Divine Beast Adventures

Chapter 21
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Chapter 21: Chapter 021 – Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede

Translator: mianbao Editor: Aelryinth

Edited by RED

“Impossible. How did he manage to obtain two bronze cards?”

Wu Junyu stared wide-eyed, as if he were seeing ghost. Then, he heard Liu Haowei’s similarly perplexed hushed exclamation from the side.

The two of them exchanged looks with one another and saw the astonishment in their eyes.

It was not long ago that Zhang Che was still trash who couldn’t even pass the beastmaster aptitude test. In only the short span of a few days, he first passed the aptitude test in an unbelievably short amount of time, and now he had even returned safely from the beast world, obtaining two bronze quality cards in the process.

It could be said that the changes in Zhang Che over these few short days were akin to the world being turned upside down.

Liu Haowei glanced at Zhang Che, then shifted his gaze back to the bronze card in his own hands. He was feeling a lot of mixed emotions in his heart right now.

A freaking trash was actually able to hunt two bronze cards for himself in the beast world, while he himself only got one bronze card by relying on his family? Must there be such a huge difference between two people?

“Oh, right, do you reckon that brat’s cards were given to him by Huang Tienan? I don’t believe that he was able to hunt for his own cards in the beast world,” Liu Haowei whispered to Wu Junyu.

The latter blinked his eyes several times before coming to a realization, saying, “Right! Who doesn’t know that Huang Tielan likes that brat? Those two cards must be her gifts to Zhang Che.”

The more Wu Junyu thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case. His imagination went on a tangent as he continued, “Mm. My guess is this brat most probably hid within the safe zone the entire duration he was in the beast world and didn’t dare to go out at all.”

The two youngsters seemed as if they discovered the secrets of the heavens. They exchanged glances and smiled at one another, feeling relieved.

“Alright, now summon your beasts and be on your guard. From now on, we could be attacked by beasts at any moment,” the lieutenant repeated.

The young men and women didn’t dare to lower their guards at all. Every one of their cards transformed into an array of different beasts, guarding at their master’s sides.

In the blink of an eye, a bunch of different animals and insects appeared around them, as if the animals of from zoo had made a collective breakout.

Zhang Che wasn’t interested in checking out the attributes of these beasts, which consisted of mainly black iron and bronze quality cards. Instead, he focused his gaze on the beast Huang Tielan summoned; a huge centipede!

This centipede was about two meters long. It has a golden back, purple legs, and a scarlet head section. Its pair of poisonous mandibles was shining a chill-inducing mix of blue and purple light.


[Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede]

Level: One Star (Level 9)

Quality: Silver

Type: Original Combat Body

Characteristics: Outstanding Carapace Defense, Numbing Poison Attack

Weakness: Vulnerable to Fire Elemental Attacks, Fears Strong Light

Potential: D Rank: 25% Chance of Breaking Through Current Level, 2.5% Chance of Breaking Through Current Quality. Chances Halved on Next Upgrade. Upgradable 2 Times

Cultivating Directions: ...


This Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was a silver-tier beast, indeed. The moment it appeared, the surrounding students’ beasts were all frightened and backed off to the side.

On the other hand, Zhang Che couldn’t help but grimace at the sight of it.

Huang Tielan’s tastes were so very unique!

She gifted him the Fiery Scorpion, and along with this Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede, they were both poison types! It truly left one at a loss for words...

-Shouldn’t girls like those furry little animals?-

Ugh... Zhang Che thought back about how Huang Tielan was usually addressed as “Tienan” by the others behind her back in class. With such interests, it didn’t seem so weird any more.

Zhang Che shifted his gaze to the two calf-sized ash green wolves by his side, thinking to himself, -My tastes are more normal. There’s no way poisonous insects and the likes are more pleasing to the eyes than ferocious beasts.-

The two bronze-quality Wind Shadow Wolves were very flashy, indeed. They drew everyone’s attention, envious of the fact that Zhang Che was actually able to own two identical bronze-quality beasts.

Seeing everyone had summoned their beasts, the second lieutenant nodded slightly and said, “Alright, we’ll now enter the woods ahead of us. Be on alert and look out for your safety.”

Hualala, the group immediately started moving. A group of boys and girls entered the woods with their own beasts, harboring anticipation and some fear of the unknown.

The team advanced for less than a hundred meters when they suddenly heard the roar of a beast. Every one looked toward where the sound came from, and saw Wu Junyu’s subdued beast, a burly black bear, covering its butt embarrassedly, jumping off the ground.

Zhang Che focused his gaze in that direction, and saw this bronze quality beast known as the Black Wind Beast was bleeding from its butt. It had obviously suffered an unexpected attack.

Suffering a sneak attack on its butt; one could only wonder how much it hurt.

The class of students forcefully endured their impulse to laugh out loud as they saw the Black Wind Beast jumping up and down. Those who were easily amused were red from holding back their laughter.

“Everyone spread out, pay attention to the ground!”

The second lieutenant was unlike the ignorant youngsters. His expression changed slightly after realizing the situation and yelled out to the group.

The ground?

Could it be that Wu Junyu’s beast was attacked by an exotic beast that dug its way out from underground?

Everyone looked over once more, and as expected, they saw an inconspicuous hole about the size of a bowl near a patch of grass not far away from Wu Junyu.

Their faces changed one after another, looking down frantically, afraid that some unknown beast would emerge from the ground to attack them.

The various beasts also received orders from their respective masters and went on full alert.

“Ah, over here!” someone from the crowd cried out suddenly.

In the grass to Huang Tielan’s side, an ugly, elliptical head burrowed out from the ground and tried to pounce onto her. However, the alert Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede guarding by her side discovered it and its sword-like limbs quickly moved. The Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede who made the second move actually reached its target first and directly pounced onto the body underneath that ugly head.

What fast reactions! It truly was a silver-tier beast!

The beast that crawled out from the ground resembled a snake, yet it wasn’t exactly a snake. That ugly head was connected to a round, slippery body. There weren’t any eyes, ears or nose on the head, only a wide-open round mouth. A few rows of thin, shredder-like teeth could be vaguely seen in its mouth, trying its best to bite onto the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede on it.

Alas, the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede was a silver-tier beast. It possessed an extremely powerful body, and at this moment its countless sword-like legs were stabbed into the beast’s body. It was unable to struggle free.

As for this beast’s teeth, although they looked savage, they were unable to do a thing to the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede’s tough carapace.

Panicking, the beast’s mostly underground body suddenly contracted itself in an attempt to get back into the earth to escape.

However, the Scarlet Head Golden Back Centipede had already spread its poisonous mandibles, and pincered them into the beast’s head, injecting its poison madly into it.

The exotic beast’s struggles quickly grew weaker. Shortly afterwards, the exposed section of its body finally fell weakly on the grass.

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