Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 905: Sacrifice
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Chapter 905: Sacrifice

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When Lalaria ‘migrated’ to the Dark Moon, the dragons of the Dragon Island cheered in celebration while Chen Rui could only suffer silently. Who asked him to bet with Lalaria for thunder nitrate, the material of the titans? She had a Pseudo-God father behind her, and the old father-in-law had said: I have given you my biological daughter and adopted daughter. What else do you want?

Chen Rui was actually very aware of Auglas’ intentions. Let alone Olypheus, the main purpose of throwing Lalaria over was to borrow his hand to cure the ‘Lala(lesbian) Syndrome’ of the flat-chested loli.

As the current Dragon Emperor, Auglas definitely didn’t want his inheritor and future dragon empress to be a weirdo who only liked women. But all these years the old father-in-law tried to do everything to no avail. It happened that this time Lalaria lost consecutively to Chen Rui in the bets, so Auglas, who saw a glimmer of hope, could not help but force her daughter to use the betting agreement and forced the lesbian dragon to fulfill the contract with the threat of property, but Chen Rui was the one who suffered this time.

Over the next few days, Master Lalaria brought the essence of the word ‘scourge’ to the extreme.

Even when it’s bed rolling time, he had to pay special attention, because a certain flat-chested loli might swagger through the protective magic circle and come in for a ‘visit’. The deepest impression was when Lalaria suddenly strode in when he was making out with Athena and Kia in the room. This was not the initial intention of the flat-chested loli who came here in a hurry. When she saw the inappropriate scene, she was stunned at first. Then, she didn’t evade, but sat down on a stool with great interest, and said, “You guys continue, just act like I don’t exist.”

As a result, she was kicked out of the door by the enraged male and female protagonists. Chen Rui then understood another hidden attribute of Lala Loli: female hooligan.

However, the strength of the flat-chested loli had reached Demi-God, and there was little enchantment in the residence to stop her. Even if Chen Rui could defeat her, it was impossible to activate the [Pole Star Transformation] all the time and wait for her.

Compared to this event, making trouble and cheating were all trivial things. Speaking of which, Chen Rui put himself into trouble. He wanted to use Ms. Black Dragon, the flat-chested loli’s creditor, to suppress her. Unexpectedly, Ms. Black Dragon brought Lalaria outside with her to feast and credited countless accounts in the name of Chen Rui, which made him seem to be an accomplice. If he hadn’t discovered it earlier, the ladies of the Dark Moon families would have been abducted by Lalaria…

No wonder the flat-chested loli was the No. 1 scourge among the Demon Realm dragons, who threaten to kidnap other people’s daughters at every turn. The lethality was really astonishing. If it weren’t for her extraordinary talent and her identity as the Dragon Emperor’s adopted daughter and inheritor, perhaps she would have been expelled from the Dragon Island.

Chen Rui pondered on the painful experience, and he quickly adjusted the ‘strategy’. Ms. Black Dragon was absolutely not allowed to go out and learn the bad examples, so he let Vesilna ‘protect’ Lalaria all day long.

Vesilna was close to the peak stage of the Demi-God, and the flat-chested loli was just a rookie who had just stepped into the Demi-God, so she was not an opponent at all. As a brainwashed faithful believer, Vesilna fully listened to Chen Rui’s orders. Under her supervision, although there were still some troubles from time to time, but in general, the flat-chested loli was still forced to control her behavior.

After getting along for a long time, everyone had a deeper understanding of Lalaria. This loli was actually not bad by nature. She wasn’t that domineering, and her temperament was quite cute. She mingled well in the group. It was just that the problem of liking beautiful women was deeply rooted and unchangeable.

In Lalaria’s mind, although Chen Rui was the ‘enemy’ who made her lose all her money, he was also a blockhead in money, providing food and accommodation. The most important thing was that this was a big family of beautiful women, which made her feel very comfortable, so she simply act like ‘I’m is willing to admit defeat and will stay here no matter what’. Seeing Chen Rui’s aggrieved look, the flat-chested loli secretly felt satisfied.

