Divine Emperor of Death

Chapter 1130 I Must Leave
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Chapter 1130 I Must Leave

Davis watched Sophie Alstreim leave with a complicated expression on his face. That’s right, he didn’t truly leave but garnered her reaction, and to say the least, it satisfied his concern.

But he sighed, ’Phew... Talking to a woman who had already confessed to me, and I rejected is difficult...’

He knew how she felt.

Like a jerk, he observed her with his Heart Intent, and he could feel that she felt emotions like desire, affection, and admiration. He knew the latter two were targeted at him, and it was evident without even having to use Heart Intent.

He had forced her to take the twenty milliliters of the nectar, regardless of how she felt, because he wanted to put an end to these romantic emotions she possessed for him.

Perhaps, it was his own way of soothing himself but looking at it now, as to how Sophie Alstreim felt. It was unknown if she managed to put down her feelings for him as it seemed to remain strong.

She is a good woman, and he admired her character, but he could not accept her just because she had feelings for him. Other than compassion and admiration towards her character, he found it difficult to find any other emotion pointed at her in his heart.

If he took the Imperial Castle as an example, it was unknown how many women, maids liked him, willing to warm his bed. They all possessed similar feelings towards him, and he couldn’t possibly accept each one of them. The same went to these Alstreim Family women who tried to obtain his favor.

He had thought of Natalya the same until she hit him with her strong emotions, seducing him on that night, but since he accepted her, he slowly started to have romantic feelings after coming to know more about her before he wholeheartedly began to love her.

She possessed a strong will to be with him. It could be said that Natalya forced open her path despite being clumsy, crushed open his heart to the idea of possessing a harem. Without her, he would’ve found it difficult to have even confessed to Princess Isabella at that time.

In any case, he just couldn’t see these women whom he intentionally maintained a distance in a romantic light, and the only one to whom he gave a bit of attention was Sophie Alstreim, so he didn’t want her to misunderstand that there was still a chance.


’How can I continue to deny her without breaking her heart?’ Davis wryly smiled.

There was no solution for this except severing the dim Karma Thread that connected them. However, he didn’t want a repeat of Mo Mingzhi’s situation where she would start crying in anguish as if she had lost something that she cherished. He didn’t want to break her mind either, so he could only leave things as they are.

He shook his head ruefully before approaching Evelynn’s room.

He pushed open the door and saw that both Evelynn and Natalya were having fun conversing with each other with smiles on their faces.

"Husband!" They both echoed in surprise.

"You’re back? I thought you went back to our home!" Evelynn’s eyes lit up.

Davis wryly smiled. He had told them that there might be a possibility that he might cave in and go along with Isabella, and it seems like they really thought that he would leave.

"Home?" Davis said as he approached them and sat on the bed.

"If all things go well, starting from this moment, the Grand Alstreim City would be our home."

"Wherever you are is home for me..." Natalya shrugged.

Davis appeared taken aback before he chuckled, "You got me there..."


"Ah! Natalya~ What are you doing?" Evelynn echoed as she saw her flash towards Davis. She sat on his lap, clinging to his lap while laying her head on his chest.

"Taking revenge for the humiliation I received in front of two sisters..."

Natalya reached out her lips and started kissing Davis out of her own volition. Her rosy lips smeared her taste on him while her tongue tangled with his, dancing like snakes. She pushed her bosoms towards his chest, causing him to embrace her tightly.

Evelynn became taken aback as her cheeks blushed red, "You! Stop it!"

Natalya separated as she hazily looked at Davis with passion. But she then smilingly cast a look at Evelynn, "Big sis, didn’t we decide the one who kisses husband first will get to shower in his love?"

"Natalya, you are not supposed to reveal that!~" Evelynn screamed as she appeared aggrieved.

"I’m sorry big sis, but I can no longer wait to please husband..." Natalya slyly giggled.

Evelynn snorted before she turned her gaze away, looking annoyed.

Indeed, they did make a bet like that, but because Davis came back, she momentarily forgot about it, and Natalya beat it to her. Now, she would have no choice but to wait for her turn.

"You two..." Davis felt flabbergasted.

Wasn’t he supposed to be the one pushing them for dual cultivation? Could they actually be in heat?

