Devil's Son-in-Law

Chapter 903: Winner!
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Chapter 903: Winner!

At the moment when Chen Rui ‘exploded’, the ‘other’ Chen Rui at a certain place decisively used the power of the Super System to completely extinguish the last strand of Sariel’s power attached to the Evil Pupil.

In Sariel’s soul sense, the ‘seed’ tied to this ‘servant’ was completely destructed. Sariel had some doubts about why he did not sense the Evil Pupil’s breath on the ‘servant’ before. Now that he witnessed Chen Rui’s death and the Evil Pupil’s ‘seed’ was destructed, his doubts disappeared naturally.

Of course, for Sariel, this kind of trick or life and death of an ant was not important. His attention was all on the silver boxes. Satan had never controlled the silver box to close, so now both of them were trying their best to resist the destruction origin power of the silver boxes.

The destruction origin of the 2 silver boxes was by no means as simple as one1 plus 1. Although the fusion was less than half, the might emitted was already quite terrifying. Even Pseudo-Gods’ bodies couldn’t stand it and began to annihilate piece by piece.

Sariel had a [Body of Moon Soul] with super regeneration ability. Originally, he had an absolute advantage in endurance and regeneration power, but this destructive power was not an ordinary power, but the strongest origin power which was by no means what Pseudo-God could resist. Meanwhile, Satan incorporated the silver boxes he obtained from the last Pseudo-God battle, so he had a special tolerance for destructive power, taking the upper hand. In addition, Sariel did not hesitate to activate the secret technique of burning life in order to let Chen Rui win the silver boxes, and he struggled to imprison Satan with injury. Under this situation, his body began to show signs of collapse.

Sariel wasn’t a fool. He knew that he had fallen into Satan’s trap. If it went on like this, not only he could not get the silver box, but even his life would be in danger.

This time it was really a big loss. Not only were the ‘servants’ wiped out, but the silver boxes that were so near were lost.

But as a Pseudo-God who had survived to this day, Sariel understood the importance of staying alive better than anyone else. Although the silver box was a valuable thing, it was not as important as life after all. Besides, there were only 2 silver boxes, which would not complete the Book of Destruction, so Satan couldn’t get any substantial benefits as well.

Thinking of this, Sariel gritted his teeth, and once again burnt his foundation to break free of the stalemate. His body turned into a puff of smoke. A large number of cracks appeared in the space around the light smoke, and the light smoke quickly penetrated into the cracks before it disappeared.

The silver boxes slowly closed, and the overwhelming destructive breath gradually disappeared.

Satan took a deep breath. His originally broken and thin body became clear and whole again. A smug smile appeared on his face. There was no doubt that he was the biggest winner of this Mysterious Land Incident.

However, even the scheming Satan still didn’t know that he was not the only winner.

Another winner was a human who was already ‘dead’ – Chen Rui.

The one who exploded in the destructive breath just now was Shura, a ‘professional suicide bomber’.

Chen Rui’s real body entered the [Star Gate] long ago. He wasn’t that foolish to confront the 2 Pseudo-God avatars (actually real ones). Before leaving, he left the Evil Pupil badge that summoned Sariel to Shura.

Chen Rui left Shura there not to grab the silver box as it was a dangerous thing. He once used the name ‘Aguile’ with Sariel. Even if he could survive by fluke from the hands of the 2 Pseudo-God avatars, it would also affect his relatives and friends, and there would never be peace.

In the original plan, Shura’s purpose was ‘to court death’. Die in front of Sariel, cancel the ‘Aguile’ name, and also die for Satan to see, completely canceling some potential hidden dangers. ‘Aguile’ would disappear from the Demon Realm until he truly had the strength to rival Sariel.

