Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 36: He Will Take Care of Her in This Life!
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Chapter 36: He Will Take Care of Her in This Life!

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

Buying things?

‘That is sweet,’ Gu Qingyao thought.

“No... It’s okay. I don’t need anything actually. You must be very tired outside...” she said.

“I’m a man and I should be busy and tired outside. But you’re different. You’re a girl and still young. Of course you deserve better things. I have a lot of coupons and can afford to make you two new sets of clothes. Don’t worry about money, I have.”

Gu Qingyao did not say anything but she was really touched by the words. She lowered her head and blushed.

She knew that Mo Beihan was telling the truth.

The things he got today were worth quite a lot of money if he sold them at the black market.

He had many coupons and could buy many things if he wanted.

Powerful people always ensured that they and the people around them lived good lives no matter how hard the environment they were in was. Mo Beihan was one of those kind of people.

Though they were born in the seventies when there was shortage of food, Mo Beihan took good care of his family.

His father left home when he was young and never returned. But everyone knew that his father abandoned his wife in the countryside and enjoyed himself in the city.

His mother Jiang Yingqiu raised two sons alone but Mo Beihan’s elder brother passed away in the army and left his two sons behind. His brother’s wife married someone else in the city and did not care about the two children.

Life was much harder back then. Many people died from starvation.

The Mo family did not have a man to run the family. They managed to survive but were very poor.

However, the situation improved after Mo Beihan grew up. The family was living a much better life when he got a job.

This was a man’s capability. He could always ensure that he would live a better life in all kinds of situations.

Mo Beihan did not tease the little girl anymore as she was shy. Instead, he washed his hands and asked her to eat.

“You cooked soup? It smells so nice!”

Gu Qingyao brought the food over and said, “Yah, I got many mushrooms over and there’s still a lot left. I was in a good mood so I cooked the fish soup. Have a try.”

The soup was stewed in the jar. There were mushrooms, wild vegetables and two eggs inside.

Mo Beihan was hungry and immediately started eating.

Gu Qingyao passed him a bowl of rice and chicken with chilli. He was slightly shocked and said, “Such good food.”


Gu Qingyao smiled, “I prepared it for you. It must be very tiring for you on the mountain. Eat some good food.”

Mo Beihan smiled and did not object.

The food they were eating was considered a luxury in the seventies. It was something that people who were living in hardship could not afford. However, Mo Beihan did not care. They could eat anything as long as Yao Yao wanted.

Yao Yao suffered from all kinds of rumors and gossip at such a beautiful age in her previous life.

A 15-year-old was living in fear just because her family was landowners. Things got even worse after that incident. Almost everyone was evil to her.

People rolled their eyes at her, gossiped and even cursed at her. They looked at her in a disgusted way. No one could take that.

His Yao Yao lived in that kind of environment for years. Even when both of them were at middle age and society progressed, she did not get rid of the rumors, till she died.

Mo Beihan looked at the girl with the beautiful smile as he ate.

‘I will take good care of her in this life!’ he thought.

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