Divine Doctor's Harem

Chapter 194 Guan Zhilin And Zhao Yihuan
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Wang Chao ran on the roof of all the cars, his speed so fast that some car owners didn't even feel him jumping over their cars.

After about a minute, Wang Chao arrived at the scene of the accident.

Upon seeing the scene in front of him, he frowned.

This was not a simple car accident at all, but a major one!

A row of cars were all destroyed.

At the forefront, a Tesla car was already on fire, burning fiercely. Behind it, a large bus rear-ended the Tesla, causing its own car to also have an accident, with doors that couldn't be opened.

Inside the bus, a group of passengers were desperately smashing the windows, trying to escape.

However, the bus windows had a problem and were too sturdy. The passengers were trying to smash them with all their might, but they couldn't even shatter the glass, and they couldn't open the doors either.

Watching as the fire had already reached the front door of the bus, all the passengers and the driver were screaming in terror.

Especially the driver, who was frantically kicking and pressing the door release button, but it was all in vain. The bus just couldn't be opened.

In addition, there were also many cars behind that rear-ended the bus, causing a traffic jam.

Some drivers were distracted while driving, going too fast and causing the safety airbags to deploy, causing them to be knocked unconscious with bruised and swollen faces.

But these weren't the main problems. The main problem was that inside the burning Tesla, there was still a child screaming in the flames:

"Wu wu wu~~ Help me~~"

A large group of police and firefighters were spraying water to put out the fire and rescue people. The ambulance was also on standby.

At this moment, a female police officer rushed forward through the flames, shooting and shattering the handle of the Tesla's door, opening it and carrying the screaming child out of the fire.

"Captain, run, the car's about to explode." Other police officers looked worried.

The female police officer ignored them and rushed into the burning car, taking the screaming child and running out of the fire.

The child had already been burned beyond recognition and was barely alive, arousing pity.

Meanwhile, the Tesla driver had long been burned to death by the flames.

The female police officer who rescued the child still had flames coming off her back and half of her beautiful hair was burned off, but she didn't care about that at all. Instead, she shouted, "Where's the doctor? Hurry, take the child to the hospital and save him!"

"Captain, you're on fire on your back."

"And your hair, half of it is on fire too."

"Quick, put out the fire!"

The other police officers immediately reacted and rushed forward to extinguish the flames on the female police officer's back and head.

At this moment, the female police officer's beautiful skin was also burned red, and her hair was bent and curved, emitting a burnt smell. Even her eyebrows were partially burnt, making her look particularly strange.

But she didn't care about any of that, and took the child to the ambulance, telling the doctor and nurse, "Hurry, save him!"

The doctor and nurse wanted to treat the burned child, but when they went to treat him, they were stunned. The child's skin had been completely burned off, with burns covering 80% of his body, with many areas already charred black.

How could they save him?

Even if they wanted to find a blood vessel for infusion, they couldn't find one in this situation.

"Hurry up and save him, this child has already lost his father, he can't die!" the female police officer anxiously shouted.

"Quick, administer oxygen, maintain blood pressure and vital signs, and send him to the hospital for treatment."

The doctor and nurse regained their composure and immediately took action to save the child. They put the child on a stretcher and prepared to drive him to the hospital.

"Officer Guan, they can't save this patient. Let me handle it."

Wang Chao appeared next to the female police officer and the medical staff, looking at the female police officer with great admiration.

The female police officer in front of him was none other than Guan Zhilin, the female police officer he had met at Wang Baoyu Hospital before.

She had originally been very beautiful, with big eyes, delicate features, and snow-white skin that seemed delicate enough to break with a single blow.

She is the kind of woman who could have relied on her beauty to survive and would have done quite well, but she chose not to stay in her comfort zone and instead chose the police profession, dedicating herself to serving the citizens.

And, women like her who value their appearance, would not let their looks be damaged.

However, just now Guan Zhilin rushed to save people regardless of her own safety, even though her hair and eyebrows were burned, and her face was also burned red, she had no concern for her own situation, and her whole focus was on the child.

This is a good police officer!

This made Wang Chao admire her from the bottom of his heart.

The doctor heard this and immediately glared at Wang Chao, "Kid, what nonsense are you talking about? Who can't save this child?"

"If you could save him, you would have already done so. Would you still need to come to the hospital?"