To Chen Rui’s surprise, Shura, who was originally only used as a scapegoat, actually hit the jackpot. The real body projected by Satan carried the first silver box obtained in the Pseudo-God battle. He wanted to integrate the silver box of Chaos Realm and completely control the destruction origin, which was the Book of Destruction mentioned by the 2 Pseudo-Gods. Sariel also had his own plans. As a result, when Shura was ordered to take the silver box, Satan opened the silver boxes, and Shura was annihilated.

However, neither of the 2 Pseudo-Gods could have imagined the truth about the annihilation of the ‘ant’. With Shura’s destruction body, even if he couldn’t resist the 2 origin powers, he would not annihilate so quickly. Death was just acting. The most important thing was that, before the annihilation, Shura had used the method of absorbing information without disgesting to absorb all the origin law breath of the silver box in Satan’s hand and the fusion of the 2 silver boxes.

This was equivalent to a memory imprint that would not affect the silver boxes themselves.

Shura was an avatar and wouldn’t really die. As long as the time was up, after Shura recovered and Chen Rui re-integrated with this avatar, he would be able to comprehend step by step until he fully grasped the destruction origin law that Shura just absorbed. This meant that the insights from the 3 silver boxes and the 3 pages of the Book of Destruction were all gathered together!

Chen Rui didn’t get the silver box this time, but the law fragments, the understanding of the destruction origin, the way forward… including Tiffany’s safe return, all far exceeded the value of the silver box to him.

Chen Rui was now on an island floating in the air.

It turned out that he returned to the Ghastly Floating Land with the [Star Gate]!

The Ghastly Floating Land was not within the final Chaos Realm. Chen Rui once experimented with the [Star Gate] and star point here, and it could be used normally. During the experiment, he also set up a star point here.

The reason he returned to the Ghastly Floating Land was just in case. Sariel’s strength was no small matter, and Mysterious Land should be the best place to confuse the Evil Pupil’s sensing.

Now that Shura was ‘dead’, he had successfully cheated Satan and Sariel, then he could safely return to the Dark Moon.

In addition to letting ‘Aguile’ disappear this time in the Dark Moon, it was best to slowly let the human Chen Rui disappear from everyone’s vision. ‘Aguile’’s marriage with the 2 empresses (1 of them is the future empress) of the Dark Shadow Empire and the Bloody Empire could only be suppressed. Anyway, Raizen was also a sensible person. Now Chen Rui felt that the most difficult problem was the silver box in the Dark Moon.

The biggest difference between this silver box and the other 2 was that there was a small box in the middle. This little box was not ‘normal’. From the conversation between Satan and Sariel, Chen Rui heard some secrets of the Pseudo-God battle for the silver box; especially that Python name.

Judging from the tone of the 2 Pseudo-Gods, Python should be a powerhouse at the same level as Sariel and Satan. In order to compete for the silver box, he burned his body, leaving only his soul to escape with the silver box, then he created countless fake silver boxes. Satan and Sariel have not found the real silver box so far.

So, now in that silver box in the Rainbow Valley’s Fountain of Resurrection…


Small box?

Chen Rui suddenly thought of Shura’s creation and Zola’s unexpected advancement in the Rainbow Valley last time, and he could not help frowning.

When Chen Rui was about to open the [Star Gate] to return to the Dark Moon, he suddenly sensed that someone was moving quickly toward this side. He was slightly surprised. He had activated [Sneak] to hide.

A woman with brown hair, a plump figure, and delicate features appeared in front of his eyes. She just looked haggard with multiple wounds on her body.

“That’s strange. I clearly sensed something moving.” The woman showed a suspicious expression and looked around carefully.

This woman was actually 1 of the 2 Demi-Gods of the Satan Team, Vesilna. Beelzebub!

Chen Rui remembered when Tiffany opened the door of the Chaos Realm, Keressa attracted a large sea of wandering spirits. Vesilna and Enquit were forced to divert the wandering spirits, and only Enquit returned in the end. I thought Vesilna was dead, but she is still alive!