However, satisfaction soon turned into jealousy and hatred. It originated from a ‘loot-splitting conference’. It was the law fragments that Chen Rui got in the Ghastly Floating Land.

Chen Rui got a lot of law fragments from hunting the wandering spirits. He didn’t hide them at all as he distributed them to his relatives and friends.

The law fragment contained the purest law power that the super powerhouse comprehended before the annihilation. It could help the trainers who do not have the law to understand the law as soon as possible. This was equivalent to a shortcut to the Kingdom level.

Of course, this shortcut also had disadvantages. After entering the super-level, it was much more difficult to progress and break through the bottleneck than normal trainers. Unless they used another way or obtained true comprehension, they would progress at a much slower rate than trainers who comprehended law on their own. The difficulty of breaking through the bottleneck would also be doubled unless they could find another way or get a special understanding.

For Athena, Isabella, Kia, Shea, Delia and Medilu, who found it difficult to enter the super-level under normal circumstances, this was a huge opportunity. The fusion of law fragments not only allowed them to enter the Kingdom level with great speed and improved probability. More importantly, the lifespan would be greatly improved, at least 10 times higher than the Demon Overlord level. In addition, the lifespan would double for each breakthrough in the future.

At the very least, Chen Rui wouldn’t have to worry about his wives dying because of the exhaustion of their lifespans in 10,000-20,000 years.

In contrast, Roman and Olypheus, who were about to break through to the kingdom, were not in a hurry to break through in this way, as was Krobelus, who had a long life and was close to the peak stage of the Demon Overlord.

For the kingdomized Zola, Paglio, Dodo, Catherine in the Dark Shadow Empire, including Vesilna at the Demi-God level, the law fragment was also an unattainable treasure. They could absorb the law yuan power, enrich and grow their own law foundation. It was equivalent to an extremely rare nutrient. After the foundation had accumulated to a certain ‘quantitative change’ requirement, the probability of having ‘qualitative change’ would be greatly increased. Chen Rui, who had benefited a lot, had a deep understanding of this.

Looking at Lalaria’s coveting appearance, Chen Rui thought for a while and gave her 1 of the 7 Demi-God crystal balls at hand, and allowed her to use the projection training ground on the condition that she honestly abided by the rules of the house. She was also strictly prohibited to harm all female dependents including Ms. Duoduo.

Although the law fragment was a good thing, it couldn’t be disgusted easily. A Demi-God crystal ball was enough for Lalaria, who was just entering Demi-God, to absorb and comprehend.

Lalaria was a person who had a discerning eye for valuables, so she naturally understood this truth. Her eyes lit up and she smiled. She nodded without hesitation, and she immediately issued a declaration that she would definitely change her past mistakes, be strict with herself, and be a normal dragon. Next, in order to express her gratitude, she took turns to kiss Athena, Isabella, Kia… and all the female relatives including Ms. Duoduo, then she habitually touched each of their buttocks.

The men: …

After the loot-splitting conference, a training craze naturally set off. Even Kia, who was the weakest, was full of energy. Because this could not only improve their own strength, but it also involved the issue of staying together with the man they love, so no one wanted to be left behind.

The [Faith Projection] of the Super System training ground played a crucial role; this projection was set in a room in the house. After entering, there was another independent space which contained various environments such as gravity and deep sea. The time ratio was 1:100. The projection validity period was 3 months in real time. 1000 faith crystals need to be paid every day, which was close to 100,000 in 3 months. However, this price was only a drop in the bucket for Chen Rui’s net worth.

The maximum number of madams that could enter the projection training space at one time was 2 people, so everyone had arranged a training schedule with groupings, ranging from basic friends group, couple group, sisters group, and demon-slime group…

Peaceful and happy days always go by quickly. In the blink of an eye, another 2 months passed.

In the Ghastly Floating Land, Chen Rui’s comprehension of law had reached a bottleneck. Therefore, during this time, he did not force him to keep training, but he just maintained 1 hour of contemplation in the training ground in the Super System every day. Besides spending time with his lovers ,the rest of the time was spent on the construction and upgrade of the City of Stars.

Apart from the law fragment and origin power this time, another important gain was the yuan crystals.

