Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1494 - Half-Eaten Meat
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Chapter 1494 - Half-Eaten Meat

Elizar Yantra blurted out in incredulity as he saw the Martial Overlord, who wore a black wolf mask. His mind said that the other party was lying, but he felt that this should be the truth somewhere in his heart.

"Many powerhouses had tried to get here in the annals of history, but none of them managed to enter. And if you’re wondering why I told you this, then that’s because you’re going to die, and a dead man tells no tales."


Elizar Yantra shook his head, sounding pleading and desperate as he lay on his deathbed, which is the dirty ground, "Please let me go... I... I don’t want any of this... I want my life- I... I will give anything to you. You can have all my wealth... I don’t need anything! If- If you like my v.i.r.g.i.n daughters, you can take all of them... please...!"

He was scared, deeply terrified of this person. He still couldn’t understand why this person would beat him up like this!

Davis’s expression was unamused before he sighed.

"Even while pleading, you manage to make me angry. You’re that special kind of idiot whom everyone secretly disdains, even if you’re a powerhouse who stands on top of the world..."

"Please... I beg you...!"

Elizar Yantra trembled as he saw those cold sapphire eyes. He didn’t know how many times that he had escaped death today. He didn’t want to die no matter what!

"Just why? You and I have no enmity-"

"No enmity?"

Davis sounded amused before he removed his hood. Blonde hair fell over his shoulders and back, instantly causing Elizar Yantra’s pupils to dilate.

"Maybe you have a recollection of this hair color?"

"You... You’re an Alstreim...?"

"Indeed..." Davis grinned behind the mask, "Can you guess who I am?"

"I..." Elizar Yantra appeared mortified, trying extremely hard to match this person with someone from his memories. He recalled all the Grand Elders but then realized that not one of them was at the Martial Sage Stage, much less the Martial Overlord Stage.

How could they become a Martial Overlord Stage Powerhouse so soon!?

"Forget it because you won’t be able to." Davis shook his head, "I am the worst outcome born from the schemes you had for the Alstreim Family, so now you know why you deserve to die."

"Wait... I don’t understand what you mean...! It is true that I schemed against the Alstreim Family but-"

His expression abruptly froze as he recalled that Faragin Yantra sent a report that he trapped a young maiden in the secret entrance of the Forsaken Phoenix Realm to ensure that Nora Alstreim wins the Young Mistress Competition so that they control her to get to Grand Elder Valdrey Alstreim and other resources to destabilize the Alstreim Family and internally weaken them.

"Claire Alstreim..."

He uttered the name he had been looking for but the person in front of him, how could ’he’ be Claire Alstreim!?

"You know my name?"


A female voice resounded when a giant avian beast abruptly landed on the ground beside them, flapping its thirty-meter-long wings. It carried many people on its back before one of them alighted. She wore a luxurious crimson robe and a beautiful tiara that was befitting of an empress.

Elizar Yantra looked towards them and saw the woman before he felt that she was none other than Claire Alstreim, as she admitted. He didn’t know her face as she was nothing but a small pawn in the grand scheme of destruction he had for the Alstreim Family.

Was she the reason he was here?

It was quite ironic that he was completely dumbfounded, no, stupefied that he couldn’t think of anything other than that he was dumb.

"Mother, as you expected one day, I’m here with the Elizar Yantra. I have sealed his cultivation base while I broke his spinal cord. He wouldn’t be able to move unless it heals itself, so his body tempering cultivation is basically useless, and he couldn’t attack you with his soul or his other cultivation systems since I’m heavily suppressing him my Soul Suppression Art. Therefore, you can do as you wish, mother."

Davis then looked at his old bud, the Golden-Horned Wyvern that was carrying everyone.

To be exact, the Golden-Horned Wyvern was no longer the same Mortal Rank Species Magical Beast. It had mutated to Earth Rank and became a King-Tier Magical Beast when fed with a bit of the Million Emerald Vines Calamity’s Nectar.

Its horn was still golden, but it had become crystallized, emitting a powerful radiance of Metal Laws.

It had become a Goldcrystal-Horned Wyvern!

Davis inwardly nodded to its improvement before he looked at Edgar Alstreim.

"You too, grandfather."

Edgar Alstreim nodded as he alighted, but Claire had already neared the helpless sc.u.m Elizar Yantra by this time while Elizar Yantra was utterly confused.

How could this woman, Claire Alstreim, be the mother of a Martial Overlord Stage Powerhouse!?



Her eyes turned cold as she stomped right on his face, her blunt heel heading right towards his teeth as it crushed.


*Bang!~* *Bang!~* *Bang!~*

Elizar Yantra looked shook as he saw the woman stomp his face. However, he wasn’t harmed at all due to his Body Tempering Cultivation Base being higher and mightier than the woman. She failed to injure him but still kept stomping his face with her foot, making him feel extremely humiliated!

Seeing that her stomps didn’t injure but humiliated, Claire kept at it with intensity. However, she wanted more. She moved to the side a little and kicked.

"No! Wai-~"


Elizar Yantra screamed before his eyes rolled back, sheer pain taking over his lower body as he twitched helplessly. It didn’t end with one. The second kick came, bringing him back to life! The third kick came, making him almost faint again!

Claire practically used all her physical force and martial might in wanting to crush that sc.u.m’s pride, but no matter how she tried, she was unable to do so other than injure it. Her ample bosoms heaved in anger. She wanted to kill him but then gave way to her father, who appeared by her side.