In fact, Vesilna was plotted by Keressa’s ‘body bomb’ and surrounded by the wandering spirits. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t resist. She also thought she had no way to survive. Just as she closed her eyes to wait for her death, the wandering spirits suddenly seemed to have gone crazy and rushed forward, abandoning her. Soon after, the wandering spirits inexplicably fled away desperately, completely ignoring Vesilna.

Vesilna didn’t understand what happened. When she rushed to the front, she only saw the last moment when the all-devouring light door was closed. Vesilna understood that she had missed her last hope. Although she was lucky to survive temporarily, she might not be able to leave this place forever.

The unyielding Vesilna was constantly looking for and trying to get out, including killing the wandering spirits, collecting the law fragment, recalling the magic circle that Enquit took out, and so on. Although she knew the way to open the door accurately, the chances were very slim without the key. Nonetheless, as long as there was a possibility, she would not let it go.

“So you’re not dead.”

Vesilna was startled by the sudden words, then she saw a figure in front of her. It was the teammate, ‘Raikkonen’.

“It’s you!” Vesilna, who was fully alert, breathed a sigh of relief. This ‘Raikkonen’ was nothing but a kingdomized strength, and she could easily control him. Besides, with this person here, she was no longer alone. In this environment, loneliness might be more terrifying than death.

“Want to leave?” Chen Rui hit Vesilna’s soft spot in 1 sentence, “I can take you away.”

“Do you know how to leave?” Vesilna suddenly thought of something, “Could it be that you came out through that door?”

She didn’t see the scene of Chen Rui being absorbed at first, but thinking of the position of ‘Raikkonen’ at that time and this confident tone, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated. This guy doesn’t seem to be lying!

“There is only 1 condition, surrender.”

“What?” Vesilna thought she had heard it wrong. Seeing Chen Rui’s indifferent expression, she laughed angrily, “Are you out of your mind? You want me to surrender? I’ll give you 10 seconds to say the way to leave or I will get the same answer from a puppet. Don’t try to play tricks, I won’t give you a chance. In front of a Demi-God powerhouse, you can’t even commit suicide.”

“Suicide? It seems that you don’t understand the gap between us. Even if you are not injured, you are not my opponent.” Chen Rui shook his head, “I repeat, surrender to me! I will not only take you out, but also give you a more powerful strength and faith.”

“Ridiculous!” Vesilna waved her hand sharply, and a strong power came straight at him, “You have successfully triggered me. I will definitely take you down and make you a puppet!”

This blow hit Chen Rui firmly, and he exploded violently. However, he exploded countless flies, and the flies quickly condensed into human form, rendering this blow completely ineffective.

Vesilna’s facial expression changed drastically while staring at the mask that suddenly appeared on Chen Rui’s face, “God-Eating Mask!”

1 of the 7 artifacts, the supreme artifact of the Beelzebub Royal Family!

“You’re the royal family of the empire? Beelzebub’s current patriarch?” Vesilna asked tentatively. Obviously, she should not be part of the noble family of the God Eater Empire.

“No, I’m not the Beelzebub Royal Family, and what I have is not only the God-Eating Mask…” Another pair of black armor appeared on Chen Rui’s body, and he held a sword in his hand, “There’s also the Wrath King Armor, Sword of Fallen Angel, Illusive Demon Shield…”

The appearance of these artifacts caused Vesilna to fall into an extreme shock. The 7 artifacts have always been used only by recognized royal families. I have never heard that non-royal families can activate them, and I have never heard that someone can activate more than 1 artifact at the same time!

“Oh, and also… the [Pole Star Transformation].”

The terrifying momentum burst out suddenly, then the scene was full of bright stars.

Looking at the figure wrapped in the red starlight armor, feeling the huge and vast kingdom faith breath, especially the extremely terrifying red strength brewing in the right arm, Vesilna’s voice trembled, “Who are you? ?”

“10 seconds to give you your final choice. Surrender? The puppet of the God-Eating Mask? Or… be a part of the wandering spirits here?!”

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