Chen Rui got a lot of the yuan crystals in the Lost Land which was the first stop where the mystery was located. Crystal Phoenix’ used these yuan crystals to successfully create several core control crystals of the faith game which could further enhance the game’s function. He could set up an Emerald Pillar similar to the Fallen Angel Capital in each empire. In this way, the ‘signal’ of the game would be greatly strengthened, more sub-resources could be saved, the coverage of the faith would be wider, and the upgrade as well as charging of the new version would become more convenient.

The most important thing was that this crystal could be separated from Crystal Phoenix and become the ‘server’ of the magic game, which meant that a control center of the magic game could be established in the human world. This was exactly the plan of Chen Rui long ago. Back then, he had reached a relevant agreement with the mother-in-law who could represent the Dragon Valley.

The core control crystal was equivalent to a separate game console and it did not have other functions of Crystal Phoenix, so even if it was damaged, it would not cause any damage to the City of Stars or Chen Rui.

Another important function of the yuan crystal was to enhance the strength of the life center. Crystal Phoenix had reached the bottleneck after absorbing less than 1/10 of the stock, which was the strongest loading of the level 3 civilization core. The upper limit and capabilities of creation control had been greatly enhanced. The original spiritual imprint of the City of Stars controller was Kingdom level. The upper limit of Crystal Phoenix was ??also directly related to the owner’s strength. As long as Chen Rui’s strength could break through the kingdom level and reach Demi-God, then the Crystal Phoenix would be automatically upgraded to level 4 civilization core, but in order to upgrade the entire civilization city, various rare materials were needed.

At this time, the sealed space of the Rainbow Valley opened, and Zola who had been in closed training, finally came out.

After trainers enter the super-level, their bodies could absorb nature’s strength to replenish energy, and they did not completely rely on food to sustain life. Therefore, the energy consumption was greatly reduced, and the lifespan was also increased tenfold. Every time a small realm or large realm was broken through, the life expectancy would increase accordingly.

However, being a super powerhouse was just the starting point of a whole new world. The advancement was more difficult than an ordinary powerhouse. Every small step was difficult and sometimes it would take considerable risks.

For example, after successful kingdomization, they must try to complete their own law and convert the energy of the kingdomized into the real kingdom. Just this process required the trainer to spend a lot of time to fully integrate the soul and strength into the real kingdom. To advance into a Demi-God, you also need to convert kingdom projection, accumulate faith, and construct Armor of Faith with law power.

After becoming a Demi-God, not only must the kingdom be further strengthened, but also the power of ‘might’ must be comprehended from the rule, and the Pseudo-Godhood must be condensed. Back then, before Auglas condensed the Pseudo-Godhood, he entrusted Olypheus to Chen Rui just in case.

Each step required a lot of effort and time. Under normal circumstances, super-level trainers would choose to enter a low-energy state that did not require food for a long time. They carried out training similar to ‘closed-door training’, which could further prolong and effectively use life as well as gain more insight.

Vesilna was considered a veteran powerhouse, and Chen Rui learned some secrets from her. The Pseudo-God battle for the silver box should have happened more than 1 million years ago when the Demon Realm had many super powerhouses and was worshiped by the world.

Satan was called the top Pseudo-God, and there were famous Pseudo-God powerhouses such as Sariel, Python, Mephistopheles, Rophocale, Rahab, and so on. At that time, the Demon Realm still had 7 empires, and wars were frequent.

Since the super powerhouses were too damaging to the ordinary world, Satan and other Pseudo-God reached an unwritten rule that prohibited the super powerhouses from interfering in the affairs of the ordinary world. Otherwise, the highest sanctions would be imposed. This kind of regulation had been going on for a long time, and the 7 empires had always maintained a stable tacit understanding with each other. Later, it seemed that the seal for a certain period of time was opened, and the silver box was released, which triggered a bloody storm. In order to compete for the silver box, the super powerhouses including Pseudo-Gods suffered countless casualties, and some were even dead. In the end, the super powerhouses including Satan went into hiding one after another.

As a result, the balance of the 7 empires was broken. They began to fight against each other, and the wars continued.

After the tests of fierce struggle, there were only 3 empires left at present.