He suddenly felt sorry.

He had the same idea, but after meeting with a two-layered assassination attempt by two powers, he felt that he should save those two aphrodisiacs for another day, but now looking at their expressions that were full of love and desire, he felt conflicted.

"Husband, is something wrong?" Natalya felt that it was strange.

She knew his character, and he would instantly push her down, not caring about Evelynn’s gaze. It would be plausible that he would make her run away. However, he still hadn’t made a move, making her confused.

Evelynn also turned to look at him in confusion. His lust still hadn’t been unleashed yet?

Davis pursed his lips before he answered, "I just met with an assassination attempt by two Law Sea Stage Experts..."


Evelynn and Natalya simultaneously echoed in shock before they flashed half a meter beside him as they started to look for injuries. However, even after rustling his entire wardrobe with their senses, they failed to find anything of concern.

Davis watched them become panicked, but he didn’t say anything and watched the worry in their eyes. It soothed his heart.

"Thankfully, nothing seemed to have happened..." Evelynn’s pupils shook.

"What about internal injuries!?" Natalya’s eyes widened.

"Calm down, you two..." Davis finally said, his gaze compelling, "I took care of them in an instant. No Eighth Stage prick can harm me easily, much less kill me at this moment, okay?"

Evelynn and Natalya relaxed on hearing his words.

However, Natalya appeared as if she was about to cry, her eyes becoming moist.

"I’m sorry, I didn’t know something like that happened, and yet I..."

The action that she took just a while ago now felt that it was unbecoming of her and coarse.

At this moment, Davis quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her into his embrace, forcing her into a deep kiss as he held her head with the other. After ten whole seconds, their lips separated, and he wiped her tears away.

"If this didn’t happen, I was going to make a mess out of you two, but I feel that my instincts say that I cannot tarry any longer. I need to grow stronger, Natalya... so I’m leaving right away."

Natalya sniffled before she nodded her head, "I understand."

Davis smiled. He embraced her with one hand and reached out his other towards Evelynn.

Evelynn rushed towards him at a moment’s notice and embraced his neck, her lips reaching out to kiss him. Davis momentarily became taken back before he reciprocated as their lips connected and their tongues lashed, savoring each other’s taste with an added flavor.

At this moment, Evelynn didn’t seem to mind that he had just kissed with Natalya but sought him out of her own volition, her lips intensely seeking him. It was as if her passion knew no bounds.

Their lips separated half a minute later. Their gaze appeared glazed while Natalya possessed a slightly agape mouth as she saw them kiss so close in her view. She was embraced by Davis’s other hand after all.

Evelynn pursed her lips, her expression turning into a smile, "Please be safe, husband. I’ll be waiting for your return along with Natalya."

Davis nodded his head in a solemn manner.

Initially, he thought of taking them along to train after dual cultivating till they wished death, but this time, he felt that time was pressing for no apparent reason. His instincts mostly never failed him, so he wanted to quickly become powerful, entering King Soul Stage in this upcoming training session!

For all he knew, it may be that Calamity Light interfering with his senses, so he was not sure about all this danger he felt. After spending a bit of quality time with them while also explaining which powers targeted him, he left and walked into the hallway.

His brows abruptly narrowed.

"Fallen Heaven, the sense of danger I’ve been feeling is getting increasingly smaller, and bigger sometimes. What does this mean?"

"I’ve told you many times." A hoarse voice echoed out in his soul sea, "I don’t know. If anything, if it’s a feeling of danger when there’s no relevant danger you see, then it must be related to my karmic prowess that you keep saying I have..."

Davis frowned as he descended into contemplation while nearing the destination. In the end, he was unable to reach an answer.

He arrived in front of a door and knocked, and soon the door opened, momentarily startling him as he saw the figure in front of him.

Davis’s lips twitched, "Nora Alstreim..."

"Y-young master, please enter..." Nora Alstreim’s lips trembled before she turned around and returned.

Davis saw around and saw that this was his parent’s room. There hadn’t been a mistake. He blinked twice before he entered, walking into the hall before he saw his mother and father be seated at a table.

Surprisingly, Nora Alstreim was pouring them tea!

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