Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 3421 Voidslime Realm Eater’s End?
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Chapter 3421 Voidslime Realm Eater's End?

Davis turned his head to look at three men with Level Nine Immortal King Stage undulations step past the Jade Lotus Valley's gates as they owned it, each one of their expressions filled with arrogance, their gazes filled with excitement as they turned to look around at the beauties.

However, they soon noticed the spatial vortex in the sky and the strange atmosphere in the sect, noticing something was wrong.

Why was it almost empty?

Why was there a man in a female-only sect? Did he break their gates?

"Woah, if it isn't top disciple Jade Aurora? The mysterious yin lotus user is there, too."

"Talk about meeting them before we could even poison the irrelevant chicks to death. Today is a lucky day. Aha!"


While two of them were drunk in the opportunity to kill Jade Aurora and Natalya, one of the so-called Deathly Knights dressed in a green robe finally noticed something strange about the man and the weird black-purple thing that hovered behind him.

The undulations the weird black-purple thing gave was of Immortal Emperor, but it should not be possible considering this mini realm could not contain such entities and would not allow them to enter. Utmost, they could send some attacks at the entrance, or if they had specific coordinates, they could launch a burst of instantaneous attack that would last for less than a second, but that was even more difficult than attacking from the entrance.

The undulations the weird black-purple thing gave was of Immortal Emperor, but it should not be possible considering this mini realm could not contain such entities and would not allow them to enter. Utmost, they could send some attacks at the entrance, or if they had specific coordinates, they could launch a burst of instantaneous attack that would last for less than a second, but that was even more difficult than attacking from the entrance.

Regardless, he knew it shouldn't be possible for an Immortal Emperor to appear inside this space, so what it should be unleashing would merely be a cover, or so he thought before arriving at another conclusion.

"Is… is that a heaven-tier space-attributed spirit?" His eyes went wide as he looked at the others.

"Holy heavens! I have never seen one like that!"

"What do you think is its ranking in the Immoral King Grade Space Attribute Source Chart?"

They reacted with greed flashing in their eyes, appearing to no longer care about the Jade Lotus Valley's disciples.

"Maybe we should ask him."


The green-robed man who first noticed glanced at Davis, his lips curling as his expression turned devious.


Davis raised his hand, "You poison experts still don't recognize me…?"

"Who are you? Are you supposed to be some young master we should be careful about?"

"Pui!" The green-robed man spat on the ground, his spit corroding the tiles and creating a thick hole that would make anyone shudder in fright, "I'm the Emerald Deathly Knight. My emerald poison can even kill Level Two Immortal Emperors, so why the fuck should I care about you? If it weren't for this chick killing the Northern Sphere Bandit's seventh son, we wouldn't even be here as we got better things to do."

"Indeed, if it weren't for the Northern Sphere Bandit's request, we wouldn't even care about some sect that is in its last legs." Cackled one of the other two men.

They both wore blood-red robes, appearing quite vengeful.

The last Deathly Knight spoke, "If you obediently cooperate with us, perhaps we'll leave you with an intact corpse. Otherwise, don't blame us if your own family doesn't recognize you."


The three of them laughed heartily and shared in their harmony with sneers and a mocking gaze that was filled with delight over their opponent's misfortune.


Davis made a worried expression.

If he attacked and killed them, would he interfere in Jade Aurora's future?

Tia warned him not to interfere much, but these three vermin were getting on his nerves.

But turning to look at the Voidslime Realm Eater that was trying so hard to think how to escape with its nonexistent brain, he inwardly sighed and walked towards the so-called Deathly Knights.

He couldn't wait any longer.

"How the three of you don't recognize me is beyond me. Call it your life's misfortune to pay not enough attention to world news."

"World news? Tsk, tsk. The world should pay attention to us."

The green-robed man cackled as he stepped forward, "He's mine. Don't interfere."

"Then we'll enjoy ourselves with our beauties over here."

They laughed from behind, looking at him turn behind and wave them a middle finger.

The Emerald Deathly Knight turned around, his chilling gaze locking onto the purple-robed man.

"Oh? To think you're still approaching me... How brave of you."

He sneered and waved his hand, summoning a wave of thick emerald gas to spread forward.


Jade Aurora opened her mouth, wanting to say that the poison was highly toxic and corrosive, but then wondered if Davis really needed such a warning since his first wife was also a poison expert. Surely, he knew the dangers.