This time, Edgar Alstreim’s kick to the crotch with his full prowess exploded Elizar Yantra’s crotch. Blood splashed over his pants before Edgar Alstreim icily harrumphed towards the severely trembling Elizar Yantra.

"You deserve to experience the worst death possible in life..."

He bent down and took out a dagger that was at Peak-Level King Grade. Enveloping it with his martial energy, he made an incision over Elizar Yantra’s robes, tearing apart his stomach.

Elizar Yantra had just regained his drifting consciousness when he once again attempted to plead delirously.

"No... pleas- Yiahhh!!"

Searing heat began to envelop his innards that Elizar Yantra screamed atop of his lungs as if he was being slaughtered like a pig again, no, roasted alive from the inside.

Edgar Alstreim had a frigid expression as his palm laid over the incision, sending out blazing flames of the Law Dominion Stage inside his body.

Davis was taken aback as he watched his grandfather’s ruthless side. It was the same for everyone else who was here. Tia Alstreim could not see it anymore as she hid in her mother’s embrace. However, invoking her courage, she moved her head and saw and heard the cruelty with her eyes and ears.

After a whole minute, Edgar Alstreim felt that it was enough and stood back.

However, Elizar Yantra still didn’t die, but he did look utterly burnt, his eyes appearing bloodshot and his entire flesh appearing to be burnt almost black!

"Woah, I didn’t know that a ninth stage cultivator could not be killed by a lower-level cultivator who is two stages lower in the later stages even though the ninth stage cultivator is practically burning to death. Is this the difference between heaven and earth?"

Davis beat his left palm with his right fist as if he understood

"Thank you, Elizar. You have become a valuable reference for us all."


Elizar Yantra coughed out blood from sheer anger, looking at Davis with hatred.

Obviously, that was not the case! He could still be killed by lower-level attacks, but that would take more time! But that was not the point! They were intent on humiliating him!

Nevertheless, even after the roasting session, his blood still didn’t evaporate. He still had his life with him, although his body may be critically injured. He didn’t lose complete hope in this despairing situation and asked.

"Is... that... enough? Can we have a talk... where we-"

"Unfortunately for you, I am not that stupid..." Davis interrupted before he added, "And wasn’t stupid, wanting to take you on when I was weaker. I waited, bided my time, became stronger, and then took you on, all while remaining low-key to you. You didn’t see this coming at all, did you? Heck, you wouldn’t have even expected Xanbas Goldsky to become my slave."

Elizar Yantra’s bloodshot eyes shook.

Ancestor Xanbas Goldsky, a slave?

Then that means...

"Do you know to understand the reason why that Imagery Stone exists? Yes, it’s because of me as you thought now..."

Elizar Yantra suddenly felt the whole world sink, making him feel like he was falling towards hell.

The way this youth said it... It was as if he planned everything from the start? From him talking to Ancestor Xanbas Goldsky and other Ancestors before being investigated by the Mystic Ice Sect and the Thousand Pill Palace to this point?

A heavy feeling filled his soul as he felt his hope being crushed into fragments.

There’s no way he would be left alive, right?

"That’s right," Davis grinned evilly, "Feel the despair fill the depths of your soul. I think I’m very merciful in granting you knowledge of how you died, and maybe in the next life, if you ever regain your previous life memories, come and defeat me as I defeated you. I will be eagerly awaiting you, my family’s nemesis..."

"No... no... no..."

Elizar Yantra seemed to have become delirious. All the intent he had to take revenge on them later disappeared, leaving with purely wanting to leave alive from this place!

"Davis, he smells good..."

Nadia licked her lips suddenly as she voiced out her comment while coming out of concealment.

Davis’s eyes lit up. He was thinking of how he should end Elizar’s life, and with Nadia’s interruption, he made up his mind as he turned to look at her.

"Nadia, I’m sorry that we cannot cook an excellent recipe containing human meat for you, but you can make do with this crispy and roasted human meat, right?"

Nadia nodded her head twice, her golden eyes flashing with delight.

"You are not human... You are all are not..."

On the other hand, Elizar Yantra was completely terrified. He recognized this wolf as the Dark-Winged Twilight Wold, but at this moment, his mind could care less about the implications as he felt that he had become the prey, locked on by an apex predator.

"Damn, I’m just feeding my wi- willful magical beast mount. Why so serious?"

Davis smirked, but inwardly, he screamed that he almost messed up by saying, wife.

"Bastard!" Elizar Yantra lost it, "It’s my life that you’re going to fe- Ahh!!! No!!"


Nadia’s leg stomped on his body before she began to devour him. Her fangs sunk into his abdomen as she took a whole bit and swallowed his stomach, blood splashing everywhere while she chewed his flesh and digested his dantian.

*Rip!~ Crunch!~ Gulp!~*

Subsequently, she swallowed his upper body whole, digesting his middle dantian and his head as she chewed his entire flesh, gaining energy from it as well.

Elizar Yantra died when his head was crushed underneath her sharp fangs. Brain matter, and juicy blood flowing in her mouth as a result which she tasted and licked it clean of her mouth.

During the whole feast, she possessed a satisfied expression on her face! Her prowess grew more, but she still stayed at the same stage and level, her bloodline quality limiting her growth.

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