Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 887 - Mo Yunhao Goes Bankrupt (8)
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Chapter 887: Mo Yunhao Goes Bankrupt (8)

Zheng Min glanced at the unusually agitated Bai Youran. “Why are you so agitated?”

“I…” Bai Youran was stunned. How should she reply?

“I… Of course I’m agitated. Mother, those people are creating rumors about me. How can you let them off? Yunhao has been away recently, and they’re all bullying me. It doesn’t matter if they laugh at me, but now they’re making up rumors like that to ruin my reputation. They’ve gone too far. Mother, you must stand up for me.”

Zheng Min looked at Bai Youran. She was utterly disappointed!

This daughter was really brainless.

It was just talk. Some of these people in the capital were from the countryside and had only risen over the past few decades. Many of them were very sharp.

Besides the old matriarchs, the rest were comparatively intelligent. These rumors were just part of casual conversation. Even if they talked about it, they did so jokingly. Would you be able to catch them?

Could you possibly go from door to door and demand justice from them?

She did not know where the recent rumor had originated. According to it, Bai Youran did not look like her mother at all and did not resemble her in terms of personality either.

As the rumor spread, it transformed and now gossip said that she was born in the countryside and someone had swapped her at birth.

How could they find out who was responsible for something like that?

“Mo Yunhao has been busy for so many days. Now that he’s back, you should hurry home and take care of him. When he wakes up, you can just put on a pitiful act and ask him to make it up to you. He will certainly agree.

“As long as he makes it up to you, those people will have no reason to laugh at you. Yunhao is so rich, those women will quickly begin envying you again.”

With that, Zheng Min went upstairs.

She felt very confused.

For some reason, she had always felt helpless and tired when dealing with this daughter. But since she was her daughter, she had to stand by her, no matter what.

But the moment the rumor started, she suddenly developed a revulsion towards Bai Youran. It was almost as if Bai Youran really was not her daughter!

Bai Youran was terrified to see Zheng Min leave like that. How had this rumor started?

Surely, Gu Ruoqing would not have revealed the secret!

She panicked. She did not dare to linger in the Bai house but quickly went to seek out Gu Ruoqing.


Meanwhile, on the Qiao family’s side, Qiao’s Jewelry had formally moved to the capital.

Over the past few days, Gu Qingyao had been busy helping her parents settle Qiao’s Jewelry in the capital. She really had not paid attention to Bai Youran. She did not know that Bai Youran and Mo Yunhao’s world had been completely upended!

She was living blissfully.

All was quiet and nothing irritating disturbed her. She lived peacefully, laughing and smiling every day, her little face beaming.

Gu Yunshen and Gu Jinhang were well aware of what was happening in the capital. They were glad to see how well Mo Beihan protected Gu Qingyao.

The arrival of Qiao’s Jewelry revealed the truth about the Qiao family. Only then did people find out just who the Qiaos were!

Everyone was agape when they thought about how Gu Yunshen had married Qiao Yuying.

“That Gu family is too fortunate. In fact… it’s unbelievable!”

“The Gu family’s most useless son actually married a tycoon. I heard the Qiao family is extremely wealthy!”

“I heard they made a lot of money doing business overseas. Qiao’s Jewelry belongs to Qiao Yuying alone, and not to the Qiao family.”

That was the most terrifying thing.

If Qiao Yuying alone was so rich, how much money did the entire Qiao family have?

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