the size of the arena. So, as long as Leo has vision of the opponent, the shot would hit.

While Frederick was probably training how to control his own Quirk in the most effective way, Leo already had three Quirks that he was able to masterfully use because of the v2.0 System. With a calm smile on his face, Leo unhurriedly descended from the bleachers towards the arena. The students didn't know that Leo was a Bronze 2 Star, as Leo had just transferred to the Elite class, so this was another very big plus for him. But after Chris' battle, the other students looked at Leo curiously. After all, Chris had awakened a Space Quirk, and as they had seen, Chris was very respectful of Leo.

"If Chris was being so respectful to Leonardo, maybe that means Leonardo's Quirk is even more powerful than Chris's?" a student asked in surprise.

"Is it? It's already so rare for a Space Quirk to appear. It's not possible that Leonardo has a Quirk even rarer than one of those," their friend replied.

"It's not impossible. Even Elizabeth talks to him as an equal, and she's an Awakened Bronze 2 Stars!" the first student said.

These two students weren't the only ones who were talking about it; all across the arena's bleachers students had the same doubt. The only person who didn't think about it was Frederick, who was so angry at Leo for his closeness to Elizabeth that he couldn't think of anything positive about this boy.

Arriving at the arena, Frederick stared at Leo anxiously. Leo was taking his time, so Frederick had to wait for Leo for another 15 seconds before Leo climbed into the arena.

Soon Professor Edward said, "As the two participants are already here, I will start the environment selection and you can start the battle. Remember, no lethal attacks are allowed."

The teacher's last sentence was said as he looked at Leo and the training bow in his hand. Edward had seen Leo kill 2 Star monsters so easily and with such accurate eye shots that he was a little worried that this young man might actually shoot Frederick in the eye.

While this was a practice bow where the arrows were not as sharp as a bow made from real monster materials, still, even a blunt arrow could go through a person's eye and kill them without much difficulty.

At what the teacher said, Leo just gave him a small smile and nodded at him in response. Leo wasn't stupid enough to let a grudge so influence his mind that he wanted to kill the other person at school and tarnish his academic record. Of course, if something like that happened in a forest of monsters without anyone's supervision, Frederick's body would hardly be found. If the person was actively trying to kill him, Leo wouldn't return the threat with flowers.

Soon the arena was shaped into a frozen forest. An expression of surprise appeared on the faces of the two students. Frederick was excited to see that he was lucky that the environment was ice, which favored his glacial Quirk, while Leo was also excited to see that it was a forest where he could get the most out of his three Quirks.

"Start!" Edward yelled over the speakers.

Leo immediately activated the Speed-Hack and started approaching the direction Frederick was heading.

He didn't keep his Speed-Hack activated all the time, because just as his agility was increased by 10% while Quirk was active, his caloric consumption was increased by the same amount, so he would feel hungry and thirsty faster because of the skill. With the physique of an Awakened Bronze 2 Star, Leo moved faster than an Awakened Bronze 1 Star, and with the Speed-Hack, his speed was even faster than the average Awakened Bronze 2 Star!

"My god, how is he running so fast? Is he a sprinter?" one student asked his friend.

"Because it's been so soon since he became an Awakened he must still be a Bronze 1 Star, but his speed is even faster than a Bronze 2 Star!" his friend commented, "He's definitely a sprinter!"

"That's good. While a speed Awakened is rarer and more valued than a regular Awakened, it's still not as rare as someone with a Space Quirk," another student commented.

As they talked, Leo had already come within 30 meters of Frederick.

From the Wall-Hack, Leo saw that Frederick was apparently standing in the same place where they started the battle, apparently controlling the snow in the arena to create ice armor for himself. Leo was surprised by this. Even though the arena was just a semi-physical illusion, it allowed Awakened to use the environment as if it were actually something real. And as dumb as Frederick was, in Leo's view, he was still smart enough to make ice armor after seeing that Leo was using a bow.

'Hehe, that's right, give me some challenge,' Leo thought as he smiled and started to pull the bowstring with the arrow.

"Hey, Leonardo is at least 30 meters away from Frederick. There are so many trees between them. Why is he already aiming his arrow?" a girl asked, confused.

"Is it possible that he found a blind spot between the trees and is going to shoot from that distance?" her friend replied, confused.

But Leo didn't even give them time to speculate further, and in less than a second the arrow was fired.


Instead of the arrow looking for a space between the trees, the arrow flew over the trees, making a parabola from where Leo was to where Frederick was making the armor. Because the Wall-Hack only showed a red outline where the opponent was, Leo didn't know precisely where Frederick was in armor, but imagining that the boy had already at least covered his chest with a layer of ice, Leo shot there.


