Dimensional Store System In Apocalypse

Chapter 376: (EDT) Rescue Mission (7)
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Chapter 376: (EDT) Rescue Mission (7)

Responding to the commander's order were twenty or so anti-air turrets. Significantly weaker than the usual CIWS assembled on the ships, these guns were more like showing these people did try to do something.

The loosely fired anti-air weaponry hardly prevented the missiles from approaching the base. Evidently, these defensive measures were pointlessly built to stop destruction from arriving at their base.

The defensive system hardly destroyed 20 out of the 96 Decimator missiles fired at them.

A chain of explosions triggered all around the base when the barrage passed their final line of defenses. Whatever build, construction technique or quality is pointless in the face of pure destruction.

But amazingly, half of the building was still standing firmly, although there was destruction here and there. Were these technologies in construction brought back to the modern world, it would definitely help Zhang Qin Feng create a utopia he's been dreaming of.

This was the first time West Strand Division received such damage after taking over this location from the Wind Base Group. The attack also took out almost 90% of the base defense, leaving this place practically defenseless to outsiders.

What's more unbelievable is that the attacker was Wind Base Group themselves, the previous owner of this base.

"Light the beacon ASAP and summon the Linebarrel Tank here! In the meantime, keep shooting towards the five vessels and stop them from firing their second barrage!" the commander ordered. It seems that even after the first wave, his camp still remained heavily protected.

Also, he had to make sure he could last until the Linebarrel Tank that once destroyed Zhang Qin Feng's entire military made its appearance again. As long the four-legged walker made its way here in time, the destruction of the five vessels would just be a matter of time.

The battle between both sides continued as they kept firing at one another using other means. The 006 and 008 Assailant-Class also stopped firing the Decimator Missiles because they were only equipped with a set per ship.

As for Zhang Qin Feng, they were about to arrive at the designated pickup point. It seems that his ride back to the vessel had come much earlier than he does.

'Weird… These people were chasing us really hard earlier, but how can everything change out of a sudden? Did the barrage hit them too hard?' Zhang Qin Feng asked himself.

Based on his opponent's reaction so far, such a strong retaliation from their enemies should be their time. But Zhang Qin Feng found it weird that they had started to stop pursuing them.

But he's not in the mood to be bothered by their choice. Right now, escape was the only thing in his mind, along with the team leader's wellbeing after returning to Shelter No: 213.

They quickly meet up with the personnel that was sent to pick his men up. Using less than five minutes to get onboard, Zhang Qin Feng ordered to depart immediately before their pursuer managed to get a hold of their location.

The soldiers felt that Zhang Qin Feng was a little too paranoid but dared not to say anything.

Soon, his decision turned out to be a wise choice when a four-legged walker came from the mountainous range with the weapon charged halfway. Given the light and energy emitted from the gun, another twenty seconds were all the gun needed to be in a firing position.

"All ships! Pull away from the port! Pull away from the port!" Zhang Qin Feng relayed his order immediately to the five captains connected to his Luna Device.

"Pull out! We need to be at least two hundred meters away to avoid the beam weapon from hitting us!" said the captain from 004 Assailant-Class Patrol Ship.

Although this was the first time the fleet encountered the Linebarrel Tank, they're not completely oblivious about the destructive power of the beam weaponry it had.

"That's the same bastard that blew apart all our ships last time!" said the caption for 002 Assailant-Class. The anger from his face is so evident that Zhang Qin Feng could feel it from his tone.

"002. Prepare the prototype missile kept inside your ship. Let us tell the West Strand Division that Wind Base Group was not an easy target for them to bully as they like," Zhang Qin Feng said after sensing the deep hatred inside the 002's captain.

"Roger that, Boss. Weapon's Officer, prepare the…"


The deafening sound from the Linebarrel Tank's beam weapon was fired towards the sea.

Luckily, their effort of pulling away from the port finally paid off as the beam hardly reached their distance. Although the leftover from the weapon's heat still makes the experience unbearable, the destruction has been reduced to the minimum.

Not a single ship was sunk from the attack this time.

"H-How can this be?" the army commander was shocked that not a single vessel was destroyed from their first shot.

"Charge the weapon again! Get closer to the port and sink all their ships on the next shot!" he said.

"Prepare the prototype missile! Aim right at where the Linebarrel Tank is!" the 002's captain instructed after the interruption was no longer there. Using the manual targetting to aim further away from the base, a slightly bigger missile was launched from the ship's missile silo.

The missile itself could almost reach the threshold as an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile-Class weaponry. It might be kept hidden from the world if Zhang Qin Feng has no intention to teach the people from West Strand Division a lesson they'll never forget.

"Shoot the damn missile down! It's just one fucking warhead!" the army commander cussed. But evidently, the earlier bombardment had taken out a considerable amount of anti-air defenses they had.

And unless they had something else in their hand, it would be impossible for them to take this missile out while it was still in the air.

"Hey, Commander of West Strand Division. How do you like my gift?" Zhang Qin Feng voluntarily got in touch with the commander as he hacked into their open channel.

"You… You're Zhang Qin Feng?" the commander immediately recognized his voice. It's not a secret to the West Strand's Military. They were the ones who tortured Satella and the others for Zhang Qin Feng's information.

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