Divine Doctor, Sweet Wife

Chapter 1449
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Chapter 1449: Mo Yang Vs Chu Zheng The Great Fight Over Their Younger Sisters (1)

Translator: Atlas Studios Editor: Atlas Studios

At the time they had set, Mo Yang went to the Chu house to fetch Chu Yue for a holiday. She was having a rare break. In order not to fall too far behind him, the girl had been frantically studying.

Now that she was on a break, Mo Yang naturally could not bear to let his little girlfriend remain at home. He wanted to bring her out to relax.

When he reached the ground floor of the Chu house, Chu Yi and Chu Zheng, who were standing on the balcony of the second floor, saw him clearly.

Chu Yi frowned. “Hasn’t that fellow been coming over too often?”

Chu Zheng smiled, “Sister is on a break! Of course he will come here.”

Chu Yi pursed his lips. He was not very pleased.

He was obviously glad to have such a fine son-in-law. Neither did he object to his daughter dating. But… he still felt a little resentful when he saw someone eyeing his daughter like that. What should he do?

“Your sister’s break has just started. She hasn’t even stayed home for a while! Where’s he bringing her?”

The amusement in Chu Zheng’s eyes deepened. “I heard that he’s bringing Younger Sister on a holiday. He bought a villa in the Mount Nan resort and also bought her a sports car. She wants to learn how to drive! So he’s taking the opportunity to teach her how to drive.

“The sports car is very pretty. Younger Sister loves it.”

Chu Yi pursed his lips. “He thinks he can run off with my daughter with just a sports car and a villa? Our family can afford all these things too. Where are the cars I bought for you? I don’t see you driving them much!”

Chu Zheng had learned to drive long ago, but Chu Yue had not yet started learning. A family like Chu Yi’s certainly was not short of luxury cars. When he first bought the cars, Chu Yue liked them, but later on, she got used to them, and they lost their novelty.

But she liked the car that Mo Yang had bought for her.

When Chu Zheng saw his father’s resentful expression, his amusement grew. “This… it’s different when it’s a present from your boyfriend! No matter how many cars she has, a car from her boyfriend will be special.”

Chu Yi frowned. “Why do you seem very experienced? You seem to know a lot about such things?”

Chu Zheng rubbed his nose. “As for that, once you’ve seen more of such things, you naturally understand them. Many of my classmates are dating. Mo Yang has been courting Yue Yue since she was a young girl. As I watched, I got used to it!

“Besides, I have to court my future wife. I have to do lots of preparatory work.”

Chu Zheng learned much faster than Chu Yue, especially since he was a boy. He had not been spoiled by the family as Chu Yue had. Chu Yi had groomed him very strictly.

So he had skipped a level. Although he was the same age as Chu Yue, he had gone to university earlier than she had. His classmates were all older than him, and many of them were dating.


Chu Zheng leaned towards Chu Yi and said sneakily, “Father, you resent Mo Yang taking Younger Sister, right? Shall I avenge you?”

Chu Yi was taken aback. “Avenge me? What will you do?”

Chu Zheng smiled but did not say anything.

Chu Yi said, “Don’t be silly! Your younger sister will certainly marry someone when she grows up. Rather than panic and worry that she ends up with the wrong man, I would rather she fall in love with Mo Yang and let Mo Yang marry her!

“At least I know the Mo family, and I watched Mo Yang grow up. I know him very well. I would prefer Mo Yang to anyone else.”

Chu Zheng rubbed his nose. “Of course I know you’d worry less if she marries Mo Yang. I’m not preventing him from marrying Younger Sister. But! She’s the flower we have carefully tended for so many years, but now someone is taking the entire flower and the pot too. Besides, it’s Uncle Mo’s son. Father, can you really accept it? I’ll stand up for you!”

Chu Yi looked Chu Zheng up and down. “What on earth are you up to?”

“Hehe, Father, why don’t I go and snatch his younger sister and bring her into our family?”

Chu Yi was completely shocked!

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