Wang Chao glanced at the doctor calmly, then walked up and took out a silver needle he carried with him, and immediately pierced the child's acupoints.

Then he tapped several acupoints on the child's body, sending his powerful true energy into the child's body, protecting the child's heart and brain to ensure that the child would not be in danger of losing their life.

After doing all this, he found paper and pen from the doctor and wrote a prescription, handing it to Guan Zhilin and said, "Officer Guan, your face has been burned. If it's not treated in time, it will definitely blister. If it's not handled properly, it may leave scars and disfigurement."

"I'm giving you this prescription. Crush the medicine and mix it with water to make a paste, apply it to your face, and the next day, I guarantee that your appearance will be as good as new."

"Is it you, Wang Chao?"

Guan Zhilin saw Wang Chao and looked surprised. After receiving the prescription, she still had some doubts, "Are you sure it will heal the next day?"

She was well aware of her injuries. The intense flames had damaged her skin, and it was likely to become swollen and blistered soon, and it would take at least seven to eight days to heal.

But Wang Chao's prescription claimed to heal her face the next day. Was that possible?

"Of course, I'm sure." Wang Chao nodded.

He returned the paper and pen to the doctor, preparing to save the passengers trapped in the bus.

He could see that the front of the bus was also on fire and could ignite the engine or fuel tank at any time.

Once the fuel tank was ignited, the bus could explode.

If he didn't save the people soon, once the bus exploded, the consequences would be unimaginable.


Just as Wang Chao was about to take action, suddenly, a loud bang was heard, and a tall, well-built beauty in casual clothes appeared out of nowhere in front of the large car, waving a sharp metal pipe and smashing the car's glass door.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The beauty continued to act, quickly destroying the car door and windows, shouting loudly, "Everyone listen up, the car is about to explode, jump out quickly, hurry!"

This beautiful woman, with her heroic and graceful demeanor and sharp metal pipe, kept beckoning for the passengers to jump out.

At the same time, she also helped the passengers to jump down, shouting loudly, "Everyone, get off quickly, remember, we must maintain order, don't panic, don't be chaotic, the car will not explode within three minutes."

"As long as we remain calm and orderly, we can definitely escape this disaster."

Her voice seemed to have a magical power, able to convince people.

The passengers inside the car were originally in a state of panic, but after hearing her voice, they immediately calmed down and began to jump out in an orderly manner.

Within two minutes, almost all the passengers had jumped down and, under the guidance of the police, quickly left.

However, there was still a passenger with a disabled arm who could not jump out of the car.

This person's hands had been fractured before and, due to lack of timely treatment, had left a chronic condition, making his hands weak and unable to grip the window. Google search ๐˜ง๐“‡๐—ฒe๐‘ค๐‘’๐™—noัต๐’†๐š•. ๐’„o๐“ถ

"Hurry up and jump out!"

The beautiful and graceful woman looked at this person, her eyes anxious.

She had already seen that the flames from the car's front had spread to the fuel tank.

If they didn't jump out now, the consequences would be unimaginable.

"Get off quickly!"

A police officer near the bus shot and shattered the car door switch, rushed in, and hugged the disabled person, immediately rushing towards the car.

Just at that moment, the fuel tank was completely ignited.

The beautiful woman's expression changed, immediately throwing away the metal pipe and pulling the police officer and the disabled person to quickly move away.


At that moment, the fuel tank was completely ignited, and a violent explosion occurred. The flames swept through, and the shockwave quickly spread out towards them.

"Oh no!" The woman's pupils shrank in horror at the sight.

The shockwave was so powerful that she wanted to push the police officer and the disabled person to the ground, but she couldn't react in time.

If they were hit by the shockwave, the consequences would be unimaginable.

Just as the situation was about to become critical, Wang Chao suddenly descended from the sky, holding a police shield in his hand, and stood in front of the woman, the police officer, and the disabled person to protect them.


With a deafening roar, the terrifying shockwave swept over like a tsunami and hit the shield.

In the midst of this turbulent wave, Wang Chao stood firm like a rock and blocked all the shockwaves.

Under his protection, the woman, police officer, and disabled person were unscathed.

However, as soon as the shockwave hit the shield, the woman still pushed the police officer and the disabled person to the ground, trying to minimize the damage.