However, Jade Aurora shuddered, looking at him and walking right into its field.

"Ahaha! Courting death! You-"

The Emerald Deathly Knight looked like they had never seen an idiot and laughed out loud. However, his laugh was cut short as he saw the purple-robed man remain impervious and walk towards him as though his poison didn't exist.

"Ha! So you have a poison-resistant body and clothes. I thought you were an idiot, but- no wonder you dare to be this brave…"

The Emerald Deathly Knight formed hand seals, causing countless runes to appear before him, "Have you heard of Hex Laws?"

He grinned, causing Davis to come to a stop.

Davis narrowed his eyes, wanting to see what kind of attack it was, but then shook his head.

"At least you got something special to do justice to your fancy title…"

"Heh~" The Emerald Deathly Knight smirked, "At least, you got some brain-"


Before he even got to complete his sentence, he exploded into a shower of blood, filling the area with a bloody scent while causing everyone's eyes to go wide.

What they saw was just a normal punch, but the shockwave it sent erupted like a volcanic explosion.

"Impossible! The Emerald Deathly Armor can even withstand Level Three Immortal Emperor Stage attacks!"

Who were they?

They were the future Generals of the Poison Haven. They had proved themselves in countless battles and were finally dawned on the Deathly Poison Knight Armors that have been passed down for hundreds and thousands of years.

Even among Peak-Level Immortal King Grade Armors, they were extremely special and lasted for many lifetimes.

Once they became Immortal Emperors, the armor would recognize them and utilize their powers, becoming capable of even being able to defend against attacks from Level Four Immortal Emperors! These armor were basically like their Legacy Artifacts forged through countless killings, but for it to break and scatter without any resistance whatsoever didn't make sense at all!


Just as the blood-red-robed Deathly Knights expressed their disbelief, they saw the purple-robed man appear before them like a specter!

They couldn't even recognize that he moved!

With an indifferent expression, Davis captured their heads with his palms and smashed their heads against each other, causing their heads to explode along with their souls. Only their lower jaws were left, and the resulting fountain of blood that swelled from their throat splashed everywhere.

However, Davis was already back near Jade Aurora, checking the karmic sin he plundered from them and satisfactorily nodded.

"Close the gates and secure the perimeter."

He glanced at Jade Aurora, "Clear the scene quickly, as we probably don't have enough time. If anything goes wrong, this entire mini realm could collapse."


Jade Aurora squeaked under the abnormal pressure. His commands were like imperial edicts. She wanted to express many things but saw that he was abnormally in a hurry while this thing before them made him seem worried.

She didn't understand what was going on but trusted him.

The disciples and elders of the Jade Lotus Valley who returned from flying also how the Divine Emperor of Death took them down, so they had no words to say other than flee.


A few moments later, Stella revealed herself as her manifestation entered the void, causing space to rumble.

She stretched out her hand, causing space to tremble in her wake before they descended. It caused cracks to appear, and space wobbled in its trajectory as though it couldn't withstand the pressure, but Stella's control was fine and instinctual.

She controlled her powers to the limit and locked onto the Voidslime Realm Eater with her spatial arts, spatial roots manifesting out of thin air as they encased it.


The Voidslime Realm Eater noticed that it was being attacked again and roared, but it was easily caught. It couldn't do anything with its physical body alone. Its instinctual decision to take this form and escape had become its weakness at this moment, causing it to be captured. It never would've thought an Immortal King could've succeeded in capturing it.


Stella's shout came from the spatial vortex, and Davis dispersed his spirit formation, allowing Stella to retrieve the Voidslime Realm Eater. At the spatial vortex, it was firmly caught in her grasp and was unable to do anything other than scream in a threatening manner. freewebn(o)vel.com

At the same time, Davis's soul body appeared before her, entering the spatial vortex.

Davis blinked, seeing that Stella had already built a spatial tunnel to the First Haven World in the meantime, leaving him amazed by her prowess. Looking at her, he saw that she was low-key exhausted with her baggy eyes despite her smiling brightly, causing him to pat her shoulder.

Maintaining this safe space should've been extremely hard on her, causing him to smile as he knew he made the right decision to be swift with ending those so-called Deathly Knights.

He exited along with her to make sure things went in the right direction, but his main body was still in the Jadedrite Sword Mini Realm, beside Natalya as he watched Jade Aurora command her fellow disciples to bring order to the chaotic atmosphere that he had just caused.

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