Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 2219: Difference Between
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Chapter 2219: Difference Between


The ray of light unceremoniously fell on Davis without being stopped by Founder Alstreim Windstorm, who deeply smiled. However, instead of turning Davis into ashes, it made him hover in mid-air and begin to heal his injuries.

The laceration all over his flesh began to plug up magically,

'Hmm? This is… a soul body…? No, an avatar?'

The Light Sky Wolf Immortal Beast narrowed its eyes at the retreating Dark Ironroar Palace's Immortal before she turned to look at Davis as her immortal beast energy healed him.

She was finding it hard to heal his soul as her light energy provided little to no results in healing souls, but since Davis was only a mortal, who's base prowess somehow didn't reach their suppressed state yet still reached when he released some kind of ungodly technique that controlled Blood Reaper Underworld's Immortal into beheading himself, she understood that he exhausted himself in order to do that and is on the verge of fainting, consequently realizing that his base prowess is still very low, at the very least, at the eighth level of the Ninth Stage which allowed her to heal his soul, albeit slowly.

However, the Light Sky Immortal Beast still appeared shocked as she looked at Davis with her enormous and wide sapphire eyes.

To think his avatar alone was capable of this destruction. However, since he was called the Emperor of Death, known for his devastating might in Soul Forging Cultivation using Death Laws, she didn't bother to give many points to his soul body.

Taking her gaze off of him and looking into the distance, she confirmed that the wicked path Immortals were no longer in this Territory as they pierced through the Territory Fog and left.

"Your eminence…!"

Everlight arrived halfway before Davis when the Light Sky Wolf Immortal's paw blocked her way, causing her to look more worried.

"Come on. I won't harm your descendant." Founder Alstreim Windstorm chuckled, "You saved my descendant, so I owe you one."

"You don't owe me anything, human." The Light Sky Wolf Immortal flapped her gracious white wings, "That young human has already paid the price by protecting my Magical Beast Sanctuary. Fortunately, he didn't use slave seals but used mutually agreeable Blood Soul Contracts, or I wouldn't be this courteous."

Davis sat up in mid-air, his eyes still blurry from exhaustion.

"If you can sit up, I assume you don't need my help anymore."



The Light Sky Wolf Immortal looked at Everlight and didn't rescind the ray of light energy that continued to heal Davis.

However, even though his senses were blurry, he still heard Everlight's worried voice, unable to understand why she would care about his well-being. Was she just acting as a loyal subordinate?

In fact, the Light Sky Wolf Immortal thought the same thing, narrowing her eyes at Everlight in scrutiny.

It took a while before Davis managed to stand up, finally feeling his strength return, although he still experienced massive headaches that occasionally sent him into a spiral of pain, making his head throb. However, he didn't show it on his face and glanced at the Light Sky Wolves.

"Everlight, I didn't expect anyone to come save me, much less you."

Everlight opened her maw, "Emperor of Death, I… we swore to protect you and the Alstreim Family in times of need as you did for us, and this time is precisely where I can show that your good faith wasn't misplaced."


Davis didn't think she had such intentions in her heart. Knowing Everlight, he hadn't seen her lie, so he decided to swallow her words as he returned a smile.

"Then, I am thankful to you for coming to my aid."

"I didn't do anything." Everlight's pure white tail lightly shook, "It was thanks to ancestor immortal I was able to aid your eminence."

Davis didn't say no more and smilingly nodded.

"I'm interested in that King-Tier Emperor Beast Stage Wolf you claim as your women. However, that can wait."

The Light Sky Wolf Immortal opened her mouth as she mentioned Nadia, turning to look at her descendant, "Everlight, let's go. We're going back to defend our Magical Beast Sanctuary as you have offended the Grand Viridian Beast Mountain Range. Fortunately, they're in an incursion to plunder the Vast Sky Emperor Palace Territory, but we can't be sure that they won't invade our Magical Beast Sanctuary halfway."

The Light Sky Wolf Immortal brought away Everlight as they left the battlefield, leaving Davis and Founder Alstreim Windstorm alone.