The reason why Raizen wanted to step down as soon as possible and give up the throne to the illegitimate daughter Tiffany was considering the trend of the 3 empires. On the other hand, he also wants to get rid of mundane affairs as soon as possible so as to concentrate on training and strive to rise to the next level.

If the political situation of the Demon Realm was completely stable in the future, Catherine was likely to choose this kind of retirement as well.

Zola also wanted to increase her strength as soon as possible and become Chen Rui’s assistant, so she often chose closed-door training after kingdomization. Except for Catherine, she had the least number of meetings with Chen Rui.

This was because of love, and Chen Rui knew it very well in his mind.

Hence, he immediately gave Ms. Fairy Dragon an affectionate hug. Then, Chen Rui discovered an amazing fact that in such a short period of time, Zola’s strength actually soared to the peak stage of the Kingdom level!

Before that, Zola’s strength was only at an early stage of the Kingdom level! This unconventional advance speed was even more amazing than Chen Rui!

Protagonist halo?

“Zola, how did you do it?” Paglio and other friends were stunned. In fact, Zola was only training behind closed-door in the Rainbow Valley, and she did not enter the [Faith Projection] training room at all!

“What?” Ms. Fairy Dragon’s face faked daze, but her eyes were full of pride.

(In the future, I can finally go out on adventures with my man without being a burden to him!)

If it was before going to the mysterious place, Chen Rui would only feel excited about Zola’s leap in strength, but now he was keenly thinking of something, and an ominous omen was inexplicably surging in his heart.

“Zola, are you hiding something from me?” Chen Rui frowned slightly.


“Come with me.” Chen Rui took Zola and walked straight toward the house. Athena and others saw that something was wrong with Chen Rui’s expression, so they did not follow.

Chen Rui took Zola into the room, closed the door, and activated the isolation magic circle. He asked, “Zola, tell me honestly, what is going on?”

“What?” Ms. Fairy Dragon was clearly happy, still in a fake daze.


This stern tone made Zola stunned for a moment, then she showed an aggrieved expression.

“Did you touch that silver box?” Chen Rui held Zola’s shoulder, “Zola, you must tell the truth, this concerns you… and my life!”

Zola was shocked. Looking at Chen Rui’s extremely solemn expression, she finally told the truth, “I didn’t open the silver box. I was just training near the Fountain of Resurrection… One day, after falling asleep, I seemed to have obtained many precious insights in a dream. I woke up and found that they were actually imprinted memories in my soul. Following that, I have been training next to the Fountain of Resurrection. For some reason, I broke through the bottleneck unexpectedly and reached the peak stage of the Kingdom level! This is probably 1 of the mysteries of the silver box. We can train there together!”

“Dream? A real soul imprint?” Chen Rui was not delighted at all, but he felt terrified. He suddenly thought of the strength that Satan had left in his soul in the Mountain Seckred, and he already had an idea in his mind.

After taking a deep breath, Chen Rui pulled Zola into his arms.

“What are you doing?” Zola watched in surprise as Chen Rui embraced her. His hand extended into her body through her mage’s robe.

“What do you think?” Chen Rui used the general unbuttoning shirt skills of men and unbuttoned the front button of Ms. Fairy Dragon’s bra with one hand in 3 seconds. He held the round and plump white skin, and he gently rubbed the pink bids with fingers.

(You drag me into the room for interrogation with a fierce look just for this?)

(Hmph! Definitely can’t let him succeed!)

Just as Zola made up her mind, her hot body involuntarily softened, and she fell onto the bed. Soon, she felt a heat wave secreted from under my body.

“Darling Zola” Chen Rui touched the wet place where the spring water was flooding, and he kissed Ms. Fairy Dragon’s ear, “It seems that you are prepared for this.”

Ms. Fairy Dragon bit her lip, endured the numbness from her earlobe, and finally uttered a word, “Bastard!”

“You’re wrong! I am sacrificing myself to save you.” Someone righteously separated the beauty’s 2 snow-white legs, pressed the aggressive tool against the delicate entrance that was splashing water, threw away his unnecessary worries and righteously began the rescue work at the expense of his own essence.

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