The muffled noise of the arrow piercing the ice was heard by Leo. With that confirmation, Leo grinned and loaded his bow with another arrow.

Frederick on the other hand was shocked to see an arrow piercing his ice armor. His Quirk allowed him to summon or control ice. Summoning ice out of thin air cost more mana than controlling existing ice, so seeing so much ice, he had quickly come up with the idea of ??making ice armor for himself.

As he was not proficient at this, Frederick just made a crude set of armor, with a 3-centimeter layer of ice that coated his body. But while he was focused on controlling the ice to cover his entire body, an arrow came from the sky and pierced the ice over his chest with ease. But luckily the ice slowed the arrow down enough to only pierce a quarter of an inch into his own skin, causing some blood to come out, but nothing dangerous enough for him to give up the fight.

'Shit, if that was my head I would be dead,' Frederick thought, scared, as he started to spend even more mana to finish protecting his head and not be in so much danger. Startled, Frederick started looking around to try to look for Leo. For Leo to be able to shoot him, Leo was probably watching where he was at the moment, but no matter how much Frederick looked around, he couldn't see Leo at all.

Suddenly, another arrow appeared coming down from the sky. Because of the arrow's high speed, Frederick didn't even react before the arrow had pierced his chest again.


Once again the arrow only cut 0.5 centimeters of his skin, but the blood was starting to seep through the ice armor, making what was once white armor, now turn slightly reddish.

'I need to get out of here!' Frederick finally decided to try to run away, but before he could turn around, another arrow came and connected with his chest again.


Once again, with exactly the same force, the arrow made a wound equal to the other two. Instead of running away from Leo, where Leo would have the distance advantage because of his bow, Frederick took advantage of the armor that gave him security and ran towards Leo, wanting a hand-to-hand confrontation.

But Leo didn't give Frederick a chance. Using Wall-Hack, Leo always kept between 25 and 30 meters from Frederick, giving the boy no opportunity to see where he was.





Every few seconds an arrow pierced Frederick's chest, making him increasingly scared and angry. He couldn't even see Leo but he had already been hit with 10 arrows!


Now 11 arrows!

Leo had 20 arrows in his quiver, but he wouldn't need to spend all the arrows; his artwork would be completed with the next arrow.


p??d? n?ve? By the time the twelfth arrow hit Frederick's chest, the boy's white armor had already turned red from all the blood that was oozing from the 12 wounds on his chest. Even though the ice slowed down the speed of his blood circulation, with so many wounds, the blood slowly formed a pattern on Frederick's chest, outlined by the 12 arrows embedded in his chest.

At that moment, seeing the camera that was filming what Frederick was doing, a chubby student realized that there was something strange about this.

"Bro, doesn't Frederick's chest design look like a c*ck?"

The chubby student's voice wasn't loud, but as everyone was silent due to the shock of Leo's skill, all the students heard what this boy said. And when the students looked at the shape of the arrows embedded in Frederick's chest, they were shocked to realize that it actually looked like a c*ck!

While the boys started to laugh and grab their cell phones to take pictures, the girls were a little shy when they saw the embarrassing image stuck on Frederick with those arrows in his chest. Because of the blood, the drawing was very sharp, and with the white armor, Frederick was looking like a superhero with a symbol on his chest, but the symbol on Frederick's chest was a very shameless symbol!

"Hahahaha, I can't believe Leo did that! He's a genius!" Chris was laughing out loud at what his friend was doing. Chris had seen how good Leo was at controlling the bow, so he knew Leo was definitely doing it on purpose.

Elizabeth's cheeks were red at the sight of Leo's drawing on Frederick's chest, but knowing how arrogant Frederick was, she felt that this really was something he deserved.

Frederick was feeling very weak. He had lost a lot of blood, and with so much ice covering his body, he no longer had the strength to keep moving.

'I couldn't even see him. How am I going to get revenge?' Frederick thought as he knelt wearily in the middle of the ice forest. He had been running for 10 minutes at full speed and didn't even see a sign of Leo beyond the direction the arrows were coming from the entire time.

Finally, as Frederick was on his knees panting, Leo slowly appeared with his calm smile on his face as he aimed the bow at Frederick's head.

"Surrender," Leo said in an indifferent voice.

"I finally see you!" Frederick yelled excitedly, as he prepared to get up and attack Leo.

Leo didn't give him a chance and released the arrow that was in the bow, causing the arrow to fly at high speed at Frederick's head, but because Leo used little force, the arrow only pierced 0.5 centimeters of Frederick's head, which didn't stop the boy from continuing to get up to fight Leo. However, Leo had already lowered the bow. In a second the scenery started to change back to the school arena, and on the screen was written:

[Winner: Leonardo Lentz.]

