Divine Card Creator

Chapter 479 - Don’t Worry, Master Is Very Familiar At This
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Chapter 479 Don“t Worry, Master Is Very Familiar At This

Tian Du City.

Sword Card Master Association.

Lu Ming passed the information in his hands to Zhao Yunshan.

“What do you plan to do?”Lu Ming asked.

This was a family matter and it was not appropriate for him to intervene.

“I’ll settle this properly,” Zhao Yunshan said in a low voice.


He did not think that she was this kind of person. Therefore, he had to make a trip home personally and see her. He had to clarify the situation thoroughly!

“Aren’t you afraid of danger?”

Lu Ming sighed.


“I am your disciple.”

A smile emerged on the corner of Zhao Yunshan’s mouth.

He was no longer the five-star Swordsman and cultivator who could be disregarded!

He had already reached six-star!!!

He had mastered all the core abilities and cards that Master had passed down to the disciples of the Sword Card Master Association!

He had abundant resources and money...

Now, no one knew how terrifying his true combat ability was! Those people from the Assassin Association could not kill him. It would be the same for other people!

He was not well prepared the last time.

This time...


He had Xiao-Xiaohou!!!

Senior Sister Xiaobai’s research project had made all the Sword Card Master Association disciples stronger. Zhao Yunshan had also advanced by another level!

“Very good.”

Lu Ming was very satisfied.

This was indeed a disciple of the Sword Card Master Association!

“Contact me anytime if there is danger,” Lu Ming said seriously.


Zhao Yunshan’s expression was solemn.

Although Master was a five-star, they were well aware of how powerful he was! Furthermore, Senior Qiu Shuyi was also subdued by Master.

Zhao Yunshan left for home. “Master, I won’t embarrass you.”


Right then, Li Ergou, who had already left the premise of the association, was having a headache.


If this sister of Master was already dead, how was he going to explain to Wang Xuan? He could not possibly say he had created this photograph of Master dressed in female clothing?!

What would happen to his business?!

Wang Xuan involved a lot of money!


Li Ergou inquired with the big shots amongst the relationship bloggers. They were very calm and suggested that Li Ergou pretend to be Lu Min and then converse with Wang Xuan!

He could say that Lu Min managed to escape death and no one knew about it, not even her brother!

That would do!

“This doesn’t seem too appropriate?”

Li Ergou was reluctant to do so.

He had heard that Master knew Wang Xuan. He would be conning one of his own...

That did not seem too good?

“What’s wrong with that?”

The big shots pursed their lips. “How are you going to make money then? Didn’t you say that they have not met before? That’s a cyber romance! You can dump him after a few days.”

Li Ergou was speechless.

After a long time, he sighed.


True enough, he was not cut out for this line of work!

The normal behavior regarded by the relationship bloggers was unacceptable to him...

Forget it.

Li Ergou gave up.

He made an appointment with Wang Xuan and decided to come clean.

“This photograph is fake.

“I’m giving up on this business. Sorry,” Li Ergou said.

“I understand.”

Wang Xuan’s gaze was profound. “Lu Ming doesn’t even know about this. It means that she doesn’t want anyone to know, right? Don’t worry. I won’t tell anyone.”

Li Ergou’s face turned sullen. “She is long dead! Understand?”

“I understand now!” Wang Xuan said in a deep voice.

Li Ergou was speechless.

What is this crap!

Why aren’t you listening to me?!


What should I do?

C-come clean with Master?

Li Ergou’s heart turned cold.

He thought of his master’s expression earlier. If he knew that he had made use of his deceased sister, he might beat him to death!

Li Ergou returned to the association with a troubled expression and coincidentally met Li Mei’s shadow, which was exercising and sitting on Li Mei’s body...



Li Mei’s shadow stopped exercising.

He felt somewhat regretful. Integration did not seem to work. However, when he saw Li Ergou, he felt that one of his earlier projects might be able to progress!


“I have recently begun to research a project “The Advanced Experiment With Shadows, Lightning, and Concealment.” I think that if we can collaborate...

“We may be able to research transformations!”

Li Mei was filled with anticipation.


Li Ergou’s eyes widened.

“That’s right.”

Li Mei nodded. “Simulating looks through the combination of lightning changes and abilities! If our research is successful, we may be able to transform into anyone!!”


Li Ergou was tempted.


When he thought carefully about it....

Wang Xuan was a very pitiful person. If he could help him to overcome his trauma, he would have successfully completed his mission.

