Divine Brilliance

Chapter 1075 - Chapter 1073- Call Me Emperor
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Chapter 1075: Chapter 1073- Call Me Emperor

“Take a risk, actually that South Wind Cloud Continent might not be something we have to save!”

Kong Yao took in a deep breath and said, “We have three hundred thousand troops there. A month ago we recruited millions of cultivators and they can hold on for a while. If we can take over the mid plains while Great Shang is in chaos then when the time comes we just have to split some troops to deal with the seven hundred thousand Shi Family army. However what I am worried is that Shiyue isn’t done.”

“To defend against Great Gan naturally he has more than just this.”

The one who spoke was Zhang Huai who walked in. Before this he hid in the palace to watch the battle. Now that they won he ran out and coincidentally heard the two of them speak.

“Don’t forget his Father Shi Qianli who is currently the South Settling General, Subei State Governor. He grasps seven provinces and close to two hundred thousand troops!”

Zong Shou and Kong Yao exchanged glances with one another. The two of them didn’t know about this matter. A solemn expression appeared on the face of the latter.

Shi Qianli?

The Shi Family was one of the aristocratic families only below that of the five big families. As they feared the emperor they were low profile.

However Kong Yao had heard that this person’s troops using skills were not below that of Feiyin and even better than his.

There were rumors in the north desolate Army that with Feiyin as the general he could crush the northern barbarians. But if Shi Qianli was the commander those tribes wouldn’t dare to attack.

“He is just the Subei State Governor and has only two hundred thousand troops under him. Great Shang’s south conquest probably used up all of his elites...”

“However there is still a Shiyue!”

Zhang Huai shook his head, “The worlds that Shiyue rules are different from your Great Gan Celestial Dynasty where you are surrounded by enemies all over and have to defend against the Shadow Demons and Night Demons. He definitely didn’t return with just seven hundred thousand troops. The key is at that Hundred Victory Pass and that Yangtze River!”

Zong Shou just thought about it and knew what Zhang Huai meant.

Hundred Victory Pass was at the east of Great Shang, the west of Zhexi. It was near to Ganxi State and was an important area in defending the southeast.

As long as one blocked the area with enough troops then even if one had ten million troops it would be tough to breakthrough.

As for Yangtze River even the most narrow part was four hundred thousand feet long. Without a navy covering, it would be pretty much impossible for the Great Gan army to pass.

Shi Liqian as the Subei State Governor, he did have the ability to shift and allocate the navy.

Going all out? Give up the five states at the south, gathering a million troops to defend Hundred Victory Pass and then ensure that the remaining Great Shang land was safe.

Was this what Shiyue meant by knowing how to give and take?

“We still have the same problem.”

Kong Yao shook her head and said, “That Shi Qianli is only the Subei Governor so his power is limited! He can’t control Zhexi. Even if Shiyue saved Yinyu and took the decree of Emperor Yuanchen to command the southeast war matters. It would take time to move troops. The south is open land and if we strike with cavalry Shi Qianli wouldn’t do anything at all.”

“Let’s just follow the previous plan.”

Seeing that Kong Yao and Zong Shou were stunned, Zhang Huai smiled, “With the current state that Emperor Yuanchen is in, he doesn’t have time to bother about all this and would rely on him more. This matter is greatly beneficial to the Shi Family. You said Shi Qianli doesn’t dare? The aristocratic families in the mid plains are all famous for being bold!”

Kong Yao was shocked and noticed that the way she handled things and thought about things was totally different from those aristocratic families.

When she was in Great Shang as a general, she was really loyal and never went against His Majesty’s orders, treating it as a Saint Decree.

However those aristocratic families were different. Within their own feudal land they didn’t need to bother about laws.

Other people couldn’t do such things but Shi Qianli as the head of the Shi Family, he felt no pressure at all and naturally wouldn’t be worried about what Emperor Yuanchen felt about it.

That was really the case then things would be really problematic.

“Actually this is a good thing too. Using snakes to swallow the elephant. Even if they can swallow it we would face many problems. If we didn’t handle things well we would explode from the food. Why not toughen up our foundations and then plan for the future! Jiangnan is also really rich and is the home for fish and rice, the grain production is several times that of other areas. It also has a dense population and the mind stone mines here are only fewer than Huizhou. The tax returns pretty much take up a small part of Great Shang’s yearly income, comparable to seven Tianfang Worlds. However due to corruption those aristocratic families took control and swallowed it. The martial atmosphere here is slightly weaker and could fit in with the south. If ran well it could be an immovable foundation for our rule of the Cloud World!”

Worried that Zong Shou and Kong Yao would be unwilling, Zhang Huai continued incessantly.

Zong Shou didn’t feel disappointed. To be able to safely swallow these five states already made him really satisfied and filled him with huge joy.

Be it the past or the future, these five states in the south was where the essence of the Cloud World was at, where there were huge tax returns!

The atmosphere just had to be changed and corruption removed. Just these five states alone would exceed that of Donglin by a huge amount. Even if they didn’t fully focus on troops, it would be able to raise and feed ten million troops.

He was long ago not thinking about all this.

“Great Gan’s country strength has already formed and there is no need to take the risk. Order Ren Tianxing to lead eight hundred thousand elites to South Wind Cloud Continent, the rest will be led by Concubine Kong and Zhang Huai as support After crushing the Shang Army at the north of Min River to attack the mid plains! You all are allowed to make decisions if the time arises...”

Zhang Huai and Kong Yao both bowed to accept their responsibilities. Although there were still ten million over troops north of Min River, but the two of them didn’t bother.

Without Dao Soldiers supporting, they just needed to send cavalry to break their retreat path and cut off their grain.

At most in ten days, these sixteen million troops will collapse.

Zong Shou gave them the ability to make decisions by themselves because of the Shi Family.

If that Hundred Victory Pass was really blocked by the Shi Family then they would stop in the few states to the south of Great Shang. If it wasn’t then Great Gan could advance without any worry.

As for South Wind Cloud Continent, the seven hundred thousand troops of the Shi Family wasn’t a worry. Qiuwei’s four million cultivators was holding them back.

As long as the situation there was stabilised and the rebellious states were suppressed, at most in three months the entire situation would be solved.

If Shiyue knew his position he would retreat quickly.

“Blood Cloud Cavalry expand to fifty thousand, try to recruit all Grade Six experts. Form thirty thousand Black Fox Iron Cavalry in the Cloud World. Also choose elites from the various armies!”

Zong Shou’s eyes grew brighter and brighter, “Send out the demon slaying decree! All martial artists in the world kill disciples of the Demon Sect. Kill one Grade Nine one and one would be awarded Grade Eight Mind Stones. The higher the cultivation the higher the reward. Great Gan’s Book Hiding Building would be opened to the public. As long as one killed over a hundred, one can copy a Grade Seven and above spell or technique. I want to wipe all of them out!”

He mostly referred to martial techniques. This time Zong Shou had collected many martial path cultivation methods outside.

They were mostly from the Nine Capital Celestial Dynasty, most of their items had fallen into his hands. Also when he was in the Nine Extreme Death Jail, those two hundred Celestial cultivators also left things and in it were many abilities and spells.

There were Grade Eight, Grade Nine and Grade Ten ones.

Zong Shou naturally wasn’t interested in them however to those factionless cultivators in the Cloud World who lacked resources they were really precious. If they missed this chance, it would be tough for them to find such top cultivation methods.

Zhang Huai and Kong Yao weren’t surprised. The Taoist Faction had done such things before. However in the same day Zong Shou charged to the Central Cloud Continent and killed thirty seven sects.

She could also tell that the grievances that was in Zong Shou’s chest was deeply accumulated. It was quite surprising that he was able to resist it till now.

At this point there was no need to bear with it anymore. The Dao Soldiers of the Demon Sect were mostly finished.

Apart from End Realm and Saint Realm experts, the Demon Sect had no way to fight against Great Gan. Those few spiritual houses, spiritual mountains, Shrines were like sheep to the slaughter, allowing anyone to eat them up.

However he would have to split his troops to do so. The chances of taking down Hundred Victory Pass, eyeing Great Shang southwest land and then heading to the mid plains from the upstream of Yangtze River got lesser and lesser.

However maybe because the chances were low from the start and because Zong Shou had already made his mind up, which was why she didn’t stop him. Thus they were both really silent and didn’t speak. The only thing they had problems with was the rewards that Zong Shou wanted to leave.

“Ruler our Great Gan doesn’t have much mind stones and need to feed the army. Why not release spells and techniques as the primary reward. Your conditions are a little too low. Killing hundred Demon Sect disciples and one can pick a Grade Seven technique. Grade eight for a thousand or ten Spirit Realm cultivators. Grade Nine need ten Celestial Realm...”

“Demon Sect techniques were special and one will be able to test from the corpses. There is no need to be afraid of people faking it!”

Zong Shou’s brow rose up, he didn’t say a thing, like he was just silently agreeing.

At this point the outer region space had stabilised. The three factions’ Wushang Cycle of Heaven Space Locking Demon Formation was retreated long ago.

The spiritual sense of those few End Realm experts stopped spreading in the space.

The clouds above the battlefield scattered and sunlight shone down. The private Dao Soldiers of those aristocratic families were crushed by the Blood Cloud Cavalry led by Zong Yuan. At this point they weren’t able to fight back anymore and they had to surrender.

Zong Shou’s gaze was ice cold as he looked above. Although those few people left but their spiritual sense was still locking tightly onto him, not fading at all.

Threads of vicious intent surged at him.

Zong Shou laughed coldly but he didn’t fear it. If those few End Realm Saint Venerables didn’t personally attack, their spiritual sense wouldn’t be able to crush him.

When Zong Shou looked up, the soldiers below were looking at him.

Along with the Yin Power of the Yin Yang Heart Needle Technique fading, that white energy pillar totally disappeared. Xiaori retracted its qilin form and lazily laid on Zong Shou’s shoulder.

Under the sunlight, the jade white carriage was surrounded by seven colored light, making it look really saintlike.

“Saint King!”

One person knelt down and hundreds of thousands followed.

“God bless the Saint Ruler!”

“My Great Gan will win all battles!”

Loud wave-like cheers swept over. Zhang Huai laughed and bowed solemnly, “What you are calling him is wrong. Please call him Emperor!”

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