Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 743 - : Oldest Brother Was Wicked As Well (2)
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Chapter 743: Oldest Brother Was Wicked As Well (2)

The voice in the yard faded, and Bai Youran was chased away by Mo Beihan.

Jiang Yingqiu seemed worried as she stared at Mo Beihan, “Son, this lady... does she have a high social status? She’s so unreasonable. Will she find Yao Yao trouble? What did you do?”

Mo Beihan knew that Bai Youran was here before, but she stopped coming here after a while. He did not explain Bai Youran’s identity to Jiang Yingqiu, not wanting his mother to worry about anything.

“She’s the only granddaughter of the Bai family in the capital. She was spoiled by the family because she had many elder brothers. The Bai family has a high social status now, lower than the Mo family but higher than the Gu family.”

Only the second uncle had some achievements in the Gu family. They came to the capital late and could not compete with the Bai family even with Old Master Mo’s help.

Jiang Yingqiu heard about that and frowned.

She knew that this girl’s identity was not that simple, but she did not expect that she came from such a powerful family.

“How... How did you get into trouble with her? You’re engaged with Yao Yao. If she did not go overseas, you would be a married couple now. Why did you not settle such a problem?”

Jiang Yingqiu blamed him.

Mo Beihan: “...”

Mo Beihan smiled, “Mother, this is not my fault. I was overseas for three years. How could I have anything to do with her when I was not here? She’s hard to chase away.”

Jiang Yingqiu was not satisfied with the answer, “What do you mean by hard to chase away? As a man, what’s so difficult about chasing a girl away? I’m telling you that Yao Yao is perfect. We lived with the Gu family all these years and know everything about them. Yao Yao is kind and patient, and everyone in the Gu family is equally nice. I’m warning you that you’re not allowed to think about others when you have higher social status now.”

Mo Beihan said, “Mother, I never ever had that kind of thought. I’m in love with Yao Yao. If not, I would not have waited for her for three years and gone overseas to look for her.

“Bai Youran is a very stubborn and arrogant person. I have no choice; she’s the young lady of the Bai family. I did not have the ability to fight the family back then. If anything happened between me and the Bai family, my grandparents would protect me. However, if the Bai family insisted that I should marry Bai Youran, Mo family’s collateral branch would not be happy if my grandparents refused.”

Jiang Yingqiu frowned. Three years ago, Mo Beihan only stayed in the capital for three years. He could not settle down here even with Old Master Mo’s support. He was not able to compete with the entire Bai family, especially when Jiang Hongying and Mo Yunhao kept finding him trouble constantly.

The Gu family was slowly still developing. If Bai Youran knew that Mo Beihan had a fiancee, she would bring trouble to the Gu family. It would be much more serious.

Jiang Yingqiu twitched her lips and said, “What now? That girl is not a kind person. Though she’s not smart, she’s stubborn and malicious. She is a dangerous person and may do something extreme. You must be careful.”

Mo Beihan did not expect that his mother would know so much about Bai Youran.

Jiang Yingqiu stared at him and said, “What? Why are you surprised? I have met all kinds of people in my life, and I know how to differentiate people. Furthermore, Bai Youran is not a complicated person.”

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