"This woman is very capable." Wang Chao glanced at them and showed a hint of admiration in his eyes.

Being able to lie down and avoid harm in such a situation indicates that this woman is not ordinary and may have experienced such a large explosion before.

After the shockwave of the explosion subsided, Wang Chao breathed a sigh of relief and threw away the shield, looking forward.

The bus had already been burned to ashes, and it was clear that if the disabled person hadn't been taken out earlier, he might have been directly blown up.


After seeing everyone escape the disaster, Guan Zhilin and the firefighters who were nervously watching all breathed a sigh of relief.

When they saw the car explode just now, their hearts were instantly raised to their throats, secretly sweating for the beautiful woman.

Now that they are all safe and sound, the stone in their hearts finally fell to the ground.

The woman lying on the ground also breathed a sigh of relief and wiped the cold sweat from her forehead. "Fortunately, everyone is okay."

Wang Chao threw away his shield and reached out to the beautiful woman. "Are you okay?"

The beautiful woman held Wang Chao's hand, stood up, looked behind herself, looked at the shield on the ground, and her eyes widened in shock. "You blocked the shockwave from the explosion with just this shield??"

Wang Chao nodded.

The beautiful woman was shocked and looked at Wang Chao with even more shock. She murmured, "Dude, are you a monster?"

The shockwave generated by the explosion has a considerable destructive power, and the impact force is particularly strong, enough to lift a car off the ground.

As a result, this terrible force was defended by Wang Chao with just a shield?

And when facing such an impact force, Wang Chao didn't even retreat.

This shows that Wang Chao's strength is stronger than the shockwave!

This kind of strength is simply monstrous!

"It's just luck." Wang Chao said calmly.

The beautiful woman looked at Wang Chao, held his hand, and looked at him with admiration and shock. "My name is Zhao Yihuan, nice to meet you."

She is very beautiful, with a good figure, and a bit of muscle, belonging to the kind of fitness beauty with a particularly sunny and lively personality.

She is a fitness goddess!

"I'm Wang Chao, nice to meet you too." Wang Chao shook her hand with a smile.

To be honest, he also admires this woman.

She, like Guan Zhilin, is risking her life to save people, worthy of respect and admiration.

Zhao Yihuan is very open-minded and not at all shy. After shaking hands, she even pinched Wang Chao's biceps and asked curiously, "Brother Wang, your muscles don't look very strong, how do you have such terrifying strength?"

Wang Chao was speechless.

Is this woman too open?

She pinched his arm as soon as they met, isn't she afraid of being misunderstood by others?

Facing Zhao Yihuan's curious and doubtful gaze, Wang Chao could only say, "The application of force is not determined by how much muscle you have or how strong it is."

When Zhao Yihuan heard this, she seemed to remember something and her eyes widened. "I know, is it something called 'qi' in traditional martial arts?"

Looking at Zhao Yihuan, Wang Chao was surprised, "Do you believe in this?"

Under the various combat techniques nowadays, many people think that traditional martial arts are self-deception, and they do not believe in the so-called use of 'qi' in martial arts. Many people believe that these are fraudulent things.

But seeing Zhao Yihuan's serious expression, she really believes in the use of 'qi.'

"Of course I believe it. My grandfather told me that the use of 'qi' is the best in martial arts. Once you master the use of 'qi,' your strength will increase greatly, and you will become extremely powerful."

Looking at Wang Chao, Zhao Yihuan's eyes were expectant. "But I have only heard about these things. You are the first master I have seen who uses 'qi.' Brother Wang, let's exchange WeChat and become friends."

"If you have time in the future, I will ask you about the use of 'qi.'"

She looked excited and took out her phone, looking at Wang Chao as if he were a rare treasure.

"Well, let's talk about it if we have a chance."


Wang Chao glanced at Zhao Yihuan and, seeing that Guan Zhilin was approaching, he frowned slightly and quickly turned and left.

The party at the Zhao family was about to begin, and he didn't want to be delayed by Guan Zhilin and others.

"Brother Wang, wait!"

Zhao Yihuan hurriedly caught up, but Wang Chao's speed was too fast, and she couldn't catch up. Soon, Wang Chao had disappeared from her sight.

She looked disappointed, then laughed, "Wang Chao, right? Hehe, I already know your name. You can't escape me in Canton City!"

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