This was not a lie but a form of therapy!


That was right!

This was a healing process!


It was worth a try?


At this very moment...

The president’s office.

Lu Ming’s life had also returned to normal.

Zhao Yunshan had left. Li Ergou and Li Mei had applied to expedite the progress of a research project. The other disciples of the association were also cultivating diligently.

The Sword Card Master Association was becoming stronger day by day.


“True enough, all the disciples of our association are very diligent.”

Lying on the rocking chair, Lu Ming felt very emotional.


Xiaobai was rocking the chair for her master and nodding seriously at the same time.

Qiu Shuyi was speechless.

Is this what you guys do normally?!

After a long time...

Lu Ming felt slightly thirsty.


“Have some water.”

Xiaobai brought Lu Ming a cup of freshly poured water.

“Thank you.”

Lu Ming smiled faintly.

My life... is so good.

“Wait a minute.”

Qiu Shuyi suddenly looked serious. She got up, her Sword Intent surged and she stared at the cup of water in Lu Ming’s hands. “This...”

“What’s the matter?

Lu Ming became nervous.


Qiu Shuyi took the cup of water with a serious expression and then swept her sense of perception across it. “My father said that everyone who drank this died.”

Lu Ming’s heart jumped a beat.


Is there poison inside?!


Xiaobai was puzzled. “I have just boiled the water...”

“That’s right.”

Qiu Shuyi nodded slightly and took a sip. She felt great. “All those who drank water died of old age.”

Xiaobai was silent.

Lu Ming was speechless.

He suddenly had an impulse to beat someone up.


“Why do you have to do this?”

Lu Ming was between laughter and tears.


You’re a dignified eight-star Swordsman. Why are you messing with me?!

“Your life is too peaceful.”

Qiu Shuyi smiled and said, “I’m bringing a bit of excitement to your quiet life... If you don’t like it, I’ll change to something else.”

“No need, no need.”

Lu Ming waved his hands.

What a joke.

Who could take that kind of thrill?

However, when he thought about it again, Senior Qiu have done that because of what happened two days ago.

After all, the matter of the Assassin Association had come to an end. However, because of Sister’s letter about ‘Begging for a Child’, our Senior Qiu might not have been able to go home...

She could not possibly bring a child back?!


Lu Ming considerately proposed a solution, “Senior, have you finished watching your drama?”

“No,” Qiu Shuyi said unhappily.

“It’s okay. You can watch it here,” Lu Ming said.

“Forget it.”

Qiu Shuyi stretched. “I’m watching those serial romance idol dramas that are being released every week. There are a total of 16 episodes and they’ve only released 8 episodes. There are only two more episodes that I haven’t watched. They have not filmed the rest.”

“It’s okay.”

Lu Ming smiled. “Leave this to me.”


Qiu Shuyi was puzzled.

You can come up with dramas that have not been filmed?

That afternoon.

Qiu Shuyi was terrified to discover that Lu Ming had kidnapped all the main leads, cameraman and director of the cliché romance idol drama “My Daughter is My Sister”...

Qiu Shuyi looked dumbstruck. “W-what are you doing?”

“Filming a show.”

Lu Ming said rightfully, “Senior, don’t worry. This will be done very soon.”

Qiu Shuyi was speechless.

“Senior,” Li Haoran said in a low voice. “Don’t worry. Master is very familiar with this.”


Qiu Shuyi was baffled.


Li Haoran coughed and said in a low voice, “A few days ago, Master read a serial novel “The Strongest Genes” which is not bad. However, that author was too slow at uploading the novels. He only uploaded one chapter per day. Hence, in a fit of anger, Master kidnapped the author to the association, locked him in the black house and told him to write...”


“He wrote 2,000,000 words in one week.

“He has already finished writing the novel.”

With that...

Li Haoran pointed into the distance.

A young man with dark circles under his eyes was holding onto the wall and walking out of the association in a wobbly manner...

Qiu Shuyi was speechless.

She suddenly felt that she had been too pure and innocent by waiting for the dramas to be released....

“This doesn’t seem too appropriate?”

Qiu Shuyi sighed.

“Rest assured.”

Li Haoran smiled faintly. “As long as we pay them enough money, the rest is not a problem.”


Qiu Shuyi seemingly understood.

In the afternoon.

The filming of a serial drama that initially filmed only two episodes a week was completed in a few hours. The final episode was ready.

Qiu Shuyi was its first spectator.

“Oo... Oo...

“It’s so touching.

“I knew that he had lost his memory. That’s why he took his sister for his daughter...

“Wow, it’s so sweet. They are finally together.

“Oo... Oo... Why is there another car accident...

“The sister has cancer again...



A distance away, Lu Ming and the group were stupefied.


It turned out that Senior behaved like that when watching a drama?

Lu Ming stared at the floor of toilet paper, the flying tears and snot and the crying Qiu Shuyi. The latter did not have the slightest bit of poise and stature left.


True enough, reality and fantasy was different...


“Do you think those homebodies will be disappointed when they realize that the girls they successfully wooed are like that?” Xiaobai suddenly asked.

“Of course not.”

Lu Ming was very calm. “They don’t even step out of the house. How would they come into contact with girls? Since they don’t have any comparison, naturally, they won’t feel disappointed.”


Xiaobai seemed to have understood a little.

“Let’s go.”

Lu Ming brought Xiaobai out.

Only then...

Senior Qiu’s need to watch the drama had been resolved.

It was still alright...

She did not have other requests. Otherwise, Lu Ming did not know if he would withstand her.



Lu Ming’s daily life returned to normal.

Without Senior Qiu’s ‘harassment’, Lu Ming began to evaluate his current strength.



Energy surged.

Lu Ming sensed the powers in his body — Peak five-star!


He had already stabilized himself at the peak five-star level. A peak five-star with 100,000 points of energy would far surpass any other five-star cultivator!

However, because of this 100,000 points of energy...

It was 10 or a 100 times more difficult for Lu Ming to break through!!!

It was too difficult!

The advantage that came with the talent increase in the association was almost gone...

Normal breakthrough?

No way.

If he wanted to reach six-star, he might have to wait for another fortuitous encounter.


Lu Ming was not anxious.

As a salted fish with ordinary talent, he was long used to this. Didn’t he go through the same thing when he advanced from three-star to four-star and then from four-star to five-star?


There was the mysterious enemy who had been targeting Brother Cat...


Lu Ming was not anxious about breaking through. His combat ability was the most important!!!

“I should already have peak six-star combat ability!”

Lu Ming was very certain.

He initially had advanced six-star combat ability. Nevertheless, after Xiao-Xiaojian’s characteristic appeared and it became stronger, his combat ability had advanced by a small level!

However, it was far from enough!

The Swordsmen were also peak six-stars and they could skip levels in combat!

If he were to encounter powerful Swordsmen or true peak six-stars such as six-star x realm or six-star two realms big shots, Lu Ming had to surrender!

He could not possibly rely on his cards to resist the whole time?

Lu Ming had to improve his combat ability!

And the most simple and crude way was to create those two cards! He desperately needed a few ready cards to improve his combat ability!

A true Battle Card and not special cards such as the Sunlight Card!

At the thought of this...


The lines of cards flashed across Lu Ming’s mind. These were the cards that he had been researching and the two new cards that were almost ready!

Over the past few days, some messy situations had disrupted his momentum!


He would have long created these two cards!


Which of the two cards should he prioritize?

Why didn’t... he try the Bull series?

There was no other option.

The five-star card of the Carry Card series was the Mover Card. Even if he were to successfully research and condensed a six-star card, the effect would not be too good!

He thought for a moment.

Seemingly, the Bull series cards were more reliable.

One-star Bull Card! Bulls appeared!

Two-star Demolition Card! Bulls encircled a pole!

Three-star Burial Mound Card! Bulls were summoned!

Four-star Desolation Card! Bull spirits were summoned!

Five-star Will-O-Wisp Card! Food was resurrected!


What about a six-star card?


Lu Ming took a deep breath.

Seeing that the progress of the Will-O-Wisp Card had already reached 98.9%, he began to focus wholeheartedly on his research again. He spent all his time on card research.

Time passed quietly.

A few days later.

Along with a trace of radiance, the lines of the five-star Will-O-Wisp Card were successfully researched!


Lu Ming’s heart skipped a beat.

Finally, he was able to make the Will-O-Wisp Card!

This meant that he could successfully create this card and shoot it into Xiao-Xiaojian’s body and then condense a brand new six-star card!

Lu Ming was thrilled.



He began to draw the lines stroke by stroke.

After a long time...

Seven Will-O-Wisp Cards were created.

Lu Ming activated the cards and shot it into the Original Card. He witnessed the cards melting down one by one under the effect of the Original Card.


The card surface changed.

The lines sealed tightly.

An unprecedented card surface materialized.


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