Frederick was confused as he looked at this and screamed, "I could still fight! Why stop the battle?!"

But Professor Edward said in a cold voice, "You could only keep fighting because Leonardo spared you."

The students were confused to hear this. Everyone saw that Leo's arrows failed to penetrate Frederick's armor, leaving only minor wounds. But Leo didn't even say anything and just took an arrow from his quiver and shot it without thinking into a tree outside the arena.



The arrow flew much faster than the speed the others had been flying during the battle, and when the arrow hit the tree trunk, because of Leo's Bronze 2 Star strength, the arrow pierced at least 6 centimeters!

Even though it was a hard log, the arrow managed to pierce so deeply that the students finally understood. It's not that Leo couldn't pierce Frederick's armor, but rather that Leo didn't want to pierce Frederick's armor, because with that strength strong enough to pierce 6 centimeters through a hard tree trunk, an ice armor like Frederick's would just be like tofu for that arrow. Leo could probably have killed Frederick in the first shot he fired into his chest.

"This strength… Is he a Bronze 2 Star?" The students were shocked to see the strength of Leo's arrow.

Frederick only understood that he was still alive through Leo's goodwill after he stared at the destroyed tree trunk for 20 seconds. Touching his chest, Frederick for the first time in his life felt he was just one step away from dying. If Leo ever used a little more force on those arrows, it would surely have gone through his lung and it would only have been a matter of time before he couldn't breathe anymore.

Without a word, Frederick turned and walked out of the arena with his head down, heading to the infirmary to tend to his wounds. The scene of a student walking around with 13 arrows stuck in his body was very funny to other people, even more so that he had an arrow dangling from his head and 12 arrows in a funny shape in his chest. Many people couldn't resist and laughed without worrying that Frederick would hear.

To Frederick, their laughter at this point was irrelevant. Being so close to death, the only thing he could think about was how good it was to be able to continue living. Frederick's anger at Leo didn't go away, but it could be said that he would no longer have the courage to try to fight someone who could kill him so easily in the future.

While some people laughed, others talked about Leo's strength, trying to know if he was a Bronze 1 Star or 2 Star Awakened. And Leo didn't worry about that, just walking back with a smile to where Chris and Liza were sitting.

"Hahaha, dude, that was so hilarious!" Chris was still laughing at Leo's drawing of the arrows on Frederick's chest.

Meanwhile, Liza was blushing and just said, "Congratulations for the victory," before looking away, still thinking about Frederick's chest drawing and how funny it was.

Leo was surprised to see Liza shy like that. Not even when they had flirted was she was shy like that, always keeping a calm expression as if everything was under control.

The next battles were quite tedious for Leo. The strength of the other students was too weak for him to bother watching. Liza just fought one battle and won easily. Her Quirk was a power that allowed her to summon butterflies that flew to targets, but these butterflies exploded with a mental command from Liza, so after knocking out the first student, people started to give up the battles against her. Chris fought 2 more battles and won both, before the other students also gave up fighting him. And Leo only needed to shoot an arrow at the beginning of the battle into a student's chest 30 meters away for the student to give up in fear.

After that, no one wanted to fight the three of them anymore. Whenever their name fell against another person, that person would give up immediately. When the top 4 were decided, the fourth student immediately dropped out of fighting Leo in the semi-finals.

Liza tried to fight Chris, but as he didn't fight for long, with full mana he just teleported behind her with his dagger in Liza's neck and she gave up.

This surprised the other students, as a Bronze 1 Star Awakened managed to beat a Bronze 2 Star! Finally the students understood why Space Quirks were so valued by Universities.


And Chris, knowing that Leo had divine aim and was much faster than him, just gave up fighting Leo, leaving the grand finale with a very anti-climactic ending.

But with everything that happened this time, Liza, who was previously recognized as the most powerful student in the Elite class, was now considered only the third most powerful, while Chris, a student who arrived today, became the second place, and Leo, a student who arrived yesterday became the best student in the class in terms of battle.

It was understandable that Chris would become the Top 2, but no one could understand what Leo's Quirk was. He could know where the opponents were even with several obstacles between them, he never missed an arrow, he was faster than regular Awaken who were Bronze 2 Stars. He was practically a perfect soldier!

As the students chatted, Edward looked at Leo's trio and got a proud smile. Before he had only one student in the class who had a chance to get into one of the Big 4 Universities, but now he had three students, and these two new students had a high chance of getting into the Military University!

Just being a teacher to these students would bring Edward great prestige, as well as a lot of benefits for the school!


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