'So that's why the two immortals in Heaven Mandate Temple didn't interfere in this battle...' Davis contrived as he understood those immortals probably left to defend the massive magical beast invasion.

The messaging talisman from All-Seeing Emperor kept ringing for some time already, so this must be what he tried to convey to him. Sure enough, he took it out and confirmed that it was the case.

Apparently, the Grand Viridian Beast Mountain Range had gained an Immortal Beast, a Cyan Soul Rat Immortal.

The Heaven Mandate Temple and Heaven Gazing Sect's two immortals seemed to have clashed with a Cyan Soul Rat Immortal Beast in the Vast Sky Emperor Palace Territory, engaging in a sky-shattering battle, even now as his thoughts were swirling.

Moreover, it seemed that this Cyan Soul Rat Immortal was identified as the one who ascended from the Grand Viridian Beast Mountain Range recently.

He had heard that this Cyan Soul Rat Immortal was a King-Tier Magical Beast, but after becoming an Immortal Beast Stage after ascension, its bloodline rank should've naturally decreased, which made him feel although it shouldn't be strong as a King-Tier Immortal Beast, it should be still stronger than the Light Sky Wolf Immortal Beast, probably making it difficult for the Heaven Mandate Temple and Heaven Gazing Sect's two immortals to fight against it.

'There's no immortal for the Vast Sky Emperor Palace…?' Davis felt doubtful.

The three Great Righteous Sects seemed to have immortals but not the Vast Sky Emperor Palace? Why hadn't he still heard of one appearing?

He couldn't help but worry for his family and contacted Evelynn, but she said the situation was calm and the palace they were in was protected by Myria, making him feel assured.

Nonetheless, although many powers didn't have stories of ascensions, he felt skeptical over the many truths hidden, like Founder Alstreim Windstorm being alive when he had been pronounced dead. He couldn't be sure if a random power from yore would pop out of nowhere suddenly and start to claim Territories.

*Whoosh!~* ꜰʀᴇᴇ ᴡᴇʙ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ

At this moment, Ancestor Cornelia swooped in as she transformed into an old lady with white hair tied in a bun, her worried gaze falling on Davis.

"Child, are you fine? Where's Lea?"

"Fret not." Davis smirked, "She's safe with my main body."


Ancestor Cornelia heaved a breath but noticing that the immortal beside them was staring at her with a wide smile, she blinked, wondering if she had said something that she hadn't.

"You are…?" Even though she knew, she couldn't help but want to confirm.

"Ah, pardon my manners." Founder Alstreim Windstorm's smile disappeared, replaced with a respectful gaze, "I am Alstreim Family's Founder, Alstreim Windstorm. I have seen the glorious achievements of Sect Master Cornelia of the Burning Phoenix Ridge with my own eyes. You can call me Little Alstreim."

"… Don't say that." Ancestor Cornelia slightly blushed, "It's embarrassing as I have not made progress ever since the time you were a youngster while I was the Sect Master, but you're a strong immortal already. I'm nothing but an old ancestor on the verge of death."

Davis's lips parted, surprised that these two knew each other. However, considering that the Alstreim Family was formed within the last hundred thousand years while Ancestor Cornelia was more than two hundred thousand years old, he came to understand that they might have had some interactions in the past.

Founder Alstreim Windstorm's gaze became complex, "Ah, Ancestor Cornelia. Do you know how many years passed from the time I was announced dead?"

"Mhm… that would be… eighty thousand years. However, I can't be too sure."

Ancestor Cornelia shook her head. However, Founder Alstreim Windstorm sucked in a cold breath of air, his body trembling, "To think so much time has passed since I left."

He kept shaking his head, once again scanning Ancestor Cornelia with his eyes as though he couldn't believe it but had no choice but to nod his head, even repeatedly, as though he still had trouble digesting it.

His actions caused Davis to blink, "Founder, it seems like you just heavily realized something."

"That's right." Founder Alstreim Windstorm heavily nodded, "It's only been eight thousand years since I ascended."


Davis and Ancestor Cornelia stared at him in incredulity.

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