Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 477 - Terrifying Second Cousin
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Chapter 477: Terrifying Second Cousin

“Wu wu wu, Cousin-in-law provoked them, and now they’re all frantically learning. They are determined to beat Cousin-in-law.”

“Little Six and Little Nine did not manage to get away either. They say that Mu Mu is the youngest. If Little Six and the others slacken a little, they will fall behind.”

“I’m the worst off. Older Cousin says I’m older, and it’s even more important that Mu Mu doesn’t beat me. So I must hurry up and learn more while he’s still young. In one afternoon, we had languages, mathematics, foreign languages, and physics, one after another. What’s worse is that we’re learning more than one foreign language. Wu wu wu. My head hurts.”

Gu Qingyao: “...”

Gu Yunshuang: “...”

Mo Beihan: “...”

Mo Beihan was rather amused when he looked at Gu Fangting’s accusatory little face.

“Did your Second Cousin say that? What about him? He’s asking you to learn so many things, how much is he learning?”

When Gu Fangting heard that, her expression immediately grew even more pathetic.

“Second Cousin is also abnormal. He seems to have gone crazy. He’s learning politics, law, economics, and foreign languages. The speed at which he learns is almost supernatural. Fourth Cousin is mainly learning economics and law, as well as foreign languages. The point is that Second Cousin is learning more than Fourth Cousin, but he’s just as fast as Fourth Cousin. Third Cousin and I are in a pitiful state. Especially me. I have never learnt so many things before, so right now I’m just building my foundation. I’m on a completely different level. I feel like I’m dying.”

Gu Qingyao: “...”

Gu Yunshuang: “...”

Mo Beihan: “...”

Mo Beihan said, “He doesn’t want me to surpass him, and wants to take good care of his younger cousin. That’s understandable. But why can’t he just study by himself? You’re a girl, why is he demanding so much from you?”

Gu Fangting said pathetically, “Second Cousin says that Mu Mu is a genius, and Little Rui and Little Xu are all very hardworking and intelligent, so we must work hard. The Gu team must not lose to the Mo team.”

Mo Beihan: “...”

That ridiculous Gu Jinhang!

When he saw Gu Fangting’s pathetic state, Mo Beihan suddenly felt a chill creep down his spine. Every member of the Gu family was formidable. With their excellent genes and scholarly traditions, these children were all doing pretty well.

But who had done the best in their previous life?

It was definitely Gu Jinhang.

This fellow was a fox. He was wicked and had a long memory for grudges. He had done spectacularly well in the past. Although he was always smiling, everyone was terrified of his smile.

In their previous life, everyone in the city was frightened of this fox!

In his previous life, Gu Jinhang had not studied so hard. Even then, he had done very well. Now that Yao Yao had provoked him a little in this life, he was working frantically. And with Yao Yao to drop hints, he would be unbeatable!

Once this fellow had risen, as his younger brother-in-law, he would certainly suffer!

Gu Fangting was still immersed in her suffering. She flew into Gu Qingyao’s embrace and lifted her head to look at Gu Qingyao piteously. “Older Sister, I really hope that the new year holiday will end soon. And that demon Second Cousin will leave soon. Wu... look at my eyes filled with sincerity!”

Gu Qingyao: “Hee...”

This girl!

Gu Qingyao patted Gu Fangting’s little head. “You’re still young and have time to learn. Don’t give up! Work hard and beat your second cousin.”

Gu Fangting: “...”

She was stunned for a long while before she suddenly burst out...

“I don’t want to...”

She thought her older sister would help her!

But who knew!

Wu wu wu wu...

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