Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 744 - Oldest Brother Was Wicked As Well (3)
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Chapter 744: Oldest Brother Was Wicked As Well (3)

Mo Beihan said, “Mother, don’t worry. I’m different now. I will handle the problems of the Bai family. Just rest assured.”

Jiang Yingqiu raised her brows and said, “You’ve become different after being overseas for three years. What did you do overseas?”

Mo Beihan smiled, “Of course I made some preparations. If not, how can I protect you and Yao Yao?”

Jiang Yingqiu: “...”

She rolled her eyes as she knew that her son was not a kind person that would get bullied by others!

But she was proud at the same time that this man was her son.

“Okay, I’m sure you know what you are doing. Find a time to get married soon to prevent more trouble. I know that as the eldest grandson of the Mo family, many girls would like to marry you. But, don’t forget how smart and pretty Yao Yao is. She has a good family and is well-educated. Many people are interested in her as well.”

Mo Beihan really burst out laughing, “Don’t worry, Mother. Your daughter-in-law will definitely be Yao Yao. No one can take her away, and no one can replace her!”

Jiang Yingqiu felt assured after listening to his promise.

“As long as you know what you’re doing. Let’s go now. Help Yao Yao for lunch.”

Mo Beihan did not ask his mother to help. Instead, he asked Mo Chengrui and Mo Chengxu to help out in the kitchen.

“Mother, you should stay here. There’s enough help from the little ones. I’ll stay here to talk to you.”

Yao Yao was the most important person to him in his life, but Jiang Yingqiu was equally important as she was his mother.

He had been away for such a long time and definitely needed to spend more time with his mother since he returned. His mother suffered too much in her life.

Jiang Yingqiu paused and sighed, “Don’t worry about me. I’m fine.”

There was a table of delicious dishes prepared by Gu Qingyao and the children.

There was red braised fish, sweet and sour pork, chicken soup, stir-fried intestines, red braised pork, grilled lamb chop, spicy pork slice, red braised chicken, fried shrimp and spicy snail.

There were six plates of vegetables. The table was entirely occupied with food.

Jiang Xun and Jiang Ping came back as well. Jiang Yingqiu, Mo Beihan, Gu Qingyao and the Mo brothers all sat around the table.

All the children opened their eyes wide as they stared at the dishes.

Mo Chengxu swallowed his saliva and said, “It’s so good that aunt is back now. It’s been years since I had so many delicious dishes.”

Mu Mu looked at the food and clenched his fist, “I will work hard to improve my cooking skills. I will be like Aunt. I will cook for her in the future.”

Mu Mu was the youngest but with the best cooking skills.

He was young when Gu Qingyao went overseas. As he grew up, he started learning how to cook. He was not very talented in cooking as compared to other skills. He had some improvements over the years but was still incomparable to Gu Qingyao.

Mo Chengrui looked at his brother and encouraged him, “Mu Mu, you’re so smart! I believe your cooking skills will be as good as Aunt’s. She will get married to Young Uncle, and they will have their children. She will not be able to cook during her confinement. You shall work hard now and cook for her then.”

“Don’t worry. I will accompany you all the time and help you taste the dishes. I will tell you what to improve in your cooking and be with you when you learn and experiment till you can make the best dishes.”

Mo Beihan: “...”

He definitely just wanted to eat.

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