Disciple Cashback System: I Got Exposed By My Disciple

Chapter 72 - Elder Ye Is Their Sparring Partner?
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Chapter 72: Elder Ye Is Their Sparring Partner?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

However, as he had already taught Yue the qi storage technique, teaching her the aura concealing technique did not grant him a system reward!

Then, after Li Qingyan had almost finished digesting her gains, Ye Xuan took out the only low-magic spiritual weapon he had, the Cold Light Ice Soul sword.

“Qingyan, I’ve looked at your weapon. It’s too low-grade! I’ll give you this low-grade magic weapon, the Cold Light Ice Soul sword!”

As soon as Li Qingyan opened her eyes, she suddenly saw a longsword that exuded a cold aura in front of her.

Even though she had already reached the ninth-level true essence realm with the help of the pill, she still felt a chill from this longsword.

“Yes, Teacher… wait… Teacher, are you saying that this weapon is a low-grade magic weapon? Umm…”

Li Qingyan was stunned.

‘Oh my God! Did I hear wrong? Is Teacher giving me a low-grade magic weapon? Just because my previous weapon was too low-grade?’

Did he know how valuable a magic weapon was?

In the entire Qingyun sect, there was no other cultivator besides Ye Xuan who possessed a magic weapon!

Most importantly, even the second-ranked Xuanyin sect did not possess a magic weapon!

Most of the weapons used by the top-level core formation realm experts were spiritual weapons!

The highest-level weapons they had were only top-grade spiritual weapons!

Just like the Qingyun sword that Ye Xuan had given to Yue earlier, which was a high-grade spiritual weapon!

However, her teacher now wanted to give her a low-grade magic weapon?! Just because her previous weapon was too low-grade?!

With her current strength, could she even unleash the full power of the magic weapon?

“Teacher, I…”

Li Qingyan’s eyes turned red.

Although she had been shocked by Ye Xuan’s selfless actions many times since becoming his disciple, she still could not help but be moved at this moment.

Did I save an entire world in my previous life to have had the good fortune of becoming his disciple in this life? He was the best kind of teacher.

“Qingyan, take it.” Ye Xuan smiled and patted the latter’s head.


Li Qingyan wiped the tears away from her slightly red eyes, which were about to fall. Then, she put the Cold Light Ice Soul sword into her spatial storage equipment.

“Ding! As the host has given his disciple the Cold Light Ice Soul sword (low-grade magic weapon) , the host has received a randomized 20x critical reward. Congratulations! The host has obtained the God-slaying sword (middle-grade magic weapon) !”

The God-slaying sword had seven blood-red lines on it, and it was filled with the power of slaughter.

“Now I only have to work on her combat experience to get my next system reward!”

Ye Xuan examined the God-slaying sword for a while, and then withdrew his spiritual sense. His gaze then fell on Li Qingyan.

“Qingyan, today I will be your sparring partner!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Ye Xuan did not wait for Li Qingyan to come back to her senses. He waved his sleeve and, in the blink of an eye, he brought Yue and Li Qingyan to the Qingyun sect’s training ground.

The Qingyun sect’s training ground was located at the center of Qingyun Mountain. It was 100,000 square meters in size and extremely large.

Moreover, the training ground was covered by an extremely powerful defensive array formation. The sturdiness of this array formation was far greater than the Jiangqing City’s training ground. It could even withstand a full-strength attack from a Xudan realm cultivator.

Moreover, as the sect competition of the Qingyun sect was around the corner, there were already many Qingyun sect disciples sparring with each other in the training ground.

The appearance of Ye Xuan and the others immediately attracted the attention of many of the cultivators present.

“We pay our respects to Elder Ye!”

Seeing this, the Qingyun sect disciples hurriedly bowed respectfully to Ye Xuan. Their gazes fell on Ye Xuan, and their eyes were filled with fervor.

This was the strongest genius of the Great Qian Dynasty, an expert who had reached the Xudan realm at the age of 20.

These young cultivators were all proud to be in the same sect as him.

However, when everyone’s eyes fell on Yue and Li Qingyan, they were shocked.

Not only were the two women beautiful, but their demeanor was even more stunning. As they walked alongside Ye Xuan, it was as if they had emerged from a painting!

“Are they the disciples that Elder Ye took in?”

“Those two women are really lucky. I wish I had the opportunity to become Elder Ye’s disciple!”

“It is said that Elder Ye’s first disciple was just an ordinary handyman disciple. I don’t know how or why she managed to become Elder Ye’s disciple!”

“Stop spouting nonsense. Why are some people so lucky?”

“It feels like you’re spouting nonsense. Are you certain that she really was an ordinary handyman disciple? She looks like a fairy, extraordinary and otherworldly. I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman in my life. Why did I not notice her before?”

“It’s said that she was only in the refinement realm before this. With the help of Elder Ye, she completely awakened her potential and her cultivation advanced by leaps and bounds. I don’t know what cultivation level she’s reached now!”

At that moment, everyone’s attention was focused on Yue, their eyes filled with envy.

The cultivators who were originally sparring in the training ground took the initiative to make way for them.

Ye Xuan then suppressed his cultivation to the ninth level of the true essence realm. He reached out and grabbed an ordinary bronze sword from the training ground’s equipment storage area.

“Yue, you and Qingyan should also attack together!” Ye Xuan held the bronze sword and looked at his disciples.

Although he had already gained a lot of combat experience from Yue, if she worked together with Li Qingyan, he might be able to get an additional reward from sparring with her.

Moreover, if the two of them worked together, it would also improve the tacit understanding between them.

“Yes, Teacher!”

Yue nodded her head obediently. The storage ring in her hand flashed with a stream of light, and the Qingyun sword was suddenly unsheathed.

“Oh my God! Elder Ye is actually sparring with them!”

“Aren’t they too lucky? I really can’t stand it anymore. Where can I find such a handsome and powerful sparring partner?”

“I wish I could also become Elder Ye’s disciple, then I would also be able to enjoy such treatment!”

“Elder Ye, quickly look at me and see if I have any special physique. Quickly come and discover me!”

At this moment, everyone was envious, so envious that they were almost drooling.

An elder of the Qingyun sect was actually sparring with his disciples. Although this was not entirely too rare, since it was Ye Xuan